Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last Day of Fall Soccer and Thanksgiving Trial Run!

The 14th and 15th was a BUSY weekend!  Reagan had a birthday party the morning of the 14th at the same time as Landon's last game...thankfully I just dropped her off and then headed right over to Landy's game.  This team was so awesome!  They had such a great season and are really getting SO good!!  It's so much fun to watch.  Landon had 4 goals during the last game and was pretty proud of himself!  For most goals he scored this season he would still run up to me afterwards to give me a hug...I don't know how much longer that will last, but it's about the sweetest thing!

Way to go Lions!!

After the game we had a little end of season party at our house!  The kids were all lined up listening to Coach Keith tell them what a great job they did :)


Another pic with on the run!

Then on Sunday we had a Thanksgiving Trial!  Keith used a new recipe for the brine so we wanted to make sure it was good for the REAL Thanksgiving!  Keith's friend from high school, Jill, and her family were able to come, along with our neighbors, my sister, and mom and John!  It was a full house :)  Everything was yummy though and had us READY for Turkey Day!

The crazy kid table!

November - Week 2!

Just a little catch up from the week!

Landon is on a total kick of taking a picture with you will see :)

We didn't have anything going on that Tuesday, so we decided to make our big batch of Gigi bread to get ready for Thanksgiving!  Landon and I pretty much polished off a loaf of the good stuff for lunch that day :)

another pic with B!

Landon had off on Veteran's Day, as did Keith, but Reaggie had school.  We decided that a Bob Evans breakfast sounded like a yummy treat!

That afternoon the kids had dentist appointments!  I had to reschedule them two other times because of Reagan being sick and then me being sick, so third time was the charm :)  The kids did great and were told their chompers look fab!

This girl is a NUT!

and Landon and B again!

Liam came over to play for a little bit because I'm pretty sure Landon was driving me crazy this day :)

By Friday it was "K" day at school and a Kazoo was this boy's choice for show and tell!  Poor Miss Colleen drove Landon to school that day and said he played it the whole way to was just her lucky day!

Sickies and Extras!

Well, just as Reagan was getting over all her mess...she started again with a fever.  Poor girl!  Thankfully she bounced back quickly this time!

On Tuesday, November 3rd she was back at school and it was Family Book Fair Night!  Keith was going to be late, so I figured why not for some pizza and a couple books :)  Well while we were there I started not feeling so well...whatever Reagan had caught up with me!

Within a few hours I was feeling like a train wreck!!  My sweet man was right there to take care of me though ;)

By that Friday I was feeling a little more human, but Landon and I just waited in the car while Reagan was at dance.  He was having fun playing in the back!

...and snuggling with me waiting for Sissy!

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!  Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, which was fun!  We started with a spooky breakfast, painted some pumpkins, had a soccer game, went to a Halloween pre-trick or treating party, and then came home to go trick or treating with friends!  It was a busy day, but so much fun!

Reagan was painting a pumpkin for our baby girl and Landon was in charge of our teal pumpkin, to show we had allergy friendly treats too!

One of the moms made Halloween cupcakes for all the kiddos!  They had a great game!

Pre-party costumes!


showing off the Vandy gear from Jake!

A little over 26 weeks along in this pic!

Ready to go!

Landon (now the pirate!) and Liam!

The Witches :)

Sweet boys!

Yes, Keith's hat and shirt strike again!!  I swear I'm going to "lose" them one of these years!

Reags and I came back a little early since she needed a potty break...she also we starting not to feel too well again.  Ugh!  Poor thing...

going through the loot!!

...and even more!

Such a fun Halloween!!

Pumpkin Carving and A Halloween Parade

We carved our pumpkins on Wednesday, October 28th and it was so much fun!  We were supposed to have an event for Reagan's school that night, but the weather was awful and was it worked out to carve.  This night also happened to be our 9th Anniversary :)

Landon seeing ALL THE GOONKIE!!

Pretty girl stayed home from school that day with a cold, low grade fever, but thankfully was feeling much better by this night!

Reaggie designed my pumpkin for me!

Here's to NINE!

Sweet boy just wanted all circles on his pumpkin!  We were pretty thankfully for the easiness of this one!

Is this a spoiled dog or what??

Mommy, Bailey, Daddy, Reagan, and Landon :)  Baby girl has a pumpkin too...don't worry!

On the 29th we headed to Kohl's before going to Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop's for their town's Halloween parade.  The kids love this parade!  We drove home afterwards because Landon had his Halloween party at school the next day and we had Reagan's conference.

Being silly with Pop-Pop!

I'm pretty sure Reagan ate chips for dinner...lovely!