Friday, April 6, 2018


Here's a look at February through pictures!

This boy turned 6 1/2!

and we celebrated with a yummy ice cream cake in Rochester, when we went up to surprise Aunt Kristin for her 40th birthday!


Putting our little girl to bed one last time as a ONE YEAR OLD in Lyndsey's room!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!
(also Super Bowl Sunday!!)


The birthday girl twins!

poor sugar, thrilled to be traveling all day on her birthday!

I told Landon he could stay up for the whole Super Bowl if he promised to take a nap in the the good little boy he is, he did!

in fact...everyone snoozed ;)

We made it home and it was PRESENTS time!!

How is she TWO?!?!

We had pasta for dinner (her fave), did baths, and then had ice cream (her other fave) to celebrate!

READY for the big game!!

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO SO SO fun!!!

someone was sleepy on Monday morning and fell right asleep in her robe

getting that fleece on all by herself...miss independent!

lunch with my biggest girl :)

100 days of 1st grade down!!

sweet little love rockin' the plaid headband 

Getting ready for a certain little girl's 2nd Birthday Party!!

Happy party day little Maddie!!

sweetest girls!

"no yike cake, ice keem peez"

Reagan's Girl Scout troop was studying Ancient Egypt and her topic was mummification.  Kind of creeped her out, but she did great!

nothing like selling girl scout cookies in a down pour...

one of her last days rear hoo!

Valentine's Day fun at school!

and then it was Reagan's class' turn!

Maddie became OBSESSED with Frozen...LOVE my girls in their Elsa outfits!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

SOO proud of Landon, he came home with a "Glow Note" from his teacher.  He is always following directions and being a good student.  He earned an extra big piece of oreo pie for that!

...and finally a "normal" picture!

no more ba-bas...big girl drinking her milky out of a cup now!

First time playing in the snow!

BIG GIRL car seat time!  Ahh!

taking vitamins now like her big brother and sister ;)

THE PRETTIEST DAY!!  Perfect weather!

This kid LOVED it!

just another day in paradise!

watching Frozen for the 1,000,000th time!

Grandpa gave us all a scare one Saturday morning...thank the Lord everything was A-Okay!

sweet playdate with precious friends!

Celebrating all being okay with some of Grandpa's favorite pizza, from Pasquale's!

Emi came over to play with us for a little bit and the girls had SO much fun together!

stressed ;)

LOVE this sweet baby of mine!

That was February in a nut shell!

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