Monday, July 28, 2014

Rochester Trip!

Last Wednesday we left for Rochester to visit Keith's family for a few days!  The kids were so excited to see their cousins, Reagan needed to get "dressed up" and do the hair...the whole nine yards :)

Thursday we went to get some yummy ice cream at Shark's!

Lyndsey had just gotten her hand in Landon's ice cream by accident and they were cracking sweet!

Precious girls!

If only I could remember what they were saying in this picture :)

Cousin bathtime fun!
(Landon's rash was in full force, especially on his face, and Olivia was down for the count with a fever...always fun!)

Lyndsey wanted to read to Reagan at bedtime!

Friday night we celebrated Keith and Landon's birthdays!  Aunt Kristin got a yummy ice cream cake, which NO ONE was excited for :)

Saturday night was Keith's 20th High School Reunion!  It totally just worked out to be the weekend we were there, which was great!  It was so fun to go...and have a night out!

Sunday we were on our way home and literally 10 minutes before the Panera we were planning going to, this guy finally fell asleep!

faker, faker!

It was such a fun trip to ROC!  The weather was so nice...and COOL!  Everyone had a great time and the kids are already asking when we're going to see their cousins again!!

Park and Earrings!

Last Monday we celebrated Brady's birthday with him at the park and then went to Friendly's for lunch!  Reagan was getting over her rash, got a splinter in her foot that morning that was bothering her, and it was pretty warm out...needless to say there was quite a bit of complaining :)

We HAD to go to the mall on Tuesday to pick out NEW EARRINGS!!  The night of Reagan's sleepover was the 6 week mark of getting her ears pierced, so she couldn't wait to get some new choices!  We have all the colors covered now :)


It's amazing what a little paint can do to a room and I could NOT wait to get my family room painted!  Keith was not nearly as excited as me, so I told him I'd just do it myself...which meant me calling my dad to see if he would like to come help me :)  I am SOOO happy to have another room just about done!

This "Reagan" proved to be very hard to cover up!  My dad had to go over it about 5 times!!

Coming together!  Reagan "decorated" with painting tape around the fireplace.

VBS Week!

The week of July 14 was VBS week and Reagan was SO excited!  She couldn't wait to see all her friends from school.  As we were pulling in on Monday morning, Landon started fussing a little.  I reminded him that he would not be staying, there was nothing to cry about.  We dropped off Reagan and were on our way to run a couple errands...then he coughed...then he threw up EVERYWHERE!!  ...and then did it again, and again, and again!!  Needless to say the little man didn't have quite enough breakfast and that orange juice must not have liked being the only thing in his belly.  SOOOO we drove to my mom's, even though they were at the beach, because I had to clean this kid up!  After he threw up the 3rd time, I think, we were on a back road and I put him on my lap to sit with me to drive the rest of the way.  The poor thing was just covered!  I dumped him in the bath, washed his clothes, got him a snack, and scubbed the was a good time! :)  I was thankful that he started feeling better in no time!

getting cleaned up!

someone likes to take selfies!

On our way to VBS on Tuesday...this guy loves to hold Mommy's hand in the car.  It's sweet as can be, I just love it, but man does it hurt my arm!

Thursday we stopped for a special donut was pretty stinkin' tastey!

After VBS on Thursday, Anna came over to play and the girls had so much fun!!

Then we picked up Amy and Brady and the 6 of us headed to dinner!

After dinner, I dropped Reagan off at Amy's for her very FIRST SLEEPOVER!!  I can't get over it...they girls had so much fun!

Brave Miss Amy!! :)

Friday morning Landon had fun playing in Grandpa's mulch pile before we picked up Reags!

Singing away!!

When I picked up Reagan on Friday she, 1) wasn't nearly as excited to see me as I was to see her and hear about her sleepover and 2) had a light rash on her chest, which panics me because of her allergies!  She was acting fine though, so didn't think too much about it...

Saturday morning she had her friend, Cora's, birthday party and the rash was now on her arms, legs, and face.  I "figured out" on Saturday morning that that was where she had put make up all over herself while playing with Anna on Thursday, so it was probably just sensitivity from that.  

...she had a low grade fever all weekend and eventually the rash went away, but then Landon got it with a 101* fever, and then Brady, and now Anna...turns out it is some type of viral thing.  Landon and Reagan weren't slowed down by it, THANKFULLY!  Just a weird thing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Milburn Fun

Reagan and her friend Anna started a Princess Dance Camp on Monday, so Amy and I decided to have a fun play date with the boys!  We took them to Milburn and we had SO much fun!  They are just getting a little too big and are the sweetest little boys!

they had so much fun feeding this goat!