Wednesday, May 10, 2017


It's hard to believe that another month has flown's a look at APRIL!

Soccer season is in full swing!  Landon just LOVES to play soccer and if I do say so myself, he's pretty stinkin' great at it too!

Who is this BIG girl!?  My sweet little love!

Mommy had a hair appointment and Yvonne was able to do a little trim on Maddie's mullet :)  I am a drowned rat because it was getting a little too close to naptime to risk staying for a blow dry...atleast the cut and color were done!

sometimes I just find selfies on my phone of this BIG girl!

Maddie loves a good bag these days...she loves to toddle on into Reagan's room! 

Playing with her Easter Eggs and her basket from Mom-Mom Kathy

On Saturday, April 8th we had a big SURPRISE party for my dad to celebrate his upcoming 60th birthday and retirement!!  Reagan was SMOOOOOCHED in the car with two dozen balloons...pretty hilarious!

look at this AWESOME cake!!

practicing for her performance of "Happy Birthday!"


He had NO idea!!

Um my baby wore her first big girl party dress and couldn't have been much cuter!  She had fun dancing with Daddy :)


Reagan did an AWESOME job playing "Happy Birthday" :)  And I look pregnant in this picture...I'm NOT!!

some of my dad's best work buddies

We had SUCH a fun night celebrating my Pops!!

enjoying a little ice cream sundae after the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!

My precious baby wearing one of Reagan's Easter outfits from her first Easter!  AH...the sweetness!

a quick selfie before going to get brother and sissy at school!

starting to use a fork like a big girl!

This boy's bottom tooth was SOOOOO wiggly!  We thought for sure it would come out this night, but Landon was so nervous...

I had subbed in 1st grade this day and was SO glad to be home in comfies!

The next night, April 12th, that tooth was OUT!!  My BABY BOY lost his first tooth!!

He and Daddy wrote a letter to the tooth fairy

Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt!!

The day after Landon lost his tooth he was able to write his name on the tooth chart...he was so excited to be the first one in April to loose a tooth!

LAST NIGHT of swim lessons!!  PRAISE!  While Reagan was swimming we were homework-ing!

The kids had off on Good Friday, so we ventured to the mall to see the Easter Bunny!  I thought it would be a disaster with Madalyn, but she was pretty neutral to him.  NO tears, but no smile either.  ha!  These kids are just all looking so big!

Happy Easter 2017!!

Ready to go search for baskets...Maddie was still snoozing!

He found it!  There was a theme...POKEMON central!!

She found it!

Good morning sunshine!

Our failed attempts at getting a cute picture of the 3 of them!  Maddie was NOT having it!

We stopped at Grandpa and Nana's house and the kids had all kinds of treats there and an egg hunt in their yard!  At 10:30 they were already 2 egg hunts for the day deep :)

My baby...she is a little walking machine these days!  Cruising better and faster every day.

Such a sweet baby girl!


We left Grandpa and Nana's and headed to Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop's house for Easter!

time for another egg hunt!!

Maddie had cheerios in her eggs and she was loving it!

Reagan got a hold of the camera and snapped these pics of the big girl...she loves walking around with clothes in her hands!

little man watching a last show before bed!

just a girl and her shopping card cruising around, taking a pit stop for a water break

a BEAUTIFUL day playing outside on the playground like a big kid!

the cousins have ARRIVED!!  Kristin and the kids came down during their spring break and it was so fun to have them!  The girls were so awesome with Maddie...I loved having helpers :)

We went to the beach for the day on Thursday!  I kept the kiddos home from school and we had a GREAT day!

They had so much fun eating lunch on the balcony at the condo...not a bad view!

We took the kids on the beach and considering the water was like 45* we didn't think they'd get wet...we were wrong!!  They were splashing and having a good old time!

FINALLY passed out...not for long though :)

After a stop at Justice for the girls, we needed an ice cream break at Aunt Kristin's favorite spot...Sweet Frog's!

Sunday I was off to my first wedding expo!

one of little girl's cute faces!

Smile with Mommy...

...almost... good as it's going to get!

Tooth #2 came out on April 26th, just 2 weeks after his first one fell out!

my handsome man!

special ice cream sundae to celebrate!

...and Reagan needed one too! ;)

breakfast on the go visiting the kiddo's new school!
(more on that another time!)

just walking around the playroom with Mommy's old lunchbag like a big girl

On the 29th we had a big yard sale!!!  We had a whole area of our basement with just CRAP to sell!  We sold a TON, but still have a TON was a very successful morning!

That afternoon Reagan and I left for our first Girl Scout camping adventure!  It was actually a HOT day and I was NOT looking forward to this, but Reagan was so excited so we made the best of it and had a great time!

setting up one of the tents

the moms...we really love our girls!

After a not so great night of sleep and going to bed WAY late and getting up WAY early, we were on the road by 7:50am!  We got home and took showers right away :)

Maddie loves sitting in Reagan and Landon's anywhere mom and John got one for Maddie for Christmas, but we hadn't set it up it is and she loves it!

although preferred Reagan's this morning :)

just reading some bookies in her chair

Landon is playing flag football on Sundays and loves it!  He's having so much fun!


CLASSIC BOY!!  This one is going in the wedding slideshow one day...haha!!

Maddie and Daddy snuggles!

PHEW!!  So that was our April in a nutshell!  Everyone is getting bigger and bigger and life is certainly crazy with a toddler that is into everything!!