Sunday, September 23, 2012

Landon's One Year Pictures!

We FINALLY picked up Landon's pictures...took long enough right?!  Sweet man looks so much bigger already to me!  Let me just say, getting this kid's picture taken was CRA-ZAYYYY!!  He was RUNNING everywhere and climbing on everything!  I didn't think we would get one shot of him....however the sweet girl taking the pictures tried just about everything she could think of, which including confining him in this trunk! was pretty funny, but it worked!

He looks like a baby to me in this picture, I think that's why I love it!

A Little Catch Up

Time for some catch up huh?!  It's been awhile since my "Keeping it Real" post....I'm feeling better.  Just a little phase and I think I am convinced that I am "normal" for feeling that way :)

Last weekend we didn't do a whole lot, which was pretty nice.  The weather was a little cooler, which meant sweatpants and long sleeves, well for everyone but our princess of course ;)

I got the ever so fancy Cinderella pre-sliced cookies at the grocery store for Reags...she and Daddy made them, while I played with Landon.  She ate a couple bites, but really wasn't the biggest fan.  They were fun to make though!

This is Landon spotting the groceries that I had yet to put away on the dry bar...probably Goldfish that he spotted and is "asking" for some!  The kid knows what different boxes of snacks are, it's hilarious!

A little snuggle time before school on Monday!

Great pic, I know...the ONLY picture I took of Landon at his first little music class on Monday morning.  A neighbor of ours sent out an email about a free music class, similar to Kindermusik, that a local church was having on Monday mornings.  The timing works out great because it starts right after I drop off R at school.  Landon really didn't know what to think about the whole thing, but I think he'll like it.  Just a little something special for my little man and I to do while sister is getting edumacated :)

I am SOOO happy to report that Landon is FINALLY starting to like books and for me to read to him!  YAY!  I have tried and tried and tried, but he has never had an interest.  Reagan's theme at school a couple weeks ago was "Rainbow Fish" and we have a little Rainbow Fish colors book that she was SOO excited to read to Landon, during lunch.  Future teacher perhaps?!!

They are so sweet!

Rapunzel being silly :)

I am seeing a lot of this in my future...

Big man loves to play the piano...poor thing plays with more pink toys!

Being a little crafty one morning...R loves to cut and glue!

The finished product!



Wednesday morning, at 2:30am, Reagan woke up and was burning up.  She had a 101.3* fever and kept saying she felt like she was going to throw up.  We were up until about 4 when she finally went back to sleep.  Poor thing!  She felt fine in the morning, still a slight fever, so obviously she was home from school.  It took her until Friday to really kick the fever, but I am thankful that she felt fine and was acting herself the whole time!

Someone hasn't been napping anymore, so sad, so while she watched a show on the iPad, Momma caught up on some Katie :)

"Working" at the office...


Cracking up at this sister...

Caught ya!

I wish the background was a little cuter, but I LOVE this picture!  It's my new favorite of this guy!

These last two pictures were taken right before Keith AND the kids AND Bailey all left on Friday afternoon to go see our friends in Richmond for the weekend.  Yes, you read correctly.  Keith took EVERYONE out of this house!!  I can't believe it!  Of course I cried for the first 30 minutes they were gone because to be at our house without them was VERY strange, in fact, it has NEVER happened since I've had children, well for more than a couple hours anyway.  Friday night I didn't even know what to do with myself, so I got a Red Box movie, The Lucky One, and got Jersey Mike's take out.  Exciting huh?! :)  It was great!!  I worked at a consignment sale yesterday afternoon and I went to Stephanie's 30th birthday party last night, which is why I didn't make the trip to Richmond too...and also because my sweet hubby told me that I deserved a break :)  How lovely!!  It's been a great weekend, but I'm ready for my babes to get home in a couple hours!  This morning I've been trying to get all of my "weekend stuff" done before they get back!  Now it's off to the grocery store I go!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keeping it Real

I have been in such a "blah" mood for the past week.  I'm not really sure what my deal is...the weather couldn't be more perfect, but still, just blah.  I am just going to vent so I can remember this "phase"...

