Thursday, September 29, 2011


Just a few cute pics of my cuties!

Lovin' on our "bubby" :)

I finally caved today and busted out the watercolors since our planned trip to storytime didn't happen since Landon was taking such a good nap, I didn't have the heart to wake him!  Anyway...Reagan LOVED painting!!  She was so careful and wanted to do it just right, of course in her "gown!"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catch Up!

Here's a little run down of the past few days in pictures!

sweet man is really holding that head up strong!

Saturday afternoon my sweet friends Nancy and Ms. Evans came to meet Mr. Landon and see Reagan!  I worked with them at New Hope and was SO happy to see them!!

This was a sad weekend for us too...we had to offically say good bye to the Mills... :(  They moved out their last load from their house and are officially living in Virginia now.  Keith and I both teared up watching Reaggie say "bye bye" to Mo-Mo...we already have New Year's plans with them though.  Gosh, I will be so different not having them here anymore...

ughh...does that just not melt you?  Reagan sure does LOVE her Mo Mo!

Daddy had a fun weekend project though...since the Mill's were moving, they were SOOOOO nice and GAVE US their swingset!!  Reagan has spent MANY a afternoons over there playing. Keith and a couple neighbors moved it across the street.  She is obsessed!  I love having a little swingset in the backyard!

this guy held up his head for such a long time!!  SOO big!

please note the Sleeping Beauty dress...this is a STAPLE these days in our house.  Thankfully she undestands that we only wear it in our house, not when we go out.  haha!  Miss Wendy gave this to us, it was Emma's, and told us to "have fun with dress up."  We sure are!  Reagan is currently OBSESSED with princesses!!!!!  We just might have to tell Santa to hit up the Disney store this year ;)

and this is just SO Reagan!  My mom and John came back on Sunday evening and left this morning...Reaggie has LOVED having her Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop here so much.  Next week I am road tripping it with the kiddos for a few days to PA...should be fun?! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

LTK's Announcement

Much Better!

Happy Friday and first day of FALL!!  This is one of my favorite times of the year...and you better believe the Harvest candle is buring strong and the fall decor is out! :) 

 Now time for some catch up from the week...

After Monday's fiasco of a day at school I had a voicemail from my mom saying they might be coming down this week to visit...awesome!  I talked to her later in the day and jokingly asked if they could be there for school on Wednesday so Landon could stay home with it turned out, I had a message on Tuesday morning "we're on our way!"  How lucky is that? 

We went over to one of Reagan's friends house from preschool on Tuesday for a little playdate, talk about precious!  The girls played with babies, jewelry, princesses, purses, strollers, play's just so funny how girls at this wonderful age are attracted to the same things naturally, without parent persuasion!  It just amazes me. :)

Reagan chose NOT to nap on Tuesday, she wanted her Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop (doesn't quite understand that it's a LONG drive!).  I decided to just give both kids a bath and get them ready for bed early so they could have as much play time with grandparents as possible!  Oh and did I mention during "nap time" that Reagan decided to take off her diaper, which she has never done, and then PEE all over her bed?!!  She called to me, "Mommy, I need diaper change!"  So I went in and there she was spread out in her bed with no diaper on and a soaking bed...lovely!!  Keith assured me I would look back and laugh at I can, but Tuesday afternoon I was NOT amused!  It was one of those afternoons that I had sweat dripping in all crevaces possible and it just didn't stop until after dinner!

Wednesday was SUCH a better day at school!  Reagan did GREAT and all the kids were pretty happy in the class too.  :)  The minor drama of the day was in the sandbox on the playground.  One of the little girls was raking the sand pretty hard and I asked her to not rake so hard with other kids around and a second later she got Reags in the head with the rake and sand all over her face and in her eyes...good thing Mommy was there!!  Then she bumped her lip on a little "rocky toy" and her top teeth went into her bottom lip and made that bleed...poor thing!  I swear she is a mess!!  Other than that, we had a great day!!  It was our snack day too and Reagan wanted to take in strawberries and animal was a hit!

Landon is very stressed :)

Having TOO much fun with Mum-Mum

You'll never guess what we did on Thursday...yup, went to the mall!  This is a grandparent tradition, clearly.  Do you recognize Reagan's dress??  You haven't seen that one 1,000 times have you?  There are certain things that aren't worth arguing over...ha!

Reagan rode on some of the rides and my mom and I, and Landon, were just going to "run into Dillards."  WELL...we just happened to find a few, well several, VERY cute outfits for RMK and LTK!  Reaggie and Landon are going to be two very cutely dressed kiddos...who can resist the cute fall fashions?!  Thank you Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop for such cute new outfits!  As my mom was paying, Reagan found a very "bootiful petty" new suitcase...there was a Dora one and a princess one...she chose princesses!  It was pretty cute to watch her pull her suitcase like a pro through the mall on our way to the food court.  ;)

The damage or success, depending on your view! :)

Enjoying our ice cream

Could you just eat those cheeks!?!  I could!!

