Monday, December 31, 2012

Family Pictures and Christmas Card

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Right before Thanksgiving we had family pictures taken...they were supposed to be earlier in the week, but the weather was supposed to be rainy and chilly, so we did them a few days later.  All I can say is THANK GOODNESS Gran and Gramps were there to help get some smiles :)  It was FREEZING, the wind wouldn't stop blowing and you wouldn't believe the tears from BOTH children!!  ha!  I think all Chistmas cards need to include their "story" on how they got the pictures they did!  Overall though I was so happy with the pictures and the park was beautiful.  Always an adventure :)

Christmas Trip Extras!

Just a few more extras from our trip...

morning snuggles with Pop-Pop

making pancakes with the new pourer and griddle :)

the only picture of me and my sweet man together
(we didn't get ONE family picture...oops!)

The 27th was the big Disney on Ice day!  They had so much fun :)  I was able to visit with some high school friends and then head to Heather's that evening...a great day all around!

On Friday we made our last stop of our Christmas Journey 2012 to Gran and Gramps' in Maryland!  They made another great Christmas meal and we were able to see their pretty tree!  We hadn't been there since Landon has been mobile, but with only one broken candle...I think he did alright :)

That wraps up Christmas 2012!  We had a great trip, but we were ready to be home!  After a couple days of unpacking and laundry, I think we are pretty much re-situated :) 

Now to ring in 2013...hopefully we stay awake!

Round Two...

The day after Christmas we celebrate with my dad!  We had a great time with him and we all continued to be spoiled!!

Reagan with her new Cinderella blanket...she LOVES it!

Landon just kept THROWING everything!  It was pretty hilarious actually...wrapping paper, throw toy, throw it...didn't matter, he was just in a throwing mood!

...or standing on everything mood!

SO excited!

J and Reagan got tickets from Miss Diane to see Disney on Ice in Philly!!!  They were SOOOO excited!!  Oh and please note Reagan's new beautiful dress from my dad...he found this super special one with lights in it that twinkled when you pused a button, well R didn't like how it felt inside her dress, so Grandpa had to pull all of the things out that made it light up.  There went 95% of the cost of the dress...poor guy, he tried!

After dinner all of the adults opened their gifts...R was comfy in her jammies and being a total goof!

Probably my favorite picture

Rockin' a new jersey!

J got her prized North Face!!  Now she is all set with 2 new ones :)

Another great day!  It was a little snowy in the morning, which eventually just turned to rain...R and I went to the mall briefly, but then just came home to relax.  It was another great Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2012!

Merry Christmas!!  Our Christmas Day started bright and early at Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop's house.  Turns out Santa MADE IT to their house!!  Yahoo!!

Reagan showing Landon his new fire truck car!
(which didn't make it all the way back to NC...we need a bigger van ;) )

Reagan and Landon got a brand new, super fancy play kitchen
(which also didn't make it back to NC...seeing a trend here?!)

Sweet boy...he was more interested in the kitty than presents!

Keith picked up J from my Dad's and Reagan was soo excited to see her Aunt JJ!

Leap Pad!!!

Landon is the cutest unwrapper...Keith says I am teaching him OCD habits, I say he is tidy.  He rips off a piece of paper and hands it to whoever is helping's pretty funny!

The HIT gift!  A camera!!  (Keith's hit too...the Crown!)

Again...more interested in pretending to pour oj into my nalgene :)

J with her annual "kiddo" sweatshirt!

Gran and Gramps arrived while we were opening and brought these great Christmas tree headbands for all the girls from their recent Germany trip!

Snuggling with his new special German teddy bear!

And the following is what happens when trying to get Landon in a picture...

Too funny!!

We gave him a break and R was a picture trooper!

Such a cutie!!  An energetic, full of personality, always busy cutie :)

Mr. and Mrs. Claus :)

Landon was showing Gigi "Mick Mick" on the iPad

Cooking away!

One of my favorite, most precious Christmas gifts!

We had a great day, a delicious dinner and lots of wonderful memories!  Hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone.  I couldn't help but think of all of those families in Connecticut whose Christmas surely didn't go as heart broke for them all day and it reminded me to feel even MORE thankful for all that we have been blessed with and for my two greatest blessings :)