Thursday, July 30, 2009

My New Trick!

Reagan's new favorite thing to do is to sit up on the sofa in the little corner and in her Bumbo seat! She bobbs her head around a little, but just loves to check things out from that view. It's too cute and she looks like such a big girl!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Reags and I traveled to Winston today to celebrate Keith's birthday! As soon as we got there I had to pick up the Coldstone cake and go to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. We came back to the apartment, got unpacked, and waited for Keith to get home!

We had Keith's favorite dinner, well one of them, bacon wrapped chicken, German potato salad, corn on the cob, and cresent rolls. It was delicious and Reags slept through the whole meal :)

Next it was present time! Bailey, Reagan, and I each had gifts for Keith. Even though Keith said, "don't spend any money, I don't want any presents," he still got gifts, which he never complains about! :)

Finally it was dessert time, a cookie doughn't you want some cake! Then time for Keith to study for his exam!

It was a fun day and Keith is now the big 33! Hope you had a great day babe! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cardiologist Update...

Just a cute pic...nothing to do with the cardiologist!

Reags and I were off to the cardiologist today for her 6 week follow up appointment. (I can't believe it had been 6 weeks since we were there last, she was just a tiny baby!!) Anyway...she did AMAZING! I mean, I am biased, but she was perfect!!! When the doctor listened to her heart he did still hear the slightest little murmur. He said I had two options, I could not do anything and assume it will just go away in the next couple months or do an echocardiogram (spelling?) to be on the safe side, making sure nothing was wrong with her heart. TALK ABOUT YOUR HEART DROPPING! Obviously I opted for the echo so that we could be sure. To see my little baby hooked up with the little stickers, oh gosh, broke my heart, but she weas an angel! She just laid in the little bed while the ultrasound tech did what she had to do. It was actually pretty cool to hear Reagan's heartbeat again because I haven't heard it since she was in my tummy! Everything turned out great, a very healthy heart!! PHEW!!!! The doctor was not concerned at all and knows she will just out grow this in a couple months. Such a relief :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nursery Updates...

I do realize that Reagan is now 7 weeks old, but I am FINALLY getting her nursery finished!! I am pretty excited! Julie had her friend make Reagan's letters and I think they turned out great! (She has an album on Facebook if you'd like to view them, she is AMAZING!) Reagan and I had a photo shoot tonight to get pictures to put in her four frames...needless to say it is just about set. Aunt Ellen mentioned doing a makeover on Connor's lampshades, so I might put her crafty-ness to good use on Reags' as well! :) Here are the updates...probably will be more to come soon!

If You're Having a Bad Day...

How does this face not make you SMILE!! :)

Just too cute...

Today our neighbor, Morgan, came over and was PRECIOUSLY (is that a word?) reading one of her favorite books to Reagan. When Morgan comes over she always wants to read, "I Love You Stinky Face" and "Peekaboo Farm Animals." Well today she was reading it to Reagan and was thirlled that Reagan wasn't crying. She said, "Miss Steph, she's not crying. She loves this book too!" Anyway...Morgan is such a sweet girl and will be a great friend to Miss Reagan...just thought this was too cute not to post! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Bjourn

Yahoo!! I have been looking at the Baby Bjourn in Reagan's closet for awhile now and finally decided to give it a try last Sunday. Reagan LOVED it!! We're talking I got an hours worth of "stuff" done around the house with TWO HANDS while she was perfectly content!! It was amazing :) She loves it, Momma loves it...perfect! I have to admit it was intimidating to look at this thing...I had NO idea how to work it, but it couldn't have been any easier! I HIGHLY recommend!

Aunt Heather Comes to Visit!

What a busy 2 weeks we have had!! Last week it was PA, this week Heather came to visit. Heather is my "oldest" friend, meaning I have known her the longest of all my friends!! We met through our moms in Thunder Hill, our neighborhood in PA, and I was known to her as Betty Crocker. NO JOKE! When my mom told Heather's mom what I liked to do she said, "she likes to bake." Therefore Heather thought that's ALL I did and secretly called me Betty! Anyway...we have had LOTS of good times together, too many to even begin listing, but she is one of my closest friends and it was WONDERFUL to have her in NC for a whole week!

We started our week with lunch, food OF COURSE, and a pedicure! Monday was our more relaxing day, as Heath had just gotten back from a rafting trip the night before. We had tons of catching up to do and you know, playing with an adorable baby! :)

Tuesday was our busiest day by far! We were all over the place. We went to Southpoint for lunch, off to the doctor for my check up, back to Southpoint, then to Burlington to meet Keith for dinner. All in all we were gone for about 10 hours! That makes for a long day with a 6 week old, but Reags did GREAT!! :) (Side note...I was going to pick Reagan up in the doctor's office and Heather said, "STEPH, STOP!" I had no idea why she would be saying that until I looked at Reagan's let and noticed the poo running down it!! LOVELY!! Thankfully one of the doctor's, the one that delivered Reagan, wasn't there and we could change her in that room! That was just our treat for the day I guess!)

