Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Weeks Highlights

With Keith home sick last Monday, during naptime I put Reagan in the bath and started taping Reagan's bathroom.  I decided it was a great day to paint a bathroom :) ...I'm not totally sure what came over me, but it's nice to just get a project checked off the list!  Anyway, since he was home R and I were able to leave while L was snoozing!

After swearing to the paint EXPERT at Lowe's that I would only need a quart of paint, I used half of that just trimming the bathroom.  Once the kiddos went to bed I went BACK to Lowe's to now buy the gallon that I just should have bought in the first place...NEVER just buy a quart, seriously what was I thinking?  Monday night around 10:30 though the bathroom was successfully lime green!  I still need to hang a couple things, so I have no finished pics yet.

Tuesday morning Reagan had day two of Safety Town Camp, which she just loved.  I was so proud of her because she went in totally blind.  Not knowing a soul!  She had all girls in her group though and some very sweet teen volunteers.

This little man helped me do a few paint touch ups on Tuesday morning while Sissy was at camp.  Guess what?  Tuesday, June 17 Landon man decided he was going to start wearing UNDERWEAR.  He has done perfect...I can't even believe it!!  No accidents and just suddenly loves wearing his Cars underwear.  So proud of our big, big boy!

On Wednesday before we picked up Reagan at camp, we stopped by the Dollar Tree (am I fancy or what?) and let Landon pick out a new toy for doing such a good job on the potty!  He picked a blue motorcycle and LOVES that thing!

Wednesday afternoon Reagan was going a little stir crazy, so we set up the sprinkler and moved the slide...she had a blast!  Got to love sweet summer time!

Friday was the last day of camp, but the morning didn't exactly go as planned.  I had just gotten Landon dressed and told him to head to the bathroom to get his teeth brushed.  He and Reagan were running around the hallway when Reagan ran right into one of the hallway banisters.  No fun.  Her forehead formed a massive goose egg within 5 was huge!  I was, of course, a nervous wreck asking her her name, when her birthday was, how old she was....I did call the pediatrician and spoke to a nurse who told me to keep an eye on her for 2 hours.  Reagan didn't want to go to camp because she didn't want anyone to see her bump, but thankfully with in the next couple hours it did go down significantly, she was feeling fine, and didn't want to miss her little program, so we were off to camp.  She did great!

Reagan and her three volunteers at Safety Town Camp...sweet girls!

Big girl after camp!

Friday night the kiddos went to my Mom and John's so Keith and I could go to an event the bank sponsored at the Hagley Museum.  It was SO nice!  The food was great, the weather couldn't have been better, and the fireworks were out of this world.  I wish I had taken a couple pictures!  It was such a nice night.  I spent the night with the kiddos because Reagan had a birthday party the next morning at the same park where her party was, which is so close to my mom's.  Keith had a ton of yard work he wanted to get done, so he went home.

Sweet girls at the party...Birthday Girl Lydia, Reagan, and Anna

I love his picture, Lydia, Cora, R, and Anna

It was POURING when we got to the party, but thankfully the kids were content in the pavilion.  It did stop raining though and in no time the kiddos were playing outside!

Silly girls loving their clown noses!

The rest of Saturday was cleaning day and then my neighbor Melanie and I headed out for a fun girl's night! (Again, I wish I had a picture!)

Sunday night we had Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop over to celebrate Father's Day.  We got Pop-Pop a couple apple trees, so hopefully one day they have lovely apples in their backyard for everyone to pick!

We had a yummy dinner, but had to finish it by 6 because the US World Cup game was on!  Keith was loving the kiddos watching with him...for a few minutes anyway :)

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day Sunday started with our last t-ball game of the season!

Our sweet t-ball girl with her trophy!

After t-ball the kiddos and I had to run a few errands, since I was a little behind from being sick, and Keith got to get some things done outside!

Reaggie wanted to get Daddy a new tie

and Landy got Daddy a "go cuse" grill cover :)

JJ came over to celebrate too!

My dad came over Sunday afternoon for Father's Day dinner!  I can't even remember the last time I saw my dad on Father's Day, so it was nice to celebrate with him!

We had a yummy dinner, got the kiddos to bed, and around 9:00 Keith started not to feel so good...yup, now he was up all night sick.  How is it in your house when the Daddy gets sick?  Yes, it was bad!  Poor Daddy!  Thankfully, by Monday night he was starting to feel a little bit better, but he was totally out of commission on Monday.

Reagan's 5th Birthday Party!!

Reagan's 5th Birthday party obviously wasn't exactly as planned, but thanks to Keith, my mom, John, and some of my sweet friends I think it was a success!

Keith wanted to make sure I saw how they had it set up...ha!

The kiddos arrived and made their own crowns!  The wind was awful, so I heard, and everything was blowing everywhere!!

My sweet friend Amy took over the "pin the snowflake on Elsa" thankful for her help!

Group shot :)

With all the wind Keith had the hardest time lighting the candle, but thankfully he got it so they could successfully sing and blow out the candle!

Thank you to everyone for all of the extra help!  I was SO glad it worked out and that Reagan had a great time with all of her sweet friends.  We were going to have pizza and I had a vision of what the pavilion was to look like, but turns out 5 year olds really don't care if you just feed them pretzels, goldfish, and cupcakes and if it's not decorated just the way the Mommy had in mind!

Once they got home I got to hear all about the fun and got to watch Reagan open all of her new gifts!