Thursday, October 19, 2017

Finishing up September

September finished up just a crazy as it started!

a little skip it after school

Maddie is a jumpin' fool!  She loves to "jump" on the trampoline!  Her jump is more like a gallop!

Sweet, silly boys at soccer practice!

Reagan caught a butterfly and was pretty happy with herself ;)

Keith left for Austin, TX for a bachelor party, so the kids got baths and then we went for ice cream at Friendly', win for everyone

We had such a crazy weekend...Saturday morning was soccer, we came home and had a quick lunch.  My dad came over to stay with Maddie and Landon so that I could take Reagan to a birthday party for a new friend at school.  We came home from that and then went to a party with some of our friends from their old school at an amazing park!  We are just all over the place...all fun though!

Landon with Colton, Logan, Austin, and Liam

Reagan was SOOO happy to see her buddy McKenna there!

We stayed way too late, but had such a great time!

On Sunday we headed to the Stringers for the football game

The boys played their own version of the Eagles :)

morning snugs

Madalyn was cracking up...I would say to her, "are you being NAUGHTY" and she just laughed and laughed...oh the sweetness of a toddler!


This was a Tuesday.  This night was a cluster!  Keith couldn't be at this practice because of a work event.  I told a neighbor I would take her son to practice.  We're in the car to get him and Colleen texted me that Chris would take the boys if I could watch Emi while she went to back to school night.  DEAL!  So I ran to get the neighbor, took he and Landon to the Stringers, and I got Emi!  The girls had so much fun playing!

someone woke up early and fell asleep in my lap rocking while I was chit chatting on the phone

Maddie's first pig tails courtesy of her Sis!

LOVE a good action shot of my boy!

That Sunday we had a hike with Girl Scouts.  It was hot and in the middle of the day and I was NOT feeling it, but we did it and I even survived the black snake slithering out right in front of me!!!

Homework time :)

Little piano new to her treasures from the basement

Landon's pumpkin project...he designed it all himself and wrote, "I shine the light of Jesus by being kind to other people."

SOOOOO this was a random Thursday.  The kids went to the bus stop, got on the bus, I came home, my phone was being weird so I turned it off, and cleaned the upstairs.  After about 30 minutes Maddie and I went downstairs and I remembered to turn my phone on.  I had literally about 35 texts and a million missed calls.  What in the world?!! Keith called right then and said, "have you heard?" I had NO idea what he was talking about.  Apparently the school didn't have any power and therefor had to cancel school.  The bus got to school and then had to turn around and was dropping all of the kids off at their stops.  We live 13 minutes from the bus stop.  I panicked!!!!!!!  I put Maddie in the car, I was in my oldest, full of hole Phi Mu t-shirts, and RACED to get to them.  THANK GOODNESS there is a lady that lives right at the house where their bus stop is that has an in home daycare and let the kids stay there for 10 minutes until I got there.  She called me as I was peeling out of our neighborhood just to let me know Reagan and Landon were there and safe.  PHEW!!!  My heart was racing!!!  I got the kids and we were home by about 8:15!!  What a way to start the day!  SOOO we ran a couple errands and enjoyed a nice day together :)

It went from hot to cold overnight!  After Landon's soccer game that Saturday we headed to Heather's house to celebrate her oldest son's birthday party.  We were late because of course Landon had a late soccer game, but the kids had so much fun!!

September was full of fun and craziness!  Time for October, my most favorite month!!

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