Wednesday was a total chill out day! We got my oil changed and that was pretty much the highlight of the day, but Heather did make a DELICIOUS dinner of stuffed shells that is enough to feed an army!

Thursday was "beach" day! Heather's brother lives in Wrightsville and she hadn't seen him since Christmas, so it was a great excuse to head on down. We had a great lunch at the Dockside and while Heather was off to the beach, Reagan and I were off to Kristi's to meet her twins!! They are too cute, Harrison and Landon, and just getting so big! We had a little too much fun with their photo session...Harrison is on the left, Landon on the right and didn't want to wake up to get his picture taken!!

Our last day was Friday and we mangaed to squeeze in a little more shopping before Heather had to go off to the airport. Of course no trip would be complete without a little ice cream, so we made sure to stop on our way to the airport for a little treat!

It was such a fun week!! Reagan LOVED meeting her Aunt Heather and I'm pretty sure she loved meeting Reagan! We had a great time and hopefully we can do that a lot more often!! Love ya Heath! :)

A Day at the Pool!

We spent the afternoon at the pool today and Reagan obviously loves it! Although her feet didn't touch the water once and her skin didn't see an ounce of sun...she slept the whole time we were there. Being outside is her best puts her right to sleep! :) She was pretty cute when we spread her out on a pool chair, she just couldn't open those eyes yet!

Cradel Cap...

Last week Reagan developed the oh so lovely 'cradel cap.' It really is not the most beautiful thing to look at, but she has a way of pulling it off! :) Thankfully it struck while Heather was here and I followed her advice to put olive oil on her head. That did a good job and then washed it out. The doctor said to use Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo a couple times a week as well...any other advice out there moms??? :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Closet Clean Out...

Yesterday was a great organizing day in Miss Reagan's room, but a sad day too! I had to pack up all of her newborn outfits and put them away...they just don't fit our big girl anymore! It is hard to believe she is 6 weeks old already!! While it was sad putting the newborn clothes in a storage bin, it is very exciting that she fits into all of her ADORABLE 3 month outfits now! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Week in PA!

So sorry for the "blank" week of posts! Reagan and I made our first trip to PA together on Monday. I am going to break it down day by day, so this could be a long one :)

Monday - Reagan and I left NC around 9:00am, packed and ready to go! We didn't stop until 1:15 and that is mostly because I had to go to the bathroom! :) Reags was an ANGEL and slept that whole time!! I kept thinking, any minute now she is going to be hungry, but she did GREAT! Where we stopped in MD was only about 1 1/2 hours away, so that was perfect!! By the time we got home it was time to eat again! I won't go into too many details about my first experience feeding her in a parking lot, but let's just say it is much more comfortable in my chair and ottoman at home! When we got home Uncle Michael was waiting to meet his niece! We had dinner with my dad and shortly after it was time for bed!!

Tuesday - We hung out at my mom's for the day! Gran and Gramps were to come, but Gran had to go and get sick!! So Gramps still came to visit his great-granddaughter! It was great to see him and Reags was excited to meet him. We had burgers for lunch and a nice dinner that night. Mum-Mum was thrilled to give Reagan a bath in the sink and dress her up in one of the 10 new outfits she bought her!! It was too cute :)

Wednesday - Shopping day!! Mom, Reagan, and I headed to Lancaster to do a little shopping. I made out the best with some great deals at the Ann Taylor Loft OUTLET!! It is a beautiful thing :) Reagan got a few cute things too, mostly for next summer! I do believe she is pretty set for now! We went to a cute little place for lunch and ice cream and then it was time to go home. We had dinner at Hartefeld that night with my dad's family, which was so fun! It was great to introduce Reagan to everyone!

Sharing a brownie sundae, what we do best!!

Thursday - Hang out day at Mom's and then back home to see my dad! (Reagan watched her first of many Phillies games with her Grandpa!)

Friday - We left at 8:30am and were home by 3:45! We made great time CONSIDERING ALL THE TRAFFIC we hit!!!!!!!!!! EVERYWHERE was traffic!! I stopped once we got on 85 to feed Reagan at a rest stop. Rather than have the adventure in the car again I figured I would sit on a picnic bench facing the woods, well within minutes there was LOUD thunder and it got even LOUDER! Picture this...Reagan eating, I put my little drape over me, diaper bag on my shoulder, and lugging the car seat to my car to beat the rain. I think people thought I was crazy. As soon as I tossed the stuff in the back seat and got situated in the front seat, with Reagan still eating, it started to DOWN POUR with thunder and lightning!! Thank goodness we got to the car when we did! Anyway...we made it home safely and were home long enough to unpack and do laundry before Keith came home!

