Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week of the Stomach Bug...

Sunday was gross...just gross.  I woke up not feeling well in the middle of the night and before I knew it the stomach bug had taken over in full force.  NO FUN.  Keith literally handed me the baby to feed her and then took her away.  Even sitting up to feed Maddie was enough to make me throw up, literally.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.  By Monday I felt a little better, not much, but I could function and atleast get out of bed...that's about it though.

Maddie was playing in the playroom with Landon on Monday and he brought down all his loves for her, such a sweet brother!

Tuesday night I woke up in the middle of the night to the moans of Landon...poor guy was victim #2!  He threw up 5 times over night...

this was part of our Wednesday morning...

He seemed to be feeling okay later in the morning...

...but it didn't take long for him to crash and then really not feel good all afternoon and kick in with a little fever.  My poor baby!

Thankfully Daddy was able to pick up Reaggie at school, so she came home ready to play outside and hold that baby.  Is that the face of a proud big sister or what??

Madalyn doesn't look it in this pic, but she really does love her big sister...she was just hangry (hungry and angry!).

Sprinkling Baby Stringer!

Our sweet neighbor and friend, Colleen, is having a baby girl in a just a few weeks so a surprise celebration at Cantwells was necessary to welcome Madalyn's new BFF!

These girls kept a secret for a long time!

Such a fun afternoon and Madalyn slept through the whole thing :)

Ice Cream, Meltdown, and the Easter Bunny

Just some randoms...

This kid rockin' my slippers!

Free Cone Day at DQ!  YUM!!

Landon had an art show at school on St. Patrick's Day night and I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT.  Like didn't even cross my mind at ALL forgot about it.  Once I realized it that night, I lost it.  I just sobbed.  I just felt like the worst mom and that I will NEVER have my act together again.  Trying to keep up with everything around the house, the kids, and days just always feel rushed.  It's crazy.  I can't complain about Maddie because she's the BEST baby, but the girl does love to be held and one can only do so much with one arm!  ANYWAY, I texted Landon's teacher and thankfully she left everything up for Friday morning so I was able to check everything out and take pics.  She did such a cute job and their classroom theme was Disney.  They worked so hard on so many projects!

Friday afternoon, after we picked up Reagan from school, we went right to the mall.  We needed to see the Easter Bunny and decided to grab Panera before Keith's Easter Seals volleyball game.  Can you believe the package to get your picture done with the bunny was $30!?  That just seemed like a rip to me, so I stood off to the side and took my own pics, which they let you do.  Crazy!

Madalyn's first big holiday :)

That's 3 kids...Keith and I still can't believe we have THREE!

We cheered on Daddy and his team, which was all neighbors/friends, so that was fun!  The kids ran around, did a few crafts, and had a blast.

Reagan's Spring Break Week

Reagan's Spring Break was so early this early that it TOTALLY snuck up on me!  They were having a "Celebrate Reading Week" that ended with a dress down day on Wednesday.  I remember seeing the schedule and thinking, why are they ending this on a Wednesday and not a Friday...well then I looked at my calendar and realized because it was spring break!!  

We had plans the first day, Thursday, to head to the children's museum with some friends.  We were to be out the door by 9:30.  This, clearly, required extra planning.  I am pretty sure I was up at 6:10 getting everything ready.  Showering, dressing, putting on MAKE UP, packing lunches, breakfast for the big kids, nursing the baby, getting everyone dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, did I mention I was sweating!? :)  Well at 9:20, Reagan was finishing up getting dressed and said she was cold.  I told her to get her shirt on and she would be fine.  She then said, no mommy, I'm REALLY cold!  I felt her forehead and she was warm, took her temp and she had a fever!!  Poor thing!  Not only were we bummed she was starting the break sick, we were missing out on a fun day, AND Momma was DRESSED and SHOWERED and MAKE UP-ed!  ha!  Thankfully that was short lived and she was better the next day.  We still took it easy on Friday though, which was Maddie's one month birthday!

Aunt Linda and Uncle Gus came over for a visit on Sunday the 6th.  That was fun and they got to snuggle the babe!

Monday, Maddie had her one month doctor appointment while Landon was at school.  Reagan and I celebrated Madalyn doing so well with a donut and a trip to the grocery store!  ha...the kids played outside all afternoon until we had to leave to go to Outback to celebrate Jamie's REAL birthday!  The planning involved is crazy, but we made it :)

Tuesday was a BEAUTIFUL day and a perfect day for Longwood!  We had so much fun!!

sweet baby did a lot of this :)

this girl was obsessed with the stopwatch on my phone?!

Nana met us there!

What a fun day, but I was exhausted!

Wednesday, while Landon was at school, we went to the mall...Reagan's request!  She had a Build A Bear gift card burning a hole in her pocket and some cash that just HAD to be spent!

This also happened to be Maddie's FIRST trip to the mall!

Starting our morning at Build A Bear

...except she built a bunny; which she named Alice

Then we went to Claire's, where they were having a buy 3 get 3 free sale...she stocked up on Easter accessories and rings!  Look at that sweet girl...LOVE her!!

Wednesday night was the Daddy/Daughter performance with her dance class.  They had been practicing this for a few weeks and boy was it cute!  We picked up the new dress at Gymboree while at the mall...oh and the shoes that she HAD to have!

The class danced with their dad's to "Isn't She Lovely" and I about was just the sweetest thing!  All the dads looked so handsome and what a special thing to do with their precious daddies!

We finished up Spring Break with lots of outside time, snuggling with the baby, and playing with friends!