I know how lucky I am to stay at home with my kids...I tell myself over and over how lucky I am.  I remember everyday how hard it was for me to leave Reagan when I went back to work, but there are some days, to be totally honest, I really wish I had a paying job.  I wouldn't dare say just a "job" because I work my butt off every mom (and dad) does.  I have a husband that works so hard for our family everyday so that I am able to stay home, for that I am so thankful (although he drives me nuts sometimes!).  I also do my best to keep things in perspective as to how lucky I am to have happy, healthy kids...I don't let that slip under my radar for a minute. 

The last few days have just been challenging beyond words.  I don't know why.  Reagan is at this glorious age of pushing 3 1/2 and whoever said 3 is worse than 2 was TOTALLY right.   My normally SO sweet little girl who wants to do no wrong is now pushing every button of mine under the sun.  She still has her very sweet moments and is such a good girl, but HOLY have I been tested.  I feel like I am yelling so much, which I hate...I really try to stay as calm as I can and TALK to her, but sometimes you just frieckin' can't take anymore.  I hate it.  Landon is 13 months and is a typical 13 month old and into it all!  You can't turn your back on him for a minute, but he is just the sweetest and cutest thing.  He has fallen off the steps in the garage (yes, onto the concrete floor), banged his head on the banister, fallen me a daily heart attack pretty much!  However, he can whine like no other and he literally wants whatever Reagan is playing with at ALL times.  Reagan sometimes gets upsets, but other times just gives him whatever it is and moves on.  Of course, there are tears involved in this process 99% of the time...  Trivial I know, but it all adds up and piles on and AHHHHH!

Can you just HEAR the whinging in this picture?!

Tuesday was probably my breaking point.  I had just kind of "had it."  Reagan didn't nap, Landon was on and off napping, the house was DESTROYED, both were fussy...we played outside, we played inside, we played on the swingset...nothing was right.  I kept looking at the clock and thinking...that's it?!?!  You've GOT to be kidding me.  Maybe it didn't help that I kept Reagan home from school on Monday (she had a slight cold over the weekend, or maybe it's just allergies, I don't know, but I didn't want it worse or to spread at school) or that we didn't leave the house on Tuesday!?!  I don't know.  It was just a yuck day.  Thankfully Keith was able to come home in time for me to escape for Zumba that night...praise!  That did help for sure!!

How appropriate of a face for this "phase"...

Good thing you're cute little girl!

Anyway, I just keep feeling like I'm doing something wrong here.  Naptime (and bedtime) is one of my favorite times of the day, am I terrible for that?!  I love my kids more than anything, obviously, but the quiet time is so nice.  I read other blogs (which I just need to stop doing) and everything seems so hunky dorey for other they ever argue with their husband (about money)!?  How do they get dressed, with makeup, EVERYDAY?!  How are their houses clean all the time?!  How are they always so perky!?  How on earth do they have time to redecorate their houses 12 times a month?!  How are they so involved with a million activities?  How do they go out with friends 5 times a week?!?!  How do they have THAT many friends?!  Maybe it's just blogland...I should take a break ;)  I'm guilty as charged too though...I don't blog about the oh so fun budget discussions or the nights the kids are up or how many times I have to tell Reagan to "EAT" during every frieckin''s the good stuff that you want to highlight.  I get it!

Just my little venting of the moment...and I *only* have 2 kids!!  I know you might be thinking "been there, done that" or "I'm in the same boat" or "when I have kids I will NEVER think this way" (ha!)  How on earth did Michelle Duggar do it?!?!?!?!?!

We've had a good day today though!  Keith is playing in a golf tournament today, rough day at the office, so the kiddos and I are going to venture to Panera for dinner.  Yahoo! 