It was a great trip to PA! Always great to see family :) Of course Reagan is now the highlight of each visit, as it should be!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Smiling Girl!

I just can't help it...I am IN LOVE with this little smile! Reagan has such a happy personality and just cries, for the most part, when she is hungry! (Can you blame her?!) We just love her to pieces and when she cracks that smile at you, you just can't help but squeeze her to pieces!! :)


On Wednesday we were at Keith's apartment and Reagan was having some tummy time. Bailey would not leave Reagan's was pretty cute! Poor guy, we think he is a bit jealous of his sister, but he sure does protect her and love her!

Friday, July 10, 2009

She's Rolling!

Tonight Reagan was on her activity mat with Keith and I heard him say, "did you just roll over?!" I ran downstairs, as I was up checking my email, and she did it again!! She can now officially roll from her tummy to her back! She is just getting toooooo big!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reagan's 1 Month Pictures!

Here are the pictures from Reagan's 1 month photo shoot! The quality is not great because, just like with her first ultrasound pictures, I took a picture of the picture! I mean, welcome to 2009 Stephanie, there are scanners...I just don't know how to do it!! We were pretty happy with the pictures :) Here is our big girl!


Last night was TOO cute! Reagan, Bailey, and I loaded in the car to come visit Keith in Winston for a couple days. When Keith got home last night he gave me a quick kiss, a quick hello and then it was off to see his baby. When Reagan looked at him, she SMILED!! She was so happy to see her Daddy!

Today when I was getting her dressed and I was talking to her about our day, she did the same thing, SMILED again! It is just the sweetest thing!!

We went out and did a little shopping today, buying a few VERY cute little outfits and she was smiling to all the ladies that were telling her how very cute she was! It was precious! :)

Hopefully I will be able to capture more and more of her smiles soon! She is getting TOO big!!

The Results Are In...

Thank you so much to everyone that voted on who Reagan looks like! DADDY was the BIG winner! That is just perfect for her because she is a little Daddy's girl, that is for sure!!
Now for a new poll question...I just have to think of a good one! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thrush No More...

On Monday we had yet another doctors appointment for little miss. On Sunday while we were getting her one month pictures taken, I noticed some red bumps on her back and neck. I obviously we very nervous and Keith suggested a reaction to the medicine they had given for her thrush. SO a phone call to the doctor on Monday morning turned into, "why don't you just bring her in because we want to check this out." We saw a different doctor than on Saturday, the doctor that told us about the heart murmer, and she said that Reagan doesn't have thrush, it's just a milk stain!! GO FIGURE! She said to stop giving the medicine, but that the bumps weren't an allergic reaction, just some baby bumps and could be associated with a heat rash. I was relieved to now have to worry about this thrush thing anymore! We just have to keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse, but so far, so good! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bye Daddy

Today was the day, the day we have been so excited about, but dreading all at the same time. Keith moved to Winston Salem was a very hard good bye in the parking lot of the mall today. (We had an appointment today to get pictures taken for Reagan's one month birthday. Those will be posted soon!) Keith left right after our pictures and we were all crying! (Reagan more so because she was hungry!)

I think the summer months will go by quickly with Keith gone, especially because we can go and visit. However, it will be the hardest during the school is only until December. Once it's over we have a great trip to the Bahamas for Sandy's wedding, which is VERY nice to look forward to.

I know Reagan and I will be fine, but we will all miss Keith at home. Poor Bailey will get just as much love as I can give him.

I keep telling myself this is only a few months, but as Keith and I have talked about so many times we can just take it day by day, week by week. We will drive ourselves crazy if we do it any other way. I know it is just as hard on Keith to be away from us as it is for us to not have him here.

I am just feeling sad tonight, but it's the first night...we're going to go visit for a couple nights this week, which will be fun! Please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers as this is just another chapter in our book. :)

Happy ONE MONTH Birthday!

Look! Reagan is pointing to her sign that says she is 1 month old!!
It is so hard to believe that ONE MONTH ago Miss Reagan was born! This has been the most amazing month...I can't decide if it feels like it has gone by so quickly or if has been slow, but it has been wonderful! We have had so many friends and family come to visit, Keith was home for 3 weeks, and watching Reagan grow has been amazing!

It is hard to explain to anyone that is not a mom what it feels like to love your baby. I know what love feels like...I love my husband, my family, Bailey, my friends, but the love you feel for your baby is the most amazing and different kind of love. I love everything about her and I just feel like I can't tell her that enough!! I find myself just looking at her and crying, happy tears of course, I am just in awe of her!
I can't wait to see how much she changes in the next month!