Tuesday, July 21, 2015

VBS Week in PA!

Last week was a busy week!  Reagan was signed up to do VBS at her old preschool in PA and was soooo excited!  It also meant an hour drive there and back everyday!  I think by Friday was OVER that BIG time!

on our way!

nice and snuggly!

Tuesday after VBS, Reagan went home with her sweet friend Anna and had a sleepover!  The girls had so much fun together :)  Amy sent me a few pics of the girls and based on the stories I know they had a great time!

On Wednesday after we picked up Reagan we went to the Herr's Factory for a tour!  We met our neighbors there and had so much fun...we just love doing that tour and the HOT CHIPS!!

Thursday, while R was VBS'ing it, L and I hit up the library and he found this Reader Rabbit game that he loved.  It was pretty hilarious helping him figure out the mouse though...he was touching the computer screen at first...hello iPad?!  He got a hang of it pretty quickly though!

Then we played at the park :)

Friday was the last day and Reagan had to pose on Mt. Everest!

I'm so glad she was able to go and have fun with some of her preschool friends!

Safety Town and Beach Weekend

The week after the 4th, Reagan had Safety Town camp with some buddies from school.  She did this camp last year and loved it, so was excited to do it again.

On Saturday we headed to the beach to crash on Grandpa and Nana's trip!  It started out a little cloudy/rainy, but by the afternoon it was perfect!

Had to take a pic of her sand crab habitat...they are buried in there :)

Keith and I even got to escape for a date night...we are all kinds of crazy and were back by 8:30, but it was nice to get out kid free!

Just Some Randoms...

This boy LOVES Rescue Bots right now...LOVES!  SOOO everytime we are at Walmart we have to check their selection because there is a certain type of transforming Rescue Bot that we need to get.  That day we happened to find a DinoBot that little man really wanted, soooo I had him help me with a couple chores around the house to earn it :)  He was a great helper with the dishwasher and also helped clean up the playroom.

Reagan created this Elsa, Anna, and Olaf out of play doh one afternoon...I thought it was just so cute!  She insisted we take a pic before cleaning it up :)

These crazies...Liam and Landon were "sleeping" one day!  These boys just crack me up!

Reagan has been saving her birthday money and was thinking she really wanted to get a new bike, but wasn't sure...she finally decided she wanted to make the big purchase so she bought herself a new bike and helmet.  I was so proud of her for thinking about it and getting something she really wanted!

Three weeks ago little miss started piano lessons and she LOVES it!  Bella takes guitar lessons from the music teacher at her school, so after she is done with her she can come right over to give Reagan lessons.

We were in the mood for some cookies and my biggest little helper was making sure they passed the taste test!

4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!  Keith played in a golf tournament with my dad and uncle, so the kids and I were riding solo most of the day :)

We started with some cinnamon rolls with blue icing!  Then made our way to the Middletown 4th of July parade...

nice face LTK!

babies had to come and closed toe red dress shoes had to be worn...obviously!

Hanging with the Hunts at the parade!

We came home for some lunch and laudry!  We were going to go to the pool, but just as we were getting changed it started raining, so we just hung out at home.  We ate leftovers from a cookout the night before with my dad and Diane and then watched the fireworks from the deck!

Danieley L103 Reunion #8!

Just as Landon was running his fever, I was to be leaving for NC to have our 8th Annual Danieley L103 Reunion!  (we all lived in Danieley our sophomore year at Elon together and to say we had a GREAT time would be the biggest understatement ever!)  Thankfully Daddy had everything under control and I could still go!  I drove to Durham first and met up with a couple friends and their cuties for lunch and then was off to Lake Norman.  It was just such a fun weekend with sweet friends!

dinner our first night on the water

followed by shenanigans at Target :)

Saturday morning Ellen and Andrew flew in!!!  We miiiiight have made a quick trip to Bojangles on our way back to the lake house!

Vater's husband, Michael, came for the day to take us out on the boat...timing was perfect because just as we pulled back in the sky opened up!

Selfie Stick shot before dinner :)

Saying good bye on the most gorgeous day!!

Ellen and sweet baby Andrew came back with me and we were sooo excited!!  We left Lake Norman around 11 and made our first pit stop at Elon.  We just had to drive by all the places we lived and the greek courts...it was so fun and brought back so many fun memories!  Then we just had to stop by the outlets in Mebane and FINALLY by 4:00 we were on the road for our million hour car ride!  Of course Elle and I were having a hankering for Maggiano's, SOOOOOO she was on both of our phones looking up the closest option and how far out of our way it would be...hahaha...only us!  Thankfully we found one somewhere in Virginia and it was DELISH!!!  We just did take out though so we could hit the road, since we still had FOUR HOURS to go once we stopped for dinner :)  EVENTUALLY we made it back home!

he is just the sweetest, cutest, precious little sugar!

I'm sorry Elle, but I need to document...a nursing momma's gotta do what a nursing momma's gotta do! :)

The next day we had plans for a Longwood day!  It was a beautiful day and I'm so glad we made it!

We met Heath there with her kiddos and had so much fun!

It was a great visit with everyone!  I was sooo glad Elle and Andrew could spend a couple extra days with us, thank you for making the trip Elle!!


The last week of June was not so fun for a little man in our house...Landon got hit with something that made him feel yucky and have a high fever.  Poor guy!  Reagan was at VBS that week in the morning and had actually missed Monday because she had a little fever, but it was low grade and went away as quickly as it came.  Landon's just seemed to linger, poor man.  Thankfully with medicine, Paw Patrol, Rescue Bots, and snacks on the sofa he was on the mend in a couple days!

Father's Day 2015!

The day after Reagan's dance recital was Father's Day!  It was a great day and we were lucky to have Keith's dad and Gran and Gramps here with us that morning.  The kids couldn't wait to give out everyone's gifts and then we were off to Bob Evans for breakfast...us and everyone else celebrating their dad!

Daddy with all his babes!

...and now one with B looking!

quick morning workout!

Reagan made the cutest little gift at school, which I thought was so sweet because I know when I was teaching I never did anything for Father's Day since we weren't in school anymore...the poor daddies!  Reagan couldn't wait to give Daddy his gift, but there was a slight mix up with her picture and a picture of a little boy in her class whose name started with an R as well...so we had to wait until the new picture arrived to see the full cuteness, and that's just what it was!

Keith, his dad, and the kids went to the pool that afternoon while I got things going for dinner.  I have no idea how I lucked out with quiet time on Father's Day, but I'll take it :)  They came back just as my dad and J arrived for dinner.  We had the requested meal of the men...steak, italian potatoes, corn on the cob, and some rolls, followed by apple pie and ice cream for dessert.  It was pretty tasty and I think all the dads were satisfied!

Great day with our dads!  We've never spent Father's Day with Keith's dad and my dad, so that was great!