Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Been Awhile :)

Reaggie didn't really know how to feel about this guy! :)

It has been quite awhile since I have blogged...I feel like sometimes I just go in spurts!  Hope you had a great weekend!!

Reaggie continues to be on the go and into everything!  She is so sweet and we are having so much fun.  Last week we had a couple of really beautiful days, so we went to the park with her friend Liam and enjoyed the weather.  Her neweset trick is she is always wanting to play with our cell phones, which inevitably happens!  Well she now knows to hold it up to her is CLASSIC!  Only this generation of children would know before they are ten months old what a cell phone is and how it works!

On Saturday my mom and John drove down to watch Reagan for us so we could go to our friend Jeff's 30th Birthday party!  We had so much fun and it was great to have a night out!! 

Yesterday we took Reaggie to see the Easter Bunny.  She looked so cute, but was not all that thrilled to meet this furry guy!  Oh and Reagan had a big first yesterday....her first McDonald's chicken nuggets!  haha :)  We are NEVER out and about in the afternoon, but with the mall not opening until noon yesterday we didn't go see the bunny until after her nap.  (Oh and while she was napping Keith and I had a very romantic date to Harris Teeter and Wal-Mart...does it get any better?!?!)  Anyway...since we were out at dinner time and almost bed time, we just got her some nuggets and she LOVED them! 

Margaret (our sweet neighbor) and I just got back from the gym.  We took a kickbutt, I mean kickboxing class.  Now I'm off to eat leftover apple's okay right because I went to the gym?!  haha!  Hope you had a great Monday!! :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Saturday of Firsts...

Well today the inevitable happened...Reagan got her first "goose egg" on her forehead and her first bloody/fat lip!  My poor baby!!

Keith was playing with Reags this morning while I was getting ready for zumba and I heard crying...Keith calmed Reaggie down, so I knew everything was fine.  Keith then brought Reagan upstairs and she had a nice little "egg" on her forehead.  Daddy was a little nervous and felt terrible, but I assured him Reagan would have bumped her head regardless of who was watching her!

Then this afternoon while Keith was at his soccer game Reagan was playing on her "high chair", as she always does, and got really big.  She bent down to pick up her sippy cup that was on the floor and was holding it and holding onto the chair.  WELL...I was throwing something in the trashcan and noticed she was only holding on with one hand and said, "hey missy...we need two hands."  RIGHT as I said that and was on my way towards her, BOOM!  She fell and banged her lip on the chair.  POOR THING!!  Next thing I noticed was blood!!!  I managed not to panic and cleaned her all up.  I gave her a wet washcloth to suck on which she loves to do, but also cleaned her lip.

So all in all it has been a big day for Reags.  She was fine two minutes after both events though and continued to play and laugh as usual.  Just strange that her first "boo boos" were today.

We're Back!

What a busy week we had!!  PA was great as always, but non-stop.  Reagan did WONDERFULLY both there and back in the car.  We stopped once each way for lunch and a diaper change.  So my classic "mommy moment" was on our way to PA.  We stopped at a McDonald's for lunch and I changed Reags, but I had to go to the bathroom.  SO the stroller was buried in my trunk and I just had to do what I had to do...hold Reagan while I used the bathroom.  SO sorry if TMI, but it was just a classic moment!  We hit NO traffic either way either, which on 95 is a MIRACLE!! 

While we were home we saw family, I went to the Hartstrings sale and got Reaggie TOO many adorable outfits, worked the sale, celebrated Reagan's first St. Patrick's Day, celebrated Jamie's birthday, and had four generation pictures taken by the one and only, Heather Chronister! :)

Reagan's ADORABLE St. Patrick's Day shirt made by her wonderful Auntie Ellen!

Playing with the buckle of the high chair...favorite activity after meals!

Silly girl!!

Reaggie got into Mommy's purse!

Visiting Pappy!

Enjoying the sunshine!


Playing with Mum-Mum!

Happy Birthday Aunt J!!

We had a great trip home, but we are glad to be back!!  We missed Keith and "brother" Bailey!  Now the weather is GEORGOUS and we are enjoying the weekend!!  Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Pulling Reagan in the laundry basket the other day turned out to be tons of fun!  Not only did it keep Reags in one spot, it allowed me to do a little cleaning too!

