Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Miss Reags had a haircut appointment this morning and was SO looking forward to it.  She has been calling herself "Rapunzel" these days because she thinks her hair is SO long.  It certainly wasn't that long, but I'll tell you it was getting long enough that she would pull it with her own arm and it was starting to get tangley, which led to waterworks when trying to brush her hair everyday...needless to say a little chop was in order!

A during...it's a little below her chin now, I didn't get a good after shot.  Looks very cute!

Well sweet Ashlee said Landon was going to need a trim soon, which was true...he was somewhat sportin' a mullet.  She asked if I wanted her to trim it up and I said yes...keep in mind I was not mentally prepared at ALL for a FIRST haircut today.  I can hardly get over watching Reagan get her hair cut at a "big girl salon."  All she trimmed was the back and it does look SO much better, but it makes him look like a big boy.  Again, he is getting so big and I am having a very sentimental week so far...

So serious...uhhh mom, what are you doing to me now?!

Doesn't he look like he's so big?!

Sweet shugs after his "nap" which lasted all of about an hour...this kid...good thing he's so stinkin' cute!

Weekend Visitiors

On Friday afternoon my dad, Diane, and J arrived!  It's always so great to see them!!  Once we got all situated with them here, Keith and I left...everyone in his office was meeting up for dinner, sooo we got ANOTHER date night!  Yahoo!

Saturday we were up early, as usual around here, but Reags had soccer and a cheering squad to perform for.  She had a blast showing everyone her skills!  Landon man and I stayed home.  We all went out to lunch, came home for naps (which neither child really felt as though they needed...love those days), and then decided to just stay home for dinner.  We had DELICIOUS burgers that my dad grilled...he makes a mean burger.  :)  After dinner we had to celebrate a couple upcoming birthdays in our house...hello, an excuse for cake, yes please!  Keith's birthday is this Saturday and Landon man's is next Thursday...he will be ONE!  (I can't get started on that...I already had a breakdown today, my baby boy...)

The birthday boys!

Blowing out the candles!

Sunday morning we had a big breakfast and then just hung around most of the day.  After Reaggie's nap we headed to Maggiano's for dinner...YUM!!  One of my favorites and I can't remember the last time we ate there.  We had about an hour to shop before our reservation, which was fun.  All we had time for was a couple returns to Gymboree, which also turned into a "mommy, Reaggie really loves this dress."  It was on beyond sale, so it worked out :)  She wanted a new dress for the "fancy" restaurant.

She was such a good girl :)

We came in time for one more show and a quick couple games of Umizoomi on the iPad! 
(Momma had to watch the Bachelorette finale so it was off to bed for that sweet girl!)

It was a very fun weekend and is always fun to have visitors!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Just some snapshots of the past week...(really a picture fix for the grandparents and great-grandparents!)

Keith and I decided we felt brave and went out to dinner with the kiddos on Saturday night.  We had a Groupon that was about to expire, so we lived large and left the house at about 5:00 so that dinner was somewhat calm.  Everyone did fine, but Keith and I literally inhaled our food :)  Anyway, Reags was talking on the "phone" our whole way there...she is a total ham!

Eating lunch together on Sunday...hand in hand!  Too sweet...

Didn't last long though...Landon was over it :)

He is doing SOOO great with his sign language lately...it's so wonderful!  I have been showing it to him for so long I was wondering if he just wasn't going to do it.  However, now he is doing great with eat, more, and all done!  So big!  He really seems to be understanding us SOO much more lately too! 

Monday we took L to get his 11 month pictures taken (have I mentioned I am OVER the montly pics...I will miss it, kinda, but I am SO glad to have them!).  Reagan is all about being a waitress these days and approximately 2 seconds after I took this picture, her "tray" spilled and caused quite the meltdown.

Tuesday we ran a few errands and then met friends at Chick Fil A for lunch!  R had a blast...L gobbled down nuggets and ice cream...all was good in the world :)

Just being the busy man that he is!

Reagan is all about me showing me my "faces" lately...such as my mad face, sad face, and happy face.  On Wednesday morning she was showing me each of hers...



SOOO happy!

Just a little love for Bailey :)

We went to the pool on Wednesday for the morning...it was so fun!  Landon has discovered he can move in the water, so so much for my "he sits there and plays with toys" idea. :)  Reagan was SO brave and climbed up the whole kids water park thingy and went down the slides!  I was so proud of her!  She did great!  I had to go down with her a couple times (L was in his stroller, no worries!) and then she was set!

Today we went to the library and to good old Walmart!  I got L a pair of sandals on clearance at Target the other day and decided it was time he wear some shoes :)  They didn't last too long, but he did well with them!  ...for memory sake, they are a size 6 just FYI!

Now we're getting ready for lots of visitors in the next few weeks!  Tomorrow my dad, Diane, and J are heading down :)  We can't to see them!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Years and 10 Months Pics

Finally scanned Reaggie's 3 Year pictures and Landon-Man's 10 month pics :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week in PA!

Last week, while my mom was here, she suggested that the kids and I head up for a few days...after thinking about it, it sounded like a good idea.  SOOO we went for it!

