Monday, June 19, 2017

MAY!! (SO late!)

I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged, but then again, yes I can!  Life is BUSY and BUSIER it seems and these kids keep getting bigger and bigger in the blink of an eye.  Here is a look at May!

all I was trying to do was unload the dishwasher :)  She is such a helper!

Colleen and I braved taking the girls with us for a pedicure!  They were so good.  We ran in to a former Kindergarten teacher at school and she was SO sweet with Maddie, and Maddie loved reading books with her.

The 2nd grade ran a book store open to the whole school.  They collected donated books, organized them, advertised, and planned this amazing store.  All of the proceeds were given to a local charity, donating food to those in need.  Reagan was chosen as a manager, which was a very coveted position, and she took her position very seriously and did a great job.  We were so proud of Reagan and the whole 2nd grade for their hard work...they also had a LOT of fun!

Reagan had Girl Scouts that same night, so we went to a local park to kill some time.  Landon is just the sweetest with Maddie...they have such a special bond.  My little man who didn't even want a baby and he is just so good with her!

...starting not to feel good...

...not feeling good at all :(  Poor baby!

Reagan was invited to a birthday party at a local hotel for a night.  The girls knew the night was going to be "epic!"  Ha!  Reagan went to the party at 4, swam until 5:45 when I had to pick her up for dance, she went to dance, and then I took her back to the party at 8!  I picked her up the next morning so we could leave for Rochester.

Reagan was exhausted from her sleepover and snuggled with Maddie while I finished packing up, Keith and Landon were at soccer!, and they BOTH wound up falling asleep.  It was pretty cute!

On the road to the ROC!

Aunt Kristin made ice cream and was spoiling Maddie before bed

We went to Rochester to celebrate Olivia's first communion!
Getting prepped bright and early

pretty girl :)


We were going to leave on Monday, but decided to stay until Tuesday.  On Monday we had lunch with the girls at school and then went to the Strong Museum.  It was SO fun, the kids had a blast!  There is Wegman's store with kid sized carts and real cash registers...I wanted to play :)  We stayed in there for a LONG time!

Reagan wanted her picture taken to show Maddie Elmo!

They even had a cute Bernstein Bears area...who doesn't love some Bernstein Bears?!

This was SOOO fun!  I LOVED Nintendo and had SO much fun was so hard on the big controller though.  Still fun and I still remembered where lots of the "secrets" were.

We left on Tuesday morning after breakfast and stopped at a lovely McDonalds on our way home.  Maddie had her first French fries and chicken nuggets, she loved them!

...and snoozin'...

That week was Landon's spring concert, which is always so cute!  He was thrilled to have his picture taken before he left for school.

his favorite shot...a booty shot!

and all untucked an hour later!

Landon and his good buddy Logan, they are two peas in a pod!

The school had ice cream night and Reagan saw some of her faves!

Reagan came and helped me at a vendor show...she wound up costing me a lot of money :)  She is a idea where she gets her habits from!

We went out to dinner that night...for the first time in a long time!  ...we don't get out much these days!

Mother's Day I was blessed with lots of hugs and kisses and sweet little gifts the kids made at school!

ALL 4 of my babies!!

I went to Landon's flag football game that day, it was beautiful out!  So fun watching my big man play

Maddie is learning to use a spoon...totally my fault in delaying this because I just didn't want to deal with the mess, but it's time and she does a pretty good job!

Our grill cover ripped from all the wind, so we finally had to just throw it away.  Well within days some birdies found our grill and made a MASSIVE nest!!! 

Reagan's spring concert day!

My girl looking all big!

Gracie would watch Maddie for me if she was still napping when it was time to get the kids at school...that was money well spent, although Maddie usually would wake up about 5 minutes after I left the house!

Last soccer game!  What a great spring season!

Right after soccer it was Reagan's piano recital!  She did great, playing 3 songs.

After the recital we had my dad, Diane, and J over for dinner to celebrate Grandpa's 60th birthday and Nana's birthday too!

these two...

My step-sister, Jordan, had her sweet little boy, Adam, on May 10th.  He wasn't even 2 weeks old when we went to go visit him.  LOVED getting some baby snuggles!!

and so did Reagan!!

Reagan's teacher sent this to me...they were practicing colonial times writing

After school that day we went strawberry picking...even Madalyn got in on the action, mostly the eating action!

After we got our strawberries it was time for "dinner" at Brusters. We've done this the past 3 years I think, we have ice cream for dinner and strawberries for dessert :)

snoozin' baby girl

another Girl Scout meeting...another park!

cute little seahorse tush!

Maddie loves to "splish splash!"

and play with her baby!  She's such a good little Mommy :)

The Saturday of Memorial Day we had planned to have some neighbors over for a cook out, it wound up be a wash out of a day, but still fun!

My own personal Handy Landy helping me build my new shoe rack.  My cheap plastic special that I had bought after college had finally bit the dust...after it collapsing in my closet about 5 times, I figured it was time to get a new one!

big girl having some apples after nap time

Reagan was at Girl Scouts, Keith was golfing, Maddie snoozing in the car, so Landon and I checked out our town's Memorial Day "parade."  It lasted all of 30 seconds, but still fun to be there!


My Memorial Day cuties

With just a couple days left of school I wanted to get a couple more pics...we are switching schools next year and going to miss St. Anne's SOO much!