Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coleman's Pumpkin Picking!

The fall weekends are getting full, so we took advantage of a quiet Sunday morning and went to Coleman's to get our pumpkins.  We did this last year too and it was so fun.  We tried to coordinate with our neighbors for everyone to go, but schedules just conflicted and it just didn't work out.

Reaggie had to rock her new Halloween outfit for the occasion!

TRYING to lift those BIG, HEAVY pumpkins!

my babes!

Ready for our hayride to the patch!

Landon loved this "banana" pumpkin...we were not going to leave without it!

Daddy found his pumpkin

And mine is just a little bigger than my tummy right now!

Reaggie got hers too!

That's Landon's at my feet and Reagan is holding the baby's pumpkin.

All SIX of our pumpkins...of course Bailey gets one too!

We met the nicest family from Apex, North Carolina on our hayride.  They just moved to Middletown, so it was so nice to talk to another NC family!  She said she knew we had to have lived in the south with Reagan's outfit and my monogram on my sweatshirt...ha!

Such a fun morning with our crew!

Picture Days, Milburn, Dance, and Soccer...oh my!

Last week started with a certain little 1st grader's picture day!  I thought they would probably be allowed to wear whatever they wanted that day, but AFTER I purchased my picture package, I found out that they still had to wear their uniform.  I'm sure it will be a cute pic none the less :)

this girl is such a ham!

On Tuesday we went to Milburn's Orchard with the MOM's Club.  I am a horrible member and don't do anything, but this is something I've been trying to do for 3 years, but someone was always sick for it.  Thankfully, this year we were able to make it.  Now...it wasn't without sickness.  We were to meet there at 9:30 and on our way, about 15 minutes away, Landon said he was hot.  It wasn't a hot day and the van was fine, but I rolled down his window anyway and cranked up some air for him.  Then he "wanted a snack," but didn't eat it.  The last straw was him saying he wanted to just go home, he didn't want to go to Milburn.  (The kid loves it there!)  I asked him if he felt ok and he said yes, then I asked if he felt like he was going to throw up and said no.  At this point we were less than 5 minutes away and he coughed...I pulled over IMMEDIATELY and got him out for some fresh air.  We stood in some grass outside of a neighborhood for about a minute and that's when he threw up.  And then again.  Poor sugar!  He was playing a little game in the car and apparently that was not the best thing to do so early in the morning.  After he threw up, I gave him some water and he seemed to be feeling much better.  (not to mention I was thankful we were outside and not in the van!)  We got to Milburn, he saw his buddies and he was running and FINE!  Phew!

The Three Amigos!

Madison has a hard job of keeping these boys in line!

We finished our fun morning with lunch out with friends!

Last Wednesday was the first day of dance and Reagan was SO excited!  She has been looking forward to this since I signed her up over the summer.  It's a tap, ballet, jazz, and acro class.  She really wanted to do gymnastics and dance, but I wasn't ready to have piano one night and then two other nights of the week stuff going on...especially with a baby on the way.  SO when I found this class that was everything she wanted, we signed right up.  To celebrate, Reagan got a new leotard and tights to open on her bed after school!

Ready to go!

Friday was Landon-man's picture day!  Little mess...he has some of the best smiles in these pictures because he was jumping all over the place and being silly while I was trying to take his pic.  Such a little boy and just way too stinkin' cute!

After school we hit up the car wash...my kids LOVE the car wash!

After we picked Reagan up from school we met some friends at Jump on Over for some inflatable jumping time.  The kids jumped and ran for TWO HOURS, which was beautiful.  We picked up a pizza on the way home, took baths, and both kids were SOUND asleep by 7:15.  It was a good night :)

Picture day on Saturday!  My studly soccer player!

We were missing Reagan (another Reagan) and another little guy didn't want to be in the picture, but here are the Lions!  Landon, RonJon, Liam, and Finnegan (who will be a pro soccer player one day and I can't wait to say I knew him when...)

Look at my boys...too sweet for words!

...and ready for another great soccer game!

Ultrasound Day!!

On Friday, September 18th we had our big 20 week ultrasound!  As of that morning we were NOT finding out the sex of the baby...HOWEVER, then I got to thinking.  It would be fun, especially for the kids, to know whether this is a brother or a sister.  (Landon might need a little extra coaching through this if it's a sister!)  SO I chatted with Keith at 6:45, we were to leave at 7:10, that maybe it would be fun to have the tech put the gender in an envelope and we have a little reveal party with our families.  He wasn't on board yet, but took a shower and then decided he understood and agreed that it would be fun/best for the kids to know.  Yay!

waiting to go back!  I thought it would be fun for the kids to come to get to see the baby...for an 8:00am appointment, which required us to be up and out of the house ready for the day at 7:10...holy cow!

My mom and John had spent the night because we had Back to School Night at Reagan's school on Thursday, so they were able to come too!

Reagan captured this lovely shot :)

Here is the sweetness!!!  This was Reagan's favorite picture and she took it to school to show her teachers and friends.

This sweet babe is literally folded in half!

The ultrasound took about 2 hours!!  I was starting to get nervous, but everything looked great.  What a blessing!  They had to send in another tech to get all the images of the heart they were looking for...the first tech was just having a hard time finding all four chambers of the heart, just a minor detail.  They found them all though and everything looked wonderful!!

SOOOO we had the gender of this sweetness in an envelope that I finally dropped off last week at the same bakery that made the kids their "biggest sister" and "big brother" cookies to reveal to us if this is a boy or a girl in a cake.  In just under 2 weeks we'll have our "reveal party" to find out!  The kids are so excited...and so are we!

Once we left there it was time to drop off Landon at school, for an hour, and then Reagan, who was not sad at all to just have a 4 hour day!

After a quick day at school, we walked down to Dogtown with some buddies for a yummy lunch!