I have to document that Keith and I were able to go on a DATE the Thursday after the 4th!!  Yahoo!!  It's nice having Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop here to watch the kiddos :)  We went downtown for dinner and then headed back to Wake Forest for some dessert...we weren't gone long, but it was just so nice to be out together!

Saturday morning my mom and John left early with Landon.  It works out well to leave with him before his morning nap time so that you can catch both naps in the car :)  Keith had signed Reaggie up for soccer, more like a parent and kid let's learn what this game of soccer is all about class.  (AKA...Keith in HEAVEN!)  Reags was SO excited too!

This is the new "pose" :)

I finally ordered her some new sneakers...she really doesn't wear them often, but obviously a three year old needs sneaks, so she calls these her "magic soccer shoes" that help her run really, really fast :)

After they got home from soccer and I heard all about the drills they did and the "goals" Reaggie scored, we hit the road.  I have to say it was a piece of cake having just Reagan.  She watched movies, ate, slept some...other than hitting so much traffic and it taking forever to get to PA, it was a great trip!

Sunday morning I went to get Jamie bright and early. She had NO idea that I was coming up with the kids, so it was VERY fun to surprise her!! I brought her back to my mom's, after a stop at Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds, and we had a great day hanging out! Gran and Gramps even drove up for the day!
Riding her bike!

Does he look thrilled to be having his picture taken or what?

On Monday I took Reagan to Rehoboth Beach for the day.  (Thank you Mom for watching LTK!)  My dad and Diane were staying at Grandpa's condo, so it worked out great.  We were SOO excited!  (Not so excited when we were using the windshield wipers on the way though...it did clear up though!)

Helping to pass the time on the car ride!

It was still very overcast when we got there, so we headed down to the boardwalk to play some games before lunch

Could not wait to get those tootsies in the sand!

Seriously...hands on the hips?!

These two had SOOO much fun on the beach...oh my word!  We were on the beach for a little over three hours and I don't think they stopped...they had a blast!!

Grandpa kept making Reaggie a mermaid...

This girl had sand EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! 

We went back up to the condo around 4ish, as Reags was approaching meltdown mode.  I gave her a quick bath, sat her on the sofa so I could get a bottle of water from the kitchen, came back to the sofa and she was OUT!  haha :)  Of course she was up SUPER early that morning and hadn't taken a nap, so the crash was bound to happen.  Thankfully, after a little coaxing and then her insisting on going out to dinner, she woke up happy!

Tuesday I took no pictures...we wound up taking the kiddos to the park for a bit, (which R decided she had to poop and thankfully we had the portable potty in the car...) the kiddos napped, I went to get J, Heath came over (who is looking SO cute and preggo!), and had dinner.  Nothing too crazy!

On Wednesday Gran and Gramps came down for the day again!

attempting to get the "11 month" picture WAY late!  This was right after a bath with still wet hair and shiny cheeks from aquafor...it will do :)  He's still stinkin' cute!

Poor Gran wrestling with Landon for a snuggle

He would rather eat my lens cap thank you very much

Just hanging out with her new flowers from Gigi and Gramps...

And by now...Landon has had enough!

It was a great trip and I'm so thankful that we were able to do it.  Our trip back was pretty good...it took us about 8 hours.  We hit more traffic than usual, but only (officially) stopped once, for lunch.  I must document a couple "fun" parts of the trip... 
* Landon slept ok for his morning nap, woke up happy, but about 30 minutes later starting fussing...we were just past Baltimore which is WAY too early in the trip to be doing that already.  I would hand him back crackers and say "where is your hand" and he would lift up his left hand so I could pop a snack in his hand.  Since he is still rear facing, it is tricky to get the snacks back.  I just kept looking in the mirror and seeing this sweet hand pop up...pretty cute!  I think he literally had about 100 crackers :)
*  Around the time we were going to stop for lunch we hit some traffic and I had to go to the bathroom SOOOO bad, we're talking not even funny at this point.  I was hurting.  SO what else is a mom of two to do?!  Pull over on the side of 95 and use the child sized portable potty.  (not the first time this has happened either...)  Keep in mind the van is full and the potty is at Reagan's feet, so her legs are pretty much wrapped around my neck so that I have room to sit.  Hilarious now...at the time, desperate!  haha!  Good thing I had a blanket over Landon's window to block the sun, and any onlookers ;)
* We stopped at a McDonald's for lunch, after Landon had been SCREAMING for about 10 minutes.  We went in so Reags could go potty.  WHY I didn't just have her use the portable potty is BEYOND me.  I crammed the three of us into the SMALL stall in McDonald's and one handed (since I was holding Landon) plopped her on the potty.  I held her up, with one arm, to wash her hands and wanted to get OUT of there.  We ordered our food, in which I was told I couldn't have a large cup of ice water (which about made me cry at this point) and sat down at a table.  After getting R and L set up with their nuggets (please don't judge) Reagan decided she was too "chilly" to eat.  Seriously?!  (it was cold, but frieckin' eat!)  Back out to the van we went, trying to schlep the food, two kids, 2 cups, and my wallet...we had a little picnic in the van.  We finished, Reags went potty one more time in the portable one this time, and we were off.  Thankfully the rest of the trip, about 2 1/2 more hours, was pretty smooth.  Always an adventure!