Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Happy Easter!

canvases out the wazoo for the artist!

someone woke up to check out her Easter basket!

giving Gigi some love!

precious love!  Reagan wore this dress for Easter too!

you can dress this kid up, but can't take him out!  pants RUINED!!  holes in both knees...that was some game of football!

do you love how the little girls are all bundled and the boys are out in short sleeves?!!

Spring Break adventure to the beach!

when you're in 1st grade and you're a boy ;)

sweetest brother reading "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" :)

Creation Station FUN!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Emi!!

playing at the park, killing time before getting Reagan at Girls on the Run!

Way to go REAGAN!!!!

Road trippin' to Rochester!

Wedding fun!  This was the best we got...

these boys LOVE a mulch pile!

at one of my favorite places ;)

LIVE taping at the Q with Heath and her mother in law!

late night and super early morning the next day for a board meeting!

a little mall fun with Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop!


Ready to celebrate her BFF!

"I catch you Emi"

"got you!"

believe it or not, the little girl in this picture was NOT feeling very well.  Snotty and feeling yuck...

celebrating Uncle Mike's birthday!

by Monday morning we were at the doctor, sent for xrays, Maddie was throwing up, and we wound up in the ER again.  This girl and her breathing is SCARY!!!  THANK goodness my dad was able to drive us to the ER and Maddie sat on my lap.  She was breathing so hard and so lethargic.  It's just the scariest thing.  SO thankful for an amazing staff at AI and for a game plan to keep this from happening again.  They treated her with a 2 hour long albuterol treatment, thank God she slept for most of it.  She woke up a new girl, totally herself.  SO SO thankful!!

back to her old self!!

picking up Ishy from "Take Your Child to Work Day!"  Chase does it so right and made this girl's day.  She was NOT sad about having to miss school either ;)

Celebrating Nana's 60th Birthday!

It was a busy month and considering I'm doing this post in JULY, not too much commentary!

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