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HOLY LATE - October!

 October flew by in the blink of an eye!

Maddie is stressed...watching Mickey, laying on the pillows ;)

sweet girl LOVES to rock on the porch and tell me our mums our blue!  She laughs and laughs and then tells me they are "wellow"

baby had to come on the playground with us!

Getting ready for Halloween!!

I had a root canal the morning of this picture and the right side of my face was still so numb!  I look like a wack-a-do, but Maddie was smiling sooo cute!!

Seriously working on her "up downs up downs" which is her "M"

We went to Milburn on a day off from school with our sweet friends

Oh where is Maddie in this precious group shot?!  She had JUST wiped out and banged her lip!!!  So Emily took picture as I was cleaning up the blood pouring out of Maddie's mouth ;)

you can kind of see the fatness of the lip

Max, Landon, and Austin

On Saturday we headed to our old stomping grounds, like from when I was a kid, to Langhorne for Victoria's wedding shower.  It was such a nice afternoon!

Our OLD neighborhood

There she is...the house we moved into when I was 5 and lived there until I was 13...don't even KNOW the last time we saw it, so that was pretty fun!

my old middle school...lots of fun memories!

Reagan was really missing some of her besties from her old school, so we arranged for a movie afternoon.  They all had a great time and it was so fun to see the girls together...we ALL miss them so much!

The kids had off again on Monday, so we went to Bob Evans for some breakfast!  (Landon's request!)  It was tastey!


screaming at the top of her lungs...NOT wanting to take a nap!!  

At music class...Maddie LOVES it!

of course we're doing it with Emi :)

I thought for SURE this would be Landon's last picture with his 2 front teeth...that thing hung in there for awhile though!

Colleen and I braved the outlets with the girls one day, they were so good and we had so much fun!

We even braved a girls lunch date...they were fading, but hung in there like good girls

Waiting for "ish" and "nanon" at the bus stop!

That night Reagan had a Fall Party for Girl Scouts!  It was a fun night for the girls!

Soccer team picture day!  Sweet boys :)

We got home and the kids were SO excited to go BOO a couple neighbors!!  We got "boo'd" at 9:00 at night...I was like whoever did that is LUCKY the dog didn't hear and wake up the house!!

That Saturday was a busy day!  Keith and Landon went with my dad and Uncle Gus to a Delaware football game.  They had a blast and this is what kicked off Landon's LOVE/OBSESSION with football!

He plays professional football and went to Delaware, I can't remember his name, but Landon thought it was cool to meet him!

Meanwhile, I took the girls to two of Reagan's friends birthday parties!  We were all over the place, but it was a VERY fun afternoon for Reagan :)

Dean, Reagan, Macy, McKenna, and Jazmin after McKenna's swimming party!

fighting nap AGAIN and fell asleep on the side of her crib...she kept bobbing and weaving all over the place, so I went into lay her down and then she started crying again...this was a lovely phase

"What!!  He's allowed to eat out of the container?!?!"

Look at these BIG KIDS waiting for the bus!

Reagan started horseback riding lessons in October...this was her first night on her horse, Frosty.  She just loves it!

Dinner on the go in the van because Keith and Landon were at soccer practice

watching her ish!

All cute as can be and ready for music class!

No nap Nancy...AGAIN!!!

Mommy was thrilled

just another morning at the bus stop!  Keith was out of town so all of us had to go...usually Maddie is still sleeping or at home with Keith or I...6:47 departure time is EARLY!!

Our very first ever Trunk or Treat at school...the kids had so much fun!

Izzy, Emily, and Reagan

This is the morning little miss started with a cold...

We went to pick our pumpkins that morning before Landon's soccer game!  It was a beautiful day, but Maddie was feeling pretty miserable...

by that afternoon she was feeling really yucky...we had fun plans at the neighbors that night, but Maddie and I stayed home so we didn't pass this on to anyone

This kid FINALLY lost his first front tooth while playing with his buddies!  He was SOOO excited!

this is the morning our family pictures were scheduled...Maddie wasn't feeling great, but she seemed ok enough to give pictures a go...Heather worked her magic as always and did an amazing job!

