Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Scary Afternoon...

On Thursday, February 26th I came home from school at around 5:00, pulled in the garage, opened the side door, like I always do, and called for Bailey to go potty. When he didn't come right away I knew something was wrong...I looked to the right and our back door was halfway open with the molding around it torn off the wall and and deadbolt sticking out! SOMEONE HAD ROBBED OUR HOUSE! I immediately got in my car and backed out of the garage because I just didn't know if anyone was still in the house and then tried to call Keith. He didn't answer, so while I was on hold with the secretary, I went to the neighbor's to have him walk through the house for me. He did and I asked him if he saw Bailey, and he didn't! NOW I was really having a heart attack!! Finally I got in touch with Keith and he came home as quickly as he could. I called 911 and the local police officer was here within a few minutes. He wanted me to walk through the house with him, but I was a little too spooked. In the mean time, the neighbor was walking around the yard calling for Bailey and heard him barking...turns out the little guy was put up in our bathroom! THANK GOODNESS he was safe! I felt soooo much better once I got some kisses from my Bais! Okay, now to walk through the house to see what was gone. The 50" TV that was in our family room, mounted over the fireplace, the TV from our bedroom, our computer, my IPod, 2 DVD players, stereo equipment, and my old laptop from college. Thankfully all replaceable! They did go through our closets too, I guess looking for money or valuables, but found nothing. A guy came out to dust for fingerprints, but found nothing. These guys knew what they were doing and were gloved. We are just thankful that it wasn't any worse. Our house was not destroyed, just missing a few things! Mommy tried to stay as calm as possible for the little peanut, but that was not an easy thing to do. I think it is just going to take us awhile to accept what just never think it's going to happen to you. Lock up!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rochester or Bust!

On Friday afternoon I left for the tundra, I mean, Rochester! :) I have to admit that I was VERY anxious to fly because I was on a Continental flight to Newark and then flew from Newark, NJ to Rochester....on a Colgan jet, just like the one that crashed in Buffalo a week before. I was so nervous!!! However, I knew everything would be okay...and eventually I made it to NY early Saturday morning.

Saturday I was awakend by sweet Alex, Lyndsey, and Olivia coming into my room. It was so sweet! Alex and I named the baby "Baby Elmo." It was too cute! My first shower was that afternoon and Kristin did such a WONDERFUL job! It was so fun and great to see so many friends and family. Not to mention this little peanut that is kicking away at me now, is spoiled rotten. We got so many great gifts! I am just getting soooo excited to meet this little one!!

Sunday morning we were up and at 'em getting ready for Miss Olivia's baptism. She looked precious in her gown and the celebration afterwards was great too! It was such a great weekend :)
I FINALLY made it home on Monday night after waiting on airplanes, waiting in airports, oh and finding out my bag wasn't in Raleigh, but it was all worth it! Thank you so much for such a GREAT weekend Kristin!! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Sugar...

On Monday I had to go in for my "glucose screening." Basically I had to drink this sugary liquid, that I heard terrible things about, but it was actually DECLICIOUS! Seriously!! I had fruit punch flavored and it tasted like kool-aid, so I was a happy camper :) This test checks for diabetes and whether or not I am anemic...I was a little nervous about the test in general because, as you all know, I have a bit of a sweet tooth! After drinking the liquid I had to wait an hour before they could take my blood. I had my normal checkup and everything is great. That baby's heartbeat is 160 per minute, which was perfect! I am measuring 25 inches, which is right on track for 25 weeks and managed to gain another 5 pounds!!! YIKES! I sure hope it comes off as easily as it seems to come on...riiiight! After my appointment was over I mananged to get a little school work done, which seems to be ENDLESS right now, and then it was time for blood. My right arm was not cooperating, of course the veins were moving or something, so on to the left arm. A few pokes here and another couple there and FINALLY the nurses were able to get the three viles of blood that they needed. I am happy to report that all is well and I can continue having a sweet treat here and there! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

25 Weeks!

Well here you go! 25 weeks and this tummy is growing :) I love it though because I LOOK pregnant and not just at that "fat" stage! I am still feeling a lot of movement, mostly at night, but more and more during the day. I go to the doctor tomorrow for my glucose test, so I am going to TRY to avoid sweets tonight...we'll see how well that goes!

According to my Baby Center email, the baby is about 13 1/2 inches long and weighs a pound and a half, however Keith and I are convinced this baby is probably more at the 2 pound mark with how bit it already was a month ago! Their hair is coming in and if we could see it we could see how beautiful and blonde it is :)

The Pencil Test....

The innkeeper at the bed and breakfast that we stayed in did "the pencil test" on me this morning to predict the sex of this baby! If you haven't heard of it, you thread a needle, put the needle in the eraser of a pencil, and then hang the pencil over your left wrist. Well...according to this test, we are having a boy! Keith did it to me too and it said boy for this baby and kept going to show our 2nd baby will be a girl and our 3rd a boy...we shall see how accurate this is! It was really fun to see though. I tried it over Keith's wrist and the pencil didn't even move!! It is wild! You'll have to give it a try! Its all in the movement of the pencil, clockwise or counter-clockwise...pretty cool!

Happy Valentine's Day!

You might remember from an earlier post that due to a Catchphrase battle loss, Keith and Jeff had to plan a weekend away....well we had our weekend! The boys did a great job of planning a weekend away in Pinehurst for Valentine's Day weekend. We stayed at a cute bed and breakfast, shopped, and had a nice dinner. It was a lot of fun!

The boys started their Saturday with golf in the rain for the first 6 holes, which didn't sound fun at all to Hill and I, but they said it was fine. Hillary and I had lunch and did some shopping around!

Before going out to dinner we drove around Pinehurst and stopped by Pinehurst National. It is so georgous there!
The boys did a great job and we had a lot of fun!
The boys in the rain before golfing!

Hill and I in "downtown" Pinehurst!

Keith and I before dinner

Hill and Jeff before dinner

The 4 of us in front of the bed and breakfast before we left!

Furniture Time!

I am soooo excited to report that we bought our furniture for the nursery on Friday night!! I LOVE it and can't wait for it to come!! I was so torn between two sets and thought I had my mind made up, but then Keith said he liked the other crib better, and I AGREED! :) SOOOO we wound up getting the crib from one set and the dresser and armoire from the other. The poor guy at Babies R Us that helped us probably thought I was crazy because I insisted that we bring a drawer from the dresser/armoire collection over to the crib to make sure the woods matched. Thankfully they did BