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It's March 1st today, which means it's BEYOND time I do a February wrap up!  The big news was Maddie's birthday, but there were plenty of other happenings :)

This sweet, cute, smart, loveable man turned 5 1/2 on February 2nd!  We measure on half birthdays and birthdays.  He has grown about 3 inches since August...SERIOUSLY?!?!  Love this boy and just so proud of him and how amazing he's doing in school!

Such a goof!

Eating her breakfast like a big girl :)  She loves her cheerios, strawberries, and waffles.  Sometimes she likes cinnamon bread too.  Her newest thing is to eat my breakfast with me too...she loves some raisin bran and an English muffin!

She's just SO cute!

Landon's 1/2 birthday was on a Thursday, which is a swimming night.  SOO he got a really fancy special dessert, which he was totally excited about, chips ahoy cookies with icing!  ha!  He's such an easy going guy!

Maddie got a "cage" for her birthday and the big kids think it's a pretty fun spot to hang out!

Reagan and her class worked so hard on research about the solar system!  Reagan was assigned the Milky Way.  All the research was done at school, but the "costume" was to be done at home.  She designed it all herself with very little help from me.  So proud of this girl!

They presented their findings in a first person performance!  "I am the Milky Way"  Reagan spoke loudly and clearly and wasn't nervous at all...she just amazes me.  SO very proud!

All the planets plus Galileo, a comet, the sun, and the moon!

Keith was able to work from home to be there

Maddie was a good girl and was a trooper during the 1:00 show!  Right at naptime, but the girl did great, I was so nervous.

COOKIE TIME!!  We had a "snow day" one Thursday and it was perfect timing because we had just gotten over 100 cookies the night before.  Reagan spent some time that morning sorting through all the cookies for each order...cookies cookies everywhere!

Someone enjoyed the boxes :)

Project #2 of snowday was Valentine's and treat bags...Reagan was focused and did all of hers, Landon could have cared less, but did get a few cards done...LOL...typical right!?!

crazy child

crazy children!!

Just hanging out in her room reading books like a big girl

She's so sweet...I could eat her!

Happy Valentine's Day!!  We started the day with some heart pancakes and cinnamon rolls!

Maddie was thrilled for her 2nd Valentine's Day!

We went and had lunch with Reagan and Landon that day.  Reagan had a dress down day, to wear red and pink for Valentine's day, which she was so excited about!  Uniforms are a beautiful thing!

Lunch with my loves!

Maddie still wasn't feeling it, even by that night!

My cute!

Reaggie got flowers from her Daddy

one of her little treats was this mermaid tail blanket...she actually picked it out herself, but was so excited to get it!  Wish I had thought of that thing!

Our romantic dinner

This sums up my life on a daily basis!

My Valentine

Big girl reading her new book...she LOVES lift the flap books!

those hands...are they not the chubbiest, cutest thing?!

The kids had off for a long President's Day weekend, so on Friday we hit up the Children's Museum for some f-u-n!

This kid was cracking up!

A hurricane simulator...Reagan was too scared to go in the first time, but after seeing Landon survive, she decided she could do it too!

Outside that afternoon!  It was chilly, but kids needed OUT!!!

She LOVES being in this car...absolutely loves it!

Look at this girl...sunglasses and all!!

On Saturday of that week Keith and I took the big kids to the Baltimore Aquarium, their choice, to celebrate their amazing report cards and the weather couldn't have been nicer!  We are just so proud of how hard our kiddos work in school and their behavior (in school!!!) as well.  It was such a fun day!

Reagan is OBSESSED with Paris right now!  Hence the Eiffel Tower dress!

these were the biggest sting rays I've ever seen!  Probably 5 feet long, if not more!

Reagan was so excited to see sharks, since she had just learned all about them in school.  They are creepy little (big!) guys!

The jellyfish...Keith touched one...we were too freaked out!

playing tourist

The dolphins!!

Gran and Gramps came down to the city to meet us for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, which was so fun!

We had to do the paddle boats around the harbor!

We stopped to watch a little street show and Keith had just said, "oh man, I better not get picked..."  Literally a minute later, he was picked.  It was funny.  These guys who did the show lined up 4 or 5 guys for them to flip over.  Keith got the boot right at the end because he couldn't bend down low enough...ha!

AND while we played in Baltimore Miss Maddie got some special one on one time with Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop who were so sweet to come and watch the moose!  She had a lovely day :)

Pop-Pop was blocking the sun from shining in the little girl's eyes...spoiled :)

Sunday was "World Thinking Day" for Girl Scouts!  Over 100 troops in the area were there and each represented a country, Reagan's troop was Ireland.  The girls all had passports to record their information from each country, it was very cool!  My only complaint was all the food and the ingredients not being listed...I just told Reagan to stay away from it all, just to be on the safe side.  Keith knows the Girl Scout CEO of the area and he's talked to her about breaks my heart that Reagan misses out on that kind of thing, but she is a total trooper!

Tuesday after President's Day was the 100th day of school!  Landon came home with his awesome hat!!

We had some very nice warm weather last week, so we took advantage outside!

Big girl!!  SHOES, SNACK CUP, and a STRAW CUP!!  Can't stand it!

Maddie and her BFF, Emi, at a little neighborhood ice cream social!  It was our first one and so fun.  The kids just ran and ran and ran and all the moms got to chat.  We totally bailed on swimming that night because it was just too beautiful out to go to the indoor pool for 2 hours!

This past Saturday we went to the Middletown Nature Area, per the kids request.  This is a NOTHING area.  There is a little, and I mean little, walking bridge and then just a hill of grass pretty much with a couple picnic tables.  It was another beautiful day, so we went and the kids had a blast!  I just love that they had fun running!  They won't be so easily entertained much longer, so I'll take it as long as I can.

Sissies running together!

And our February rounded out with a Stella & Dot party at my mom's house!  It was such a fun day and my little assistant was there with me :)  We picked up J and brought her over.

February was a quick one, I can't believe it's March!  The temperature might break a record today, 76*, but there is a chance of snow on Friday!?  Crazy weather!

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