Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Finishing up the Week!

Not only was it the first day of school on Tuesday, but it was the first soccer practice of the season too!  Landon is in the age group that now has soccer practice, an hour long game, and referees.  It's big time now!

Reagan rockin' her jumper on day 2!

There they go!

This girl is just TROUBLE!!  She is so stinkin' cute though...

my biggest girl :)

She spotted "Em" outside so we had to go say hi and give hugs...these girls love each other so so much!

Girl Scouts started on Thursday!

Maddie is so stressed...wakes up at 8, snuggles with Mommy until 8:30, finally decides to eat at 9...

...taking a break for a little Mickey!

The CRAZY weekend began with the LUKE BRYAN concert!!!  My dad took J and I and we had so much fun!  We got there so early, not as early as all the tailgaters though.  My dad couldn't believe what a "party" the parking lot was and didn't understand why so many people were just partying in the parking lot!  ha!

We left the "party" and went down to Xfinity LIVE for dinner!  I don't know the name of our restaurant, but we got to eat outside and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!

JJ partying it up!  just kidding!

I saw this during dinner and I was CRACKING up!!  This is my favorite Friends episode and this was the track of Irma as of that Friday...

Jamie's friend Heather was there too!  To say these girls LOVE Luke is an understatement!

This lady was cracking us up...I have no idea how old she was, but man did she love herself some Bret Eldridge and Luke Bryan

Bret was AWESOME!!!

and so was Luke!  JJ was in her GLORY!!

I got home at about 1:45am and then it was up and at em for the first soccer game on Saturday morning!

And while Momma was at Luke Bryan, Keith took the kids to the Back to School Pizza Party in the neighborhood.  They all had a blast and LOVED the "face painter!"  She was awesome!

my little soccer stud

We left right from the game and drove about two hours to Reading for baby Adam's baptism.  Sadly, we missed the whole baptism, but we were there for the luncheon afterwards.

Nana and Adam

Proud Momma cutting the cake

The kids had so much fun running around outside of the church.  It was another beautiful day!  Maddie threw a FIT in the van when I was trying to change her into her dress, so guess what, she just stayed in the clothes she had on!

SOOO Diane drove the kids home in our van, my dad and Jamie went to a retirement party, and Keith and took took my dad's car to BILLY JOEL!!  (Do you know how long it took to figure out the plan for all of that?!?!  ha!!)  Keith got my Billy tickets for my birthday in JANUARY and it was FINALLY time to use them!!

We walked around the city a little, grabbed some dinner, and then headed over to see the concert!  Please keep in mind I can't tell you the last concert I have been to and I had TWO back to back and both at the Phillies stadium!

We had amazing seats on the field!

Oh my gosh did it get COLD!!  We weren't exactly prepared for it to be THAT chilly...the night before was about the same temperature and I was fine in just a vest...needless to say we both wound up getting these awesome Billy Joel zip up sweatshirts!!  hahaha!!  $150 later we were both toasty and ready for the show!

Billy was AWESOME!! Such a GREAT show.  He's incredible!!  I really wanted to hear "River of Dreams" and Keith was really hoping for "Italian Restaurant."  We got them both back to back with so many other great ones, including Piano Man!!

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