Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Few More NC Pics

Just a few more pics from NC...

The kiddos posing for one more picture on our front porch!

Blowing a kiss to NC

Our 53 foot moving truck that we came pretty darn close to filling!!

One more picture with Jeddy before they kiddos and Keith left

My last night in NC I got to go to dinner with some of my favorite ladies!  We went to a restaurant in Burlington, near Elon, which is where my whole "North Carolina journey" started...yes, you guessed it, I was pretty emotional!

Wednesday afternoon at about 4:00 the moving truck pulled away and I did one last walk through our EMPTY house...I could NOT stop sobbing...but I was ready to get to my babies in PA... The Acura was filled to the brim and it was a beautiful  night for a long car ride!

road trip snacks and a selfie ;)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

See You Soon NC...

Right now I am surrounded by about a million boxes throughout our's crazy!  The movers came yesterday and somehow between yesterday and today they have been able to pack up five years of wonderful memories...amazing how that happens!

Keith left yesterday morning with the kids and I'm pretty sure we were all in tears, well except Landon...he was just like I'm not really sure why everyone's crying ;)  It was so sad to say good bye to them, but I have to say Momma is kind of enjoying my quiet time, which Reagan kept reminding me I would have.  Now by quiet time I'm not sitting by the pool sipping a yummy drink, I have been organizing and running a million errands...but still, I'm not lugging kids in and out of carseats to do it!

I took this on a beautiful night last week...we really will miss this house so much!

I ate my cereal (in a styrofoam bowl with plastic spoon I had to get from the neighbor because I didn't have the foresight to keep ANYTHING out!) on the deck this morning and just stared at our pretty trees...I know I won't ever have a lot like this again...I've loved our location!

The family room...see that pile of coats?  They had packed up our hall closet yesterday and I didn't even THINK about coats, hello it's 100* out, but I was able to catch them in time that I could snag a couple I thought I would need over the next few months!

A TOTALLY boxed up kitchen

Emptied out dining room

NeNe's room all boxed up...I stared at his rocking chair yesterday and just sobbed...the number of hours I spent rocking him in that probably translates into days...

Sissy's room all packed up!

The guest room is piled high with boxes

Our room has boxes everywhere...the movers have been so sweet though and kept my bed out last night and again tonight

It's time to return the modem and unplug the computer for it's big car ride tomorrow...time to sign off from North Carolina and hello from PA!  Maybe in the next week or so I'll have some house news :)  Wouldn't that be fun!?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Last Week in NC

We've had a fun and busy week in the NC state and tried to enjoy every second of it!  We ran errands, went to the pool, hung out in our house, played outside, and tried to see as many friends as we could!

Silly girl and her LONG french braid...I'm a little rusty!

There really isn't too much cuter than a sweet man and his trucks!

Dinner at the pool with some friends!

This girl has become such a great swimmer...she doesn't need/want her floaty anymore, she loves her goggles, and seriously spends more time diving for objects under water than above water!

Sweet, sweet Brooklyn and Reagan

This little man loves putting the cupcake liners in the pan!

We went to the park with the Davis' on Saturday morning, it was HOT, but the kiddos had fun!  We headed to Shortie's for lunch afterwards, which was pretty tastey again!

This morning Landon and Keith ran to Bojangles to get us one last southern biscuit!  Their chicken biscuits are seriously one of my favorite things ever!

Ohhhhh...what's in there?!?!

Helping Daddy do some nail hole patching

This is only the beginning of what is to go in the van tomorrow :)

A quick picture with some of our neighbors...going to miss all of them!

Time to figure out dinner for one last time and enjoy our last few hours in this house as a family! :*( I've been a mess all day... (happy and excited, but sad and scared!)

Monday, July 15, 2013


The kiddos and I ran a couple errands on Saturday morning and by the time we were done they were "SOOOO hungry!!"  We were in Wake Forest, so I thought we'd try this hot dog place on Main Street that I'd been wanting to try for awhile.  It was SOOO stinkin' cute!  We stuck out like the sorest thumbs...everyone knew everyone in there!  (Gran and Gramps, I'm so sorry we never went there, you guys would have LOVED it!)

Landon and Reagan chowed down on hot dogs, I got a burger and some fries.  It was all so good.  The cutest thing was that I'm pretty sure that place hasn't changed since the 1950' was so cute!  I think I should have lived in the 50's :)

The owner was so sweet and loved on my kiddos...he made sure they ate their lunch and then came over and gave them a lollipop.  This was Landon's first and he was pretty darn proud of himself.  I told him over and over to "lick it buddy, don't bite."  So on the way home and even talking to Keith that night he said "ya-yi-pop yick, no bite!"

Yes, I took a picture of this...Yes, I'm sad to leave.

Sunday morning this man was cracking me up playing with our collection of fire hats...I'm biased, but he is so darn cute!

Duke Gardens!

Friday morning we ventured to Duke Gardens with Heather (Taxis) and Evie!  (Can you tell we're trying to see as much as we can before we go?!)  It was so beautiful...and free!!...I can't believe I've never been before.

Big kids walking down the steps

He spotted the fountain...think he was excited?!  :)

Sweetness #1

Sweetness #2

Yes, that's Reagan, my FOUR year old, who looks 12!

They were having a blast climbing across this "bridge" over a little knees were slightly shaking the whole time!

Had to stop for a little snack break

A sweet pregnant lady took this picture for us and I'm pretty sure she was probably terrified to have a child watching our bunch :)

It was such a fun day, but so sad to say good-bye (for now) to such a sweet friend!