Monday, November 5, 2018


July started with Landon's first ever sleepover for Liam's birthday party!  The boys did great and had SO much fun!

...proof of a good time!...

We were beach bound for the week!

sitting like a big girl for breakfast at Royal Treat

FINALLY LOVING the pool!! (still not a fan of the beach!)

Traditional Nicola's dinner!

Who wants ice cream for dinner?! 

Somebody's FIRST time in a surrey bike, she LOVED it!

gotta stop for a donut!

yes, she INSISTED on keeping her shoes on on the beach!

Nothing says "Happy 4th" like dinner at Outback! ;)

Dinner out with Maddie's BFF!

Such a fun night!

Do you SEE who that is!!  It's HODA!!  and Joe Biden even stopped by to say hello!

Hoda's momma

We waiting in line for a couple hours, but FINALLY made it to Hoda!!

that purse and my posture...somebody help me!  I also think I hadn't showered in a couple days...thankfully I atleast slapped on a Lilly top and mascara ;)

we made it!

Stormy, yucky day so my biggest girl and I did what we do best...SHOP!

...and go to Build a Bear

Family bonding playing Nintendo :)

we ran into Reagan's friend Jazmin!

* my loves *

up WAY past bedtime, playing Zelda!!

first lollypop for this big girl after a follow up at the allergist

Reagan spent a couple days with Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop and got to get her hands on sweet baby Reese

sports camp week for Landon!

picking the big girl up :)

I just can't get over the cuteness and those piggy tails!

somebody used all her birthday money to buy herself an iPod!!


Team France - please note the shirt ;)

quick tooth pulling

The final game was on at 11, we watched, we ate...and then it was time for 5 hours of flip cup obviously!

...the kids wanted in on the action, with water!

we had NO fun at all...and we were all in bed by 8!

A little family day in Delaware City...I really thought it was the parade day, BUT I was a week early.  Oops!  So we walked around and grabbed some lunch instead!

mini golf!!

Our friends live on the Sassafrass, such a beautiful day and the kids had a ball!

Neighborhood bunco is always a good time!

Delaware City parade day...for real this time!  Landon and I had a big date day planned, BUT he got car sick on the way and then it started pouring.  SO we went home instead right after the parade.

these boys

out to lunch, but everyone ordered breakfast :)

Reagan's finished art from her art camp week!  She LOVED it!

Happy birthday to Daddy!!

Landon and his liverwurst...the kid is SO German!

he wishes...40+2 :)

pedicure by Reagan

out to dinner with the fam

Look at that sweet little face!  She was SO excited to be at Chuck E Cheese for an early birthday celebration for Landon man!

How is my baby almost SEVEN?!

wrapped up July with a little early gift...a BIG soccer goal!