Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Man's New Do!

After R's swim lesson today Landon had an appointment to get his hair trimmed up!  I was fully anticipating a similar experience to past haircuts, where he is sitting on my lap and "all dum" 2.2 seconds into the cut.  Ashlee brought in the booster seat today and I ALMOST said, "might as well just take that back," but figured we'd give it a shot.  That sweet man sat right on it and SAT STILL!  I.COULD.NOT.BELIVE.IT!!  Seriously!  He sat there for the whole haircut and was just as good as could be!!  Such a sweet man!  I was trying to snap pictures with my phone, while holding onto his arm (in fear of him just bouncing up from the seat!), so they aren't great, but I HAD to document his first "big boy sat all by himself" haircut! 

He liked watching his little hairs fall onto the cape...Reagan thought it would be fun to pick up the "chunks" and toss them into the air and then onto my head...I was pretty much OVER her behavior at that point ;)

Sweet man is all trimmed up and cleaned up for Easter!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Landon's Last Music Class

This morning we had Landon's last music class.  We have been going just about every Monday since the fall, so it's actually going to be kind of strange to not have it anymore.  It worked out perfectly because I could drop R off at school and then music class was just about 5 minutes away.  Landon was hit or miss on his "into it-ness," but overall it was a good class!

This was last week's group shot...mostly boys and a mix of Grandmas, Dads, and Moms would come!  We had a great group!  Miss Marty is the teacher in the background :)

Judy and Quinn

Silly Jeddy!

We are supposed to be "rocking," as Miss Marty is doing in the background.  Notice how well Landon and Jeddy are following directions :)  This just makes me laugh!

After class we had a little "party" to thank Miss Marty.  We had juice, muffins, and donuts!  Landon was LOVING the donuts, obviously, and chowed that whole thing down!

I'm so glad I got to take Landon to his own class and have that time just with my sweet man!

Good Luck Daddy!

Yesterday was Daddy's last day at home so we gave him a couple good luck presents to wear on his first day of his new job on Wednesday.

Yes, that's a snowman on her shirt...she dressed herself and decided it should be a "red day" for "Go Pack!"

being VERY careful carrying the gifts

She picked this tie out for Daddy...

so sweet!

Daddy got a couple new ties and a new shirt to wear his first couple of days on the new job!

With Keith on his way to PA and starting his job on Wednesday, it really makes all of this REAL.  It's all happening...we are getting excited, but it's also so sad...

We know Keith will do great though!!  Good Luck Daddy!

A little museum outing...

Saturday morning we were up and out of here EARLY!  We met our sweet friends, the Greene's, at the Durham Museum of Life and Science.  They are members, which allowed us in an hour early!  The kiddos had so much fun even though it was about 20* outside...not really, but it might as well have been!

Reagan LOVED playing with "baby" Evie!

Look at that sweet girl!

They are pumped to have their picture taken, can you tell?

We had such a fun day!  We are SO glad it worked out to go and the kiddos all had a blast!  If only it had been about 30* warmer :)

Preschool Egg Hunt!

On Friday Reagan had her preschool Easter Egg Hunt at school!  She was BEYOND excited!!  I thought she looked pretty cute before school, so I attempted to take a couple pictures...

Since inside shots went so well, I thought we'd give outside on the porch a shot...

Guess it was a little too chilly! :)

Keith wound up going to the Egg Hunt because I was working at a consignment sale right when the hunt was to start...he also said it lasted all of about 10.2 seconds!

Why is my child the one out of line?!

Best Friends!
Everyone had so much fun and Reags loved going through the eggs and seeing all of the loot!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Driving Miss Reagan!

I may or may not have "misplaced" my small camera after swim lessons on Tuesday...SO I am missing a few events that have happened, but thankfully I did take this picture on my phone too.  Miss Reagan has FINALLY, after almost a year!!!, decided it is FUN to push the pedal on her car to tool around!!  We had gone out to dinner on Saturday night, it was a BEAUTIFUL day!, came home and played outside for a little while.  She, out of the blue, decided she would push the pedal and she did AWESOME.  It's now her favorite thing to do!  We knew she'd come around to it eventually, but didn't know how long we would be using a broom handle to push her around :)  (Recall we used the top end of a broom to push the pedal for her and then she would steer...fun times...)  Reagan is SO proud of herself though and is getting just a little too big for this momma to stand! :)  Great job Reaggie!!

Fun Day at Marbles!

Keith had his last day of work on Tuesday, which means we only have a few more days of Daddy being home until he moves up to PA to start his new job.  We had decided weeks ago that we would go to the zoo on Thursday, since it's not a preschool day.  HOWEVER, this crazy weather is really not cooperating with that plan, and after reading that the African animals are kept inside if the temperature is around 45*, we decided an indoor activity was necessary.  I have made a list of things to do before we leave NC (ahh, that's so sad to say!!) and going to Marbles one last time was on the list.  SOOO thankfully it worked out today to go and we could have man on man defense with the kiddos :)  We had so much fun and tried to get there to avoid all of the millions of field trips that were there...we failed, but it all worked out!

Landon went right for the fire truck!  He was telling me to "sit, sit"
(This is his new favorite thing to tell Bailey to give him a treat after he comes in from going potty)

Veterinarian Reagan at your service!

Do you see this look?!  This is a look of pure joy that he could turn the lights of the ambulance on and off...he LOVED it!!

Ranking a VERY close 2nd was the kitchen...I think both kids could have stayed all day!

Is this face not the cutest?  They have little hand dryers next to the water table and Landon discovered how to activate the motion detector...he thought it was the funniest thing when the air would blow on him.  Yes, this kept him occupied for several minutes :)

He was screaming something at this point, thankfully the picture snapped with his mouth closed!  He was thrilled to take a picture with his mommy, can you tell!?

We hit up, none other than, Panera for lunch on our way home.  It was such a fun morning and it really is starting to make me sad that we only have until May 7th to enjoy all that this area has to offer us...until then, we have activities out the wazoo planned!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Another holiday with an excuse to dress the kiddos up in a little something cute is always fun!  Reagan kept asking what do we do on St. Patrick's Day?!  ha!  I didn't tell her all the fun things we COULD do, we just stuck with green outfits and green pancakes for breakfast :)

This is just a handful of the pictures I took ATTEMPTING to get a decent one of both sweetnesses together...I failed terribly, but there are a few cuties!
That sweet man LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his sissy!

If only I was as exciting as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Thankfully Landon smiled SO big so we could see the green pancakes in his mouth since he already gobbled most of them off of his plate!

Just being a nut!
(She is now in love with this t-shirt that Keith brought home from NYC for her...the girl loves a good t-shirt these days, too funny!)