Thursday, May 24, 2018


March stated with a bang, literally!  On the 28th of February I had an event to go to and Landon managed to smack his face on a transformer box while trying to catch the football!  Ugh!  Keith was taking Reagan to horseback, I was gone, and poor Colleen was watching the kids outside.  It was bleeding REALLY bad and bless her heart she got him all cleaned up.  Keith wound up having to take Landon to the dentist for a quick check to make sure all of his teeth were got VERY loose!  He stayed home from school for a couple days because it was so sore and he really wasn't eating or drinking that much, but finally it started feeling better!  Poor guy!

ice cream for breakfast...sure!

Loving her new jellies...with socks!

Girl Scouts in pj's because by the time we get home it is BED.TIME!

Maddie didn't mind Landon staying home with us for a couple days

putting this boy to WORK!!

Aunt Kristin sent Maddie these Anna and Else dolls and she LOVES them!!

While selling Girl Scout cookies at Lowe's, we saw Reagan's dance teacher!  She is just the sweetest!

back at the doctor...more breathing treatments...scary, scary!!

I had to double her treatment because she was wheezing so badly, gosh, the breathing stuff is SO scary!!

This is Reagan and Landon's the neighborhood right after their pick up.  The white BMW had a teenager driving that was obviously not looking at the road and ran right into the bus.  PRAISE everything that everyone was ok, but talk about having a panic attack when you start getting texts about a bus accident!  SOO needless to say the kids got to stay home the rest of the day ;)

and we had a playdate with their buddies!

I missed Maddie's follow up appointment at the doctor since we were at the bus accident, so I went later that afternoon and she was sounding so much better.  Phew!

That night was the Daddy Daughter dance!  Why does Reagan look SO big?!

This is one of my most favorite nights.  It's just SO sweet to see all of these daddies/grandfathers/uncles up on stage with their sweet girls.  I just sob like a baby!

My pretty Elsas!

We FINALLY went to go see The Greatest the only movie theater in Delaware that was showing it!!  SOOO good, we LOVED it!

We had Gran and Gramps and my mom and John over for dinner!  Such a fun night....

until Reagan came into Landon's room while I was reading to him and said "Mom, I think I have LICE!!  I just found a bug in my hair!!!"  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NIGHTMARE!!  SO after some research and confirmation that that's what it was, I called a "lice doctor" to come to the house the next day.  Holy expensive, but atleast she was able to show me what the heck I was looking for.  NITS for days!!  

having the oil treatment done...

since she was coming to the house, I had Landon checked too.  The amount of olive oil that they both had in their hair was terrible!!

Maddie is such a good hair stylist ;)

doing her breath-y like a big girl all by herself

The kids had a half day, so I got them a little Easter craft to work on that afternoon.  Landon was so proud of his creation!

and my big boy...those adult teeth are coming in!

Sweetest girls cheering on their brothers at yet another freezing soccer game

daily nit checking...this was the tail end of that hell!

and the next weekend we were back at the movie theater to see The Greatest Showman one more time!

snow day!!  Landon and David came in to warm up for a few!

snow day #2

tasting the yummy snow!

the gang in the snow :)

Off to St. Michael's for the night with some friends!!

We may have had a little TOO much fun!

St. Michael's is so beautiful!  Such a cute little town.

took this kid for some Dippin' Dots!

FLAG football time!

Reagan getting ready for her reading during morning prayer!

HOT MESS!  Ishy's headband and baby doll pants on her arm...and her brand new shoes on!

these two sure do love each other!!

so proud of this girl!

trying on Ishy's new clothes and they are just a little too big...this girl cracks us up!

The kid's first day of spring break and we went to the Mom's Club Easter egg hunt...Maddie loved it!

so while Maddie napped, the big kids dyed eggs!

Day 2 of Spring Break could NOT have been more beautiful!  We were outside ALLLLL day!  What a fun day we had!

Miss Hollywood loving her "ruba" shirt and sunglasses!

She was a bike riding machine!  She's got it down!!

we even went to get ice cream before nap because why not!?

On Good Friday we hit up the Easter Bunny and got to the mall RIGHT as they opened.  There was already a line, but thankfully it moved pretty quickly!

Maddie was a brave girl seeing the bunny...wasn't thrilled with it, but did it! ha!

She HAD to have this Mickey at the Disney Store and she couldn't keep her eyes open for one more minute on the way home!

eating our resurrection rolls...they are yummy!

Easter Egg hunt time!  The kids had a BLAST!

Reagan and Snapchat = <3 p="">

Grandpa and Nana came over for dinner and to do an egg hunt of their own with the kids!

Maddie clearly annoyed with me...

Ready for bed because the Easter Bunny is coming tonight!!

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