Mom and John are off to Charleston today, but I am so thankful they were able to come down and help us!!  THANK YOU!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day at Preschool

Reagan's preschool program is more of a "Parents Morning Out" program...she is in the 2's class, which means that parents are asked to volunteer in the classroom one Monday and Wednesday each month.  I have been looking forward to being able to help out in Reaggie's classroom!

This is my week, so today was my first day...I have been so anxious...thinking about how Landon would do, would it be okay if I had to step out to nurse him!?  Surely I'm not the first mom that has had to do that...What if I had to hold him the whole time and couldn't be as helpful to her teacher as I needed to be?!  My worries were centered around Landon and guess what???  He was an ANGEL!!!!!!  Sweet man slept the whole time, except for when I fed him.  I had NO idea I should have been worried about Reagan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She CRIED and CRIED and CRIED!!  She was so "un Reagan" today at school.  She did not want me around the other kids...wanted to be held...didn't want to do what the other kids were doing, it was unreal!  I stepped out around 11 to nurse Landon because the class was having snack, so I didn't make a big deal and just slipped out.  I found a little corner near the sanctuary to feed him and thought I heard the distant scream of "mommy!"  Next thing I know I hear Reagan's teacher saying "now where did Reagan's mommy go?"  I stood up, feeding LTK, and saw her teacher holding her hand walking down the hallway.  SO needless to say Reags sat in a chair next to me while I finished feeding Landon. 

Reagan was sweet while playing play doh today and at "recess" there was a little girl that was crying, she had been for an hour, and Reagan went up to her and said "it's okay, it's okay." 

I tell you what...I am NOT cut out to be a 2 year old preschool teacher and God bless her teacher!  ha :)  It was fun to be in the classroom with her (while Reagan was happy), but I am not going to Monday I will not be too sad saying buh-bye sweet cheeks! :)  She does SO much better when I'm not there, obviously.

Do you see this face?!  This pretty much sums up the day :)

I have NO idea what her deal was today, but I am PRAYING that Wednesday goes better!


We are FINALLY having some cooler weather in NC and it feels great!!  Our weekend was pretty low key, but that is not a bad thing at all :) 

On Friday we went to a little consignment sale with Taxis and Evie!  We didn't last too long because it was getting close to lunchtime for everyone...especially the babies :)  We did get a few good deals though!

I pulled out the fall decorations on Saturday and Reagan was so excited to be decorating for fall...I told her we weren't going to get our Halloween stuff out quite yet and she said "it's not time yet Mommy."  ha!  Although the girl is already talking about Halloween and changes her mind everyday of what she wants to be!  Landon man was excited for the State football game and looked pretty darn cute in his little outfit!

Sweet boy on Sunday wearing his "I love Mommy" outfit...Reagan's clothes were all about Daddy, now my sweet man can wear something about his momma!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Snuggle Buddies

The past couple of days after Reagan's nap she has requested that Landon snuggle with her in bed...pretty sweet!  On Thursday they were just a little too cute for words and I had to snap a couple pictures...please also note that Reagan is wearing a t-shirt and shorts and there were no tears involved.  She liked the "sparkles!"  ha :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pretty Random :)

Happy Wednesday!  I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already...this week has flown! 

On Monday Reaggie had day 2 of preschool and did great.  It was hilarious dropping her off because there were about three kids screaming their heads off.  Reagan was all excited to walk in the room and then we're in there and she was looking around like what the heck is going on!  It caused a little sadness, but when I suggested she go play with the babies she went right over and was fine.  Such a sweet girl!  Landon and I just came home and got some things done at home...I kind of didn't know what to do with myself having only Landon and he was nice though and I kept busy! :)

Tuesday we just hung out at home and had a great day!  It was just one of those days that I just couldn't love on my babies enough!

Today we dropped Reags off at school and LTK and I were off to the doctor for my follow up.  The good news is that the doctor's scale weighed me 5 pounds less than our scale at home...bad news is I still have some weight to lose.  The bag of M&Ms I have eaten this week and the brownies Reags and I made tonight, do NOT help the situation!!  Nursing a hungry boy keeps me very hungry too :)

I have been in a recipe you ever get that way?  I have looked into the "Caple Family Cookbook," which is my mom's side of the family, and tried a couple new things this week.  Both were okay...something about the fall and winter makes me want to try new recipes and cook a lot more.  In the summer I feel like it's a vacation from cooking...not really obviously, but there is NO creativity!  Do you have any good recipes to share?