Just a few of my favorites:

We had another rough night on Sunday and by Monday I thought it seemed like Maddie was breathing a little harder than usual?!  I couldn't tell if I was just over reacting, as I usually do, or if I should take her to the doctor.  I called and hung up literally 3 times just knowing they would say, "it's just a cold, needs to run it's course."  Finally I just decided I should take her and got her an appointment that morning.

right before the doctor apt, taking a little morning snooze, which she does not ever do anymore!

being silly waiting for the doctor

When the doctor walked in I told her what was going on and she wanted to do a saline breathing treatment to see if that helped Maddie's breathing at all.  They compared her pulse ox pre and post treatment and there wasn't enough change.  The doctor looked at me and said "you need to take her right to AI (our local children's hospital.) Go to the emergency room and tell them you were sent right here from the pediatricians office. She doesn't need an ambulance, but you need to go now" I was a sobbing deer in headlights, that was not what I... was expecting to hear at all!! I drove 90 the whole way there, praying there weren't any cops and also thinking of the doctors words saying that her little chest muscles were working so hard to breath and that they can just stop working and therefore she can stop breathing. One of my scariest days as a mom...and I contemplated even taking her to the doctor!! Thank God I did. Maddie was admitted with oxygen and constant monitoring. 

We were so so thankful for a healthy girl that we are bringing home less than 24 hours after arriving...and just prayed for all the families that are dealing with so so much worse.  We couldn't wait to get home to shower and wash off every piece of everything that was in that hospital!!

Maddie was SO excited to get home and see her bestie, Emi!

Feeling SOOOOO much better!!!

I ordered this turkey dress for Reagan and Maddie HAD to wear it...Reagan wears a 12, Maddie is a 3t...then she was getting mad that it was too long and she was tripping over it.  This girl!!

Sweet boys at their dark soccer practice

Back at the doctor for a follow up and all looked SO SO SO much better!!

Back at music class and having so much fun

Such a nut...butter cookies are her favorite!  The kids had a half day, so Reagan spent her afternoon baking in her Easy Bake oven

ready for Girl Scouts Halloween par-tay!

Friday morning was conferences for both kids and they had wonderful reports!  I brought home celebratory donuts for my super students and then we got to play with Emi for a little bit, the girls had no fun ;)

are they NOT the sweetest!!?

Saturday, October 28th was our 11th anniversary and we spent it at Landon's first soccer tournament!  It was SO fun to watch the boys...they did SO great and played so hard.  The weather was amazing as well, just a beautiful day!

The boys advanced to the finals, but lost their first was their 5th game of the day and they were exhausted.  I was actually kind of glad they lost so they could get a break!!

We came home and headed to our buddy Madeline's 2nd birthday party across the street...something about 2 year olds and Minnie!  I know another little girl that will be having a Minnie party in a couple months! (how is my baby almost TWO?!?!)

just doing a little morning coloring

Sunday morning we were OFF to St. Michaels, Maryland with some of our bestest friends/neighbors.  We had this planned for awhile and it happened to be our anniversary weekend, which made it even better.  Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop braved our children and we were so thankful for a little getaway.  To bad we had no fun...

stop #1, the winery

while we were sipping wine, Reagan was making the largest butter cookie ever!

LOVE them and LOVED our little getaway!

We rushed home from our trip so I could get to school for Reagan's class Halloween party that I had planned.  I was SO nervous!!  I signed up to be the homeroom mom and in a new school that just adds that much more pressure :)  All was a success though and the kids had a great time!

We carved pumpkins that night...only the kids got pumpkins this year!

Happy Halloween!  The kids were able to wear their Halloween shirts to school :)

Hanging out at Landon's class party...which was during naptime and I was late...seriously, I'm a disaster!

Gran and Gramps came to see the kids all dressed up and trick or treat.  It was so fun having them!  We had an early dinner of our traditional chili, scones, and mummy dogs.

So much for the cowgirl costume and pink cowgirl boots that we bought for a Halloween costume...she decided she'd rather be a bride...a costume we already had

This is Maddie's Halloween costume...ha!  I bought her a Minnie dress and she freaked, so that was the end of that.  I returned it and decided it wasn't worth the fight.  She didn't seem to care too much that she wasn't in costume ;)

Look at these BIG kids!!

does it look to you like Maddie is about to flick me off?!

I call this series of pictures...this is how much effort it takes to get a FREAKIN' family picture!!!

THEN I realized I had on my sunglasses!!!

Mario riding Yoshi's back :)

Maddie had her first kit kat on Halloween night and then wanted to share with Gigi and was pretty stinkin' cute

Reagan came back early...she still had quite the loot

This kid had SERIOUS loot!!

And that wraps up October!

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