Saturday, May 23, 2015

Just Some Randoms!

Fun at the park with playgroup/preschool/soccer/neighbor friends!

Thursday was a rainy, chilly day...a perfect day to snuggle with my little man and watch Bob the Builder!

Reagan making cookies for her teacher's birthday!

Reagan rockin' Daddy's blazer

The playroom...not much floor space available at all...very busy morning!

Yesterday we went to our buddy Reagan's birthday party at Jazzercise!  

Allergist Visit for Landon-Man

On Wednesday I took Landon to the allergist.  I have been wanting to take him for awhile just to check on shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts.  After having a child actually have a reaction to food, I was not going to just risk it.  Sweet man was such a trooper!  So thankful for this numbing cream so the kids don't feel any of the prickers!

Landon didn't flinch when they did the was awesome.  I really thought all would come back fine.  I knew I was being crazy taking him.  I knew it.  WELL...I was wrong.  Guess what he had a reaction to...peanuts.  Just like Reagan, however his wasn't quite as big as Reagan's.

we started happy...

then I talked to the doctor...

my heart just broke...

And Landon caught it all taking selfies :)  I had to take him for bloodwork that afternoon, which was not nearly as easy as the pricks, poor guy.  He totally got a new train as his special treat for that one!  We are waiting to hear back about the bloodwork, which will let us know how severe his peanut allergy is.  We are just so shocked.  I have never worried about what Landon eats, I have never flat out given him peanuts, but I just assumed he was fine because when he was 10 months old we had him tested and he was fine.  Ugh.  I just hate it.  So now we wait and see.  Looking for the positive...I'm so used to a peanut allergy, that it's not like it's a big change.  It's just now two to worry about and not just Reagan!

Rochester Weekend

Last Friday Reagan and I hit the road for Rochester to celebrate Lyndsey's First Communion!  It was such a quick trip, but so fun.  

Saturday morning my boys had soccer pics and Colleen was sweet enough to send me a couple that she took!  Such cuteness!

While they were doing soccer pics, we had been to Olivia's dance class and then to Lyndsey's lacrosse game!

We stopped by Wegman's and had lunch...the girls picked Lunchables!

Lyndsey had her hair dresser come to the house to do her hair!

She looked SOOO precious!

Reagan had so much fun with her cousins!

We started Sunday off with a quick, cold swim!  Then Reagan and I were back on the road.

So glad we could be there for Lyndsey's special weekend!

Mother's Day 2015!

We had such a nice Mother's Day!  It was such a sweet day.  The kids were up early and everyone went to the grocery store to pick out some flowers and donuts for Mommy.  I was told to just stay in bed and go back to sleep :)  I did too!

All my babes :)

Reagan picked out the sweetest card that sang, "You are my sunshine," which I have sang to her since she was a bitty baby.  I also got this beautiful painted tile!

We hosted Mother's Day and had GRAN AND GRAMPS!!!!, my mom and John, and J come over.  We were soooo glad Gran and Gramps could make it.  The day before we were telling Colleen who was coming and Landon said, "Gigi keep falling out of her bed, I 'sink' she need bedrails."  ha!  Bless his little heart.

We had a great day and I'm so very blessed by my babies!

Flower Market Fun!

On Friday, after Reagan's performance, Landon's tea, and lunch with Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop, we headed to the Wilmington Flower Market.  It could not have been a nicer night!  The kids had fun with the rides, we got some pizza, saw Heather and her family, and Keith even met us there!