Thursday, April 26, 2012

Landon's Baptism Weekend!

What a great weekend we had!  Last Thursday, yes a week ago, we left for Maryland.  Keith had some work there on Friday, so it worked out to leave a little earlier than originally planned.  We got in around 9 I think on Thursday night, after a lovely trip up. (seriously, it wasn't bad!  Doesn't it figure because Keith was with me all went's when I'm alone is when it's a disaster!) 

Friday morning we got ready while Landon man snoozed and then headed to Baugher's for some yummy breakfast.  This is the coolest little place that has been there forever!  I think my grandparents know just about everyone there :)  I love that!  After breakfast Gran and I and the kiddos ran a few errands.  We were able to enjoy some time outside and even have a picnic lunch.  (There was a shooting right down the road that day...lovely right?!  There were helicopters hovering and sirens galore...thankfully all was fine, but slightly scary!)  After naps we headed to Huffman's for some delish ice cream.  Poor Bubs just watched us enjoy the delicious-ness!

Yes, Reags is in her "ballet-tard", whatever.  It was a nice day, it wasn't worth the arguement and it made her happy :)

She LOVED these "wishing flowers!"  I don't think we see a lot of those around here!

After ice cream, we took the back roads to my Mum-Mum's old farmhouse (Gran's mother).  SOOO much has changed out there, but it was so great to see.  This was Mum-Mum's front porch that she loved to rock on, especially during a storm!  (The new owners have painted it MUCH differently than I remember it looking!  It looks cute though!)

Friday evening, Reags was driving me nuts (ha!), so she and Gigi sat on the porch with the iPad and hung out for awhile!

Saturday morning was party time prep mode for momma!  It was a pretty day and Daddy was on "Daddy duty" with the kiddos outside! (along with Gran and Gramps!)

This girl's hair is in a ponytail...she was SO proud of it!

I seriously just LOVE this picture!  They went up and down the road a million times I think...they both love a wagon ride, so if they are happy, we are all happy :)
After his nap Keith put him back in here for a minute standing...he stayed like this for minutes!  Getting soo big!

The cousins arrived on Saturday evening and they were all SOO happy to see each other again!  We had a great dinner at Gran's together...too bad it was rainy by then and there was no outside playing.

Sunday morning was more party set up time and then it was off to church for the big day!  The day was not so pretty, cold and rainy, but it was such a great day!  Landon man (and Reags) did great in church and Landon handled the gallon of water being poured on his head like a champ! :)

He enjoyed standing on the pew!

Gran and Gramps had a pretty rose on the alter for Landon!

A family shot!

Landon with his Godparents!

The Kepplingers :)

Lynds and Reags

Landon man and his grandparents

Landon and his Aunt J and Uncle Mike

Great-Grandparents :)

We had a great luncheon after church at Gran and Gramps'!  We kept it pretty easy food wise, and I think all went well.  I took some pictures of the "decor," but I am seriously over uploading all of these pictures!

Anyone with an almost 3 year can relate to this picture I am sure ;)

Cousins watching a movie together!

Here are the favors...Landon man's colors for his baptism party were green and blue

Uncle Mike's birthday was the 20th, so Gran got him a cake too...imagine that, all the kiddos wanting to lick the candles.  Reagan also decided to lick the side of the cake too!

Little guy up from his nap...he snoozed through his whole party :)

Something was funny!

Walking in Mommy's high heels...the girl has it down, there was no tripping.

It really was such a great weekend!  So great to see family and friends for Landon's baptism weekend.  The kiddos did great and the car ride back on Monday wasn't bad either!

Busy, Busy, Busy

Do you remember in the movie "Frosty the Snowman" the magician saying "busy, busy, busy?"  Well..that describes Landon these days!  He is not officially crawling, but he is officially getting his hands on whatever he wants to get his hands on.  Between scooting, rolling, laying and sitting...he gets where he wants to be.  We are at the "can't leave him alone long" stage now...oh my!

Somebody discovered the letters on the refrigerator

Just for good measure...nutball sister!

even under the jumperoo!

7 and 8 Month Pictures

Just a slight are Landon's 7 and 8 month pictures.  Considering he will be NINE MONTHS old next week, it was time to do some scanning!

These are the 7 monthers...
REALLY wanted to try to get an updated family shot...this is the best we had.  Of course the one where Reagan was smiling the best, I am saying something and had a weird face...probably saying something lovely ;)  This was the day she started with her cold that lasted for a month...oh and our photographer had the personality of my left shoe, so that was helpful too!

These are the 8 monthers...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This past weekend Keith's sister's family came to visit!  It was SOO great to see them and Reagan and Landon LOVED seeing their cousins! :)  We had such a great visit, although it was short.  We were busy and our house is not designed for five kids, but the weather couldn't have been better and everyone had a blast playing outside!

Landon man LOVED his cousin Alex!  (The feeling was mutual)

Alex won a whoopie cushion at the arcade at Great Wolf Lodge and everyone was having a little too much fun with it on Friday night!

Sweet Olivia, iPad-ing and driving

On Saturday morning we went to Reaggie's ballet class and then it was off to Vollmer Farms to do some strawberry picking!

Reags has been BEYOND excited to go do this.  I have been going to take her for a couple weeks now, but she wanted to wait for her cousins.  Too cute!

Olivia, Lyndsey, and Reags waiting for the hayride to take us to the fields!

Here we GO!

Tom and Keith soooo excited!

Keith and his little sister :)  Can you tell they're related?!

Picked some roses to put in their hair!

We really had such a great visit!  We are so excited to get to see the Zuber's again this weekend for Landon's baptism.  Olivia and Reagan are just about 7 months apart and were TOO cute together!  Maybe one day we will live a little closer than 10 hours away.