The days may go slowly, but the years will go by quickly...I know that and need to find a cute printable of it on Pinterest :)

Oh Landon...

Landon, I love you more than you will ever know, but MY GOODNESS are you a mess!!  You are BUSY, sweet, smart, BUSY, hilarious, and precious!  Just a few pics of the big man over the last few days...

We went to Target one day last week while Reags was at school and I decided it was time to purchase the kid some "boy" cups.  The poor thing likes a "big kid" cup and was using princesses and pink was time for some cars and trucks :)

He put it right in the cupholder on his tray while he was having a snack

The boy spends a lot of his day pushing, banging, and riding around in this car :) 
( also loves pushing Reagan's pink lawnmower around outside...haha!)

Cracks me up!


And this is how he gets out of the car...head first, did I mention he is ALL boy!? was HILARIOUS!!  He picked up the iPad yesterday and started dancing a little and then "ugh ugh ugh-ing" to me.  I thought maybe he wanted to dance?!  I turned on, what else but, "Call Me Maybe" and the grin on his face and the dance moves that followed were TOO FUNNY!!  Yesterday afternoon he kept walking around with the iPad and dancing, as long as music was playing he was a happy camper!

Yes I WUUUUV those kissy lips!!

Last night was pasta night for us...Landon is really into feeding himself and gets frustrated when someone else is "helping" him.  SOO I finally said "screw it" and let him do it himself, well, what a MESS!  OH MY GOSH...he was COVERED in spaghetti sauce.  He was happy doing it though, so whatever works!

Needless to say this messy man got right into the bathtub after dinner :) And sadly, even after using about a whole bottle of Shout, I don't think all of the stains will ever come out of that shirt!

It's Official...

Reagan is FINALLY done with her binky!!  Not only was last Wednesday her first day of school, but it was the last day of that pink binky too.  Now, I'm not going to lie and say this wasn't a sad day for all of us, but Reagan really did great...

Kissing it good-bye!  We wrote a letter and gave it to a little baby girl up the street from us.  Reagan said that it made her heart happy to know another baby was happy from her binky...sweet girl.

We made a pink cake, binky color, to celebrate no more binky!  We sang "Happy No More Binky To You..."  ha :)  She got a kick out of it!

While I am maybe secretly wishing she still had her binky because she hasn't napped but maybe two afternoons since we got rid of it, I'm so proud of her!  This is huge...that girl LOVED her binky from the day she was born!  It makes us a little sad that another piece of "baby" is gone and she really is growing up!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reagan's First Day of Preschool!

Today was Reagan's FIRST DAY of 3 day preschool!!  She was SO excited!!

Yesterday was "float through" day, which worked out GREAT since Keith was still on "vacation."  Reagan and I were able to go to preschool and check out her new classroom as a Duck!

Before float through...miss thang!

This morning I got up before the kiddos to shower and get that Landon isn't taking his morning nap, I think that's the only way I will be able to shower :)  The kiddos ate breakfast, played, got dressed, and then we were out the door!

Brooklyn's mom made the dress for Reagan!  The girls were twins for the first day of school...too cute!

We were about 15 minutes EARLY (this does NOT happen for me!) so we were able to some friends...Emmy and Ellie

Keith was able to meet us at school to drop off the big girl!

Going into her "duck" class :)

The twins :)  Seriously, they are too cute!!

Reags came home to flowers and a couple bubble bath and some Swedish Fish :)  She also got to pick what we should have for dinner and of course the girl picked we had some steak, mac n' cheese, fruit, and biscuits.

Reagan had SUCH a great day! Her teacher is just amazing and I seriously wish she could teach Reagan through 12th grade. She is just the kindest, sweetest woman. The car ride home was filled with all kinds of cute stories about what they did, who she played with, the books Ms. Diana read to them, and the little boy who wouldn't stop crying because "he miss his mommy, but you come right back to get Reaggie mommy." ha! I am SO thankful for a wonderful preschool and know it's going to be a great year for our big three year old!