Friday, February 23, 2018


We started the new year appropriate :)

I got this new cordless vacuum for Christmas and I have a little helper that loves it.  For the longest time Maddie was on a kick where she had to kiss the "ooom" (vacuum) before going down for her nap and at so silly!

We had Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop over on New Year's Day and they stayed for a belated birthday dinner for Pop!

This little cutie got a hold of my phone and was taking selfies out the wazoo!

thinking she's big in Landon's roller blades

Family Game Night of Clue!  One of my faves!!

Maddie put her baby "night night" in Landon's bed ;)

snuggles with my sick little girl

we avoided another trip to the hospital, but did get ourselves some albuterol...poor girl!  She did her "breathies" like a champ!

Christmas tree hell!

best little laundry helper around

Lunch at the neighbors house and these two cuties just posed so sweetly for a pic!

and they got the same fleece for Christmas!

"Emi sit on my yap"


cookie time!!

let the packing for Aruba begin!!

cutest little piggy tails!

my beautiful big girl!

playing a little "wheels on the bus" with Pa

spirit day, GO EAGLES!!!

A little man I know decided to come down with a fever days before we left for Aruba, THANK GOODNESS he was good as new by the time we left!

somebody needed mommy snugs during naptime

precious girls jumping away!

AND WE'RE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!  
On January 20th we left for Aruba!  This has been in the works for literally 10 months!

breakfast at the airport


and I got to spend a WHOLE WEEK with this girl right here (and our husbands!)!

First night was spent at the grocery store and then to a German restaurant for dinner!  We were sitting OUTSIDE...and warm!!  It was AMAZING!!

mimosas to start the day!

We were on the beach ALL DAY and it was AHHH-MAZING!!!!

The Eagles championship game was on on Sunday night and we HAD to watch.  It was nowhere to be found on the tv and after we were all searching online and about to head to a bar, BJ found it on periscope, never even heard of it!, and we watched the game at our house after DELICIOUS "BJ burgers."  It was a FUN FUN night!!  EAGLES!!

another hard day on the beach

yes Aruba, we LOVE you very VERY much!!

This was probably our favorite beach, Baby Beach.  It took about 30 minutes to drive there, but it was worth it.  We LOVED it!!

This was our Barefoot dinner night and it was delicious...nothing like eating dinner ON THE sand!!

tourist day - we started at the lighthouse

then to the Ritz

and to the Marriott for drinks!

we may have had a couple too many

but it was a FUN day!! lips were SOOO burnt!!  I had to lay out with a "lip shield" which was a piece of ripped Southwest magazine from the did the job :)

see...a FUN day!! ;)

LOVE this lady!!!!

another delicious dinner!

our LAST beach day!!  boo hoo hoo!!

our lovely ride for the week...she was a beaut!

our last Aruba dinner

and we celebrated my birthday a couple days early!

one last walk on the beach

time to go home to the babies!

The grandparents did NOT have it easy while we were gone...Reagan was an anxiety mess and Maddie had a terrible cold.  I felt so terrible!  We are so thankful that we were able to go was such an amazing trip!!

back just in time to wake up to my sweet babies on my birthday!  Landon even brought me up a chocolate munchkin :)  Sweetest guy!

Looking so cute for school on Monday!

sleepy little lady

The Monday that we got back was Grandparents Day at kids are lucky their grandparents showed up after being with them for so many days!  ha!  

You'll notice a lot of sleeping little lady pics...I just can't help it, she is sweetness overload.
*note the robe!  She LOVES her robe!!*

all snuggly in their Christmas pj's from Nana!  just a little late in taking the picture...

and I'll finish off January with Landon's little project for school.  He designed this all himself and it just makes me melt.  Love this kid to pieces!!

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