Reagan and I are leaving in the morning for PA, so I figured I had to give a little update before we leave for our "vacation!"  I am excited to go home, but also NERVOUS for our little trip...I just have to accept the fact that we will most likely be stopping several times!  I am just praying for NO TRAFFIC!!!  Once we get to PA we will be busy, busy, busy!!  Everyone is so excited to see Reagan, of course!!  I figure it's a good thing she has so many babysitters, Mum-Mum, Pop-Pop, and Grandpa, because momma has too much to do! :)  It is going to be a whirlwind of a trip!

Let's see...the past couple days have been relaxing around here, well as relaxing as chasing after Reagan can be!  Gran and Gramps stopped by for Wednesday and Thursday night to visit on their way back from their trip.  It is always so great to have them!  We ate, played with Reaggie, went out to lunch, and hung out.  It was a great visit! :) 

Yesterday Reaggie and I didn't do too much.  We did run to Bed, Bath, and Beyond...YAHOO!  I know I can hardly contain the excitemen!  haha :)  It was a yucky day, so we just hung out inside!  Keith's boss had everyone over to his house in the afternoon to watch some of the games, so he was home early, which was VERY nice!!  Keith is SUPER excited that NC State has made it this far in the tournament...we'll see how they do tonight!!

Hope you are having a great Saturday!  We'll have a lot of catching up to do when Reags and I get back!!  Have a wonderufl week!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Off the Charts!

Today was Reaggie's nine month appointment and she did great!  She had to get two shots today, which broke my heart, but after a good five minute screaming session (from Reagan not me!!  I just teared up, as always!) she was good to go!

My main question was FOOD!  What can she eat?  What should we avoid?  Am I feeding her too much or too little?  (clearly not too little!)  I was told I can give her any table food, obviously as long as it's small and soft.  ( eggs, honey, nuts, those kind of things...I kinda figured that though!)  YEAH!  Reagan will be so excited! :)  So to Mommy's out there...what are some good ideas for foods?!  We have tried cheerios, fruit, crackers, the Gerber stuff...any other fun ideas?!

Nine Month Stats:
No Percentages because she is OFF THE CHARTS on everything!  Our sweet, big girl!
Weight:  23.12 pounds
Height:  29 1/2 inches
Head Circumference:  46.7 cm.

The weather has been so beautiful the past couple days that we have been spending time outside.  (I need to get some sunscreen for my fair skinned girl!  Momma is SOAKING it in!)  I pulled out some bubbles that we had and Reags has had the best time with them.  It's pretty cute!  She does NOT however love the feel of the grass on her feet...I told Keith we need some soft grass ASAP because I think grass and sand on the toes are two of the best feelings!

Ha!  Squinty litle girl...but do you see those top teeth!?!?

Today before the doctor we were able to go to our last storytime at the library, until April anyway, I guess they need a "spring break" too!  I took a couple pictures of Reagan and her friend Liam...obviously neither would smile for the camera!  The second picture is PRICELESS...Liam had pulled Reagan's headband over her eyes and she had pulled off his socks!  So classic!! :)

That's what we've been up to the past two days!  Hope your week is going well :)  We are getting ready for Gran and Gramps to come visit tomorrow!!  Now Keith and I are off to load a TON of Reagan's "baby" things onto our shelf in the garage...I was having that spring cleaning urge today and packed up all of those things that we just don't use anymore...kind of sad, but hopefully one day another little one will be able to use it all!

Sweet girl standing by the stairs in Daddy's State hat yesterday!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nine Month Pictures!

Saturday afternoon we headed out to have Reaggie's 9 Month pictures taken.  We went back to The Picture People, who I have always been so happy with!  They got some great shots and Reagan was a super was hilarious!!  Thank you Aunt Ellen for the adorable dress!!

This one is probably our favorite!  We had turned Reagan around so her back was facing the photographer and she wanted for Reags to turn around and then we get her to smile.  WELL little miss model swung that left hand around and just had the biggest smile on her face, like she knew exactly what to do.  Keith and I both said that was a moment we will never was priceless!

We got a new family picture you know I TOOK PICTURES of our pictures, so yes, that is carpet you see in the top left corner.

Reaggie with her Daddy!

One day she will really thank me for posting this picture!  haha!!  It was so cute though and the moment we took her diaper off and sat her down, you guessed it, she peed everywhere!  It was so funny though...she just was laughing laughing!