And here's a couple updates on the kiddos...

Landon is just adorable, if I do say so myself.  He is just so sweet and being such a good boy!  This past weekend he really started smiling at us and's precious.  I love this phase in babies...isn't it just too cute?!  Other news on LTK is that he turned 6 weeks old yesterday, and yesterday I packed up his 3 month pj's and put out the 6 monthers!!  Can you believe it!?  He is so tall that his little toes weren't comfy in the 3 month jammies.  Reagan has always worn a size bigger in pjs than clothes too...(I just bought her a pair of 4T, AH!, jammies for the fall...crazy!)

Speaking of Reagan, I don't think I have commented on her LOVE of "bootiful pitty dresses."  Seriously, you have probably noticed in pictures that she is always wearing the same thing, or atleast a rotation...I would take a picture of her closet and drawers to show you she does have WAY TOO many clothes, but if you know me, you know it's true. ;) The girl just LOVES her dresses and pretty much refuses to wear anything else.  Some mornings you wouldn't believe the tears if a dress isn't clean or if I try to sway her to wear something else...she is TWO!  TWO!!  What on earth is getting dressed going to be like when she is 6 or, God help me, 13!!  Oh my!  I am VERY excited for a change in seasons because to be honest, there are a couple dresses I am ready to burn she has worn them so many times! :)  She is very aware of what people are wearing and will tell me "mommy wear comfy clothes today" if I just wear sweats (which is most of the time!) and if I get "dressed" she'll say "mommy you look cute!"  ha!  She would love it if I would wear a bootiful dress like she does everyday.  :)

see those eyes??  those are trouble eyes!!  (and I love them to pieces!)

The other night I was putting Reaggie to bed and she told me she "wasn't a pincess anymore."  I asked her why not and she said "because I don't have on bootiful pitty dress."  Reagan loves the Disney princesses and sees them wearing dresses and I think she thinks that is all they wear, which I guess in the movies/books we have it is.  I told her that princesses wear pajamas to bed, they were dresses, pants, skirts, sweaters...can you believe this!?  Again, she is 2!

I am so excited for the cool weather we are to have this weekend...I can't wait to open windows and wear a comfy hoodie! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 11th

September 11, 2001 does not seem as though it was ten years ago.  I remember it exactly.  Ellen and I got out of one of our classes early, it was being held that day in the computer lab at the library.  We got out of class and on one of the tvs saw that one of the trade towers had been hit.  I remember how we thought that was terrible, but didn't think all that much of it.  I know it was a Tuesday and I'm pretty sure we had "fun" the night before and wanted to get a nice greasy breakfast from Danieley.  As we were eating our breakfast we were watching the Today Show and saw the airplane hit the other tower, then the pentagon, and then the crash in Pennsylvania.  We were glued to the tv and were sickened with what we were hearing/seeing.

We went back to our flat and we all watched the news coverage the rest of the day.  I can't remember if classes were cancelled that afternoon, but I am pretty sure I didn't go to my other class.  I was in shock.  I remember trying to call my dad to make sure he wasn't in New York City on business that day and thankfully he wasn't.  My aunt was though and it was just so scary...I had been in those trade towers several times, mostly on school field trips growing up.

It is a day I will never forget.  I read on Facebook that "9/11 is the Pearl Harbour of our generation."  So true.  My heart ached all day for the families that were affected.  All the young children that read one of their parent's names that probably doesn't even remember life with that parent.  The wives, the husbands, mothers, fathers, the is just so sad.

September 11th is a day that my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchilden, and several more generations to follow will learn about as a day that changed the United States forever.  It's a day we will never forget.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Visitors

My dad and J were able to come down for the weekend and we had such a good time!  They came on Thursday afternoon and left this morning.  Reaggie played outside with Grandpa a TON and knew he was a sucker for whatever she might want to do...including changing the outfit on her Raggity Ann doll about every 5 minutes! :)

On Friday we went to one of Reagan's favorite places, the mall.  NOT for the shopping, but for the choo choo, rides, Chic Fil A, and ice cream of course :)  Grandpa was armed with quarters and Reags was in hog heaven!!

Saturday we made a quick trip to Target and that was our exciting adventure of the day!  We had a delish burger dinner and hung out.

Lovin' on JJ!

Sweet man snoozing after a nice bath...too cute!

It was so great to see both my dad and sister!  Reaggie cried when they left saying "I miss Gandpa and JJ!"  I am thinking I might make a road trip with the kiddos in the next few weeks to go see everyone up north. 

Oh and how about them Eagles!?!?!  Great start to the season!!  Don't you just love football!? :)

Sweet Landon rooting on the Eagles!

And just for is Reagan in the same onsie at 3 months old :)