It was a nice little Saturday evening, followed by dinner afterwards at this 5 star restaurant, Applebees...haha!  It really wasn't that good, but we haven't been out to eat with Reagan probably since Christmas because she goes to bed so early.  She was a trooper though and did great!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!  Happy Monday and enjoy this georgous weather!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy, Busy!

This is a little video I took of Reagan yesterday just to give you a glimpse of 2 1/2 minutes in her shoes!!  She is a busy little girl!!

**Oh and just an FYI...Reaggie slept PERFECTLY last night!!  Yeah!!  Katie and Jeff, you need to come over more often...she had so much fun with you!!  Have a great Saturday everyone!**

Friday, March 5, 2010

Nine Months Old!

(Yup...this was the best I could do!)

Here we go again, another month has passed!!  This is so hard to believe that in just three short months we will be celebrating Reagan's FIRST birthday.  I was crying last night thinking about it, shocking I know!
(I LOVE this..."Mom, seriously?!)

This month has been BUSY BUSY BUSY for Miss Reaggie!  She is up to all kinds of new tricks.  Her biggest accomplishment this past month has been crawling.  I did not take missy long to discover that she can now go wherever she would like.  Her favorite spot...Bailey's bed, Bailey's water, Bailey...anything that has to do with the dog!  How lucky am I?!  ha!  She does love her "brother" though and gets so excited to see him!
(This is all she wanted to do with the sign!  Shocking!)

Reagan is also an expert at eating with her fingers now.  We worked really hard on that at first and she got it quickly...she likes to eat, wonder where she gets that from!? :)  She is still eating baby food, obviously...she is a baby, but is eating more and more finger foods.  Today, as part of her "birthday lunch" she had some cheese and really liked that.  She, so far, does not really turn anything down that I have given her!  While in her high chair she loves to make sure Bailey is close by.  She is so sneaky!!  When I'm not looking she will lean over and be giving a delicious treat to her doggie!  NO WONDER Bailey has this new found love for Reagan.  (Even though he really doesn't understand why or how this baby is moving now!!)

(So I thought, maybe if I bring her stand up toy over she would pose for me...)

Reagan loves to clap her hands, laugh, and smile ALL the time!  Whenever we go out people always comment on how happy she is, it's so true!  She also LOVES to read, which is music to any parents ears, especially a teacher!  Her favorites inclue, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, I Love You Stinky Face, lift the flap books, her Eric Carle books from Aunt Ellen, and pretty much any book that you give her!  The "One Spot" at Target has a bunch of board books right now, so I stocked her up there too! 
More recently she has been standing alone and pulling herself up to standing on anything and everything!  As you saw in the video she can stand for several seconds alone...I am slightly in denial about that though :)  She goes back and forth between both of her standing toys, between the coffee table and sofa, and between the chair and ottoman...she has NO fear!!

Oh another new thing Reagan likes is music and DANCING!  She holds onto what she is standing on and just bends her knees to do a little dance.  She is a bootie shaker!!  I just downloaded a couple kid songs albums on iTunes and she loves them.  I mean, who doesn't love some Raffi?! :)

(Reagan was way too busy crawling around and now LOVES to be under her jumperoo!  She can sit under it and fit perfectly!)

Reagan is also getting her two top teeth!  They are in enough where you can see them now, but it is hard to take a picture that shows them.  She did really well with those coming in....

HOWEVER, we have a new found problem.  The past two nights Reaggie has woken up, which she sometimes does just needing me to put her binky back in.  Well I have done that and then 2 minutes later she is fussing again, so I get a bottle, feed her.  Downs the bottle, I put her in bed, which again, usually puts her right back to sleept.  NOT the last two nights!  I have HAD to commit the BIGGEST Mommy sin of all....I have gone into the guest room with her and slept with her for a few hours....I know...I'm terrible.  I just feel bad though because Keith needs to get sleep to function at work and it puts her right to sleep.  SO any advice anyone has on how to solve this latest issue would be great.

Other than that, Reagan continues to be such a joy!  She is so happy and just makes it impossible to ever have a bad day.  We love her to pieces and can't believe how big she is getting!!  We were looking at pictures last night and just saying how little she was and she wasn't even the tiniest baby to begin with!

We are going tomorrow to have her nine month pictures taken and then we go to the doctor on Tuesday for Reagan's nine month check up!  I'll be sure to update her stats then :)  

Happy NINE MONTH Birthday Reaggie!!! 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Well technically this is from Tuesday, but I think the video/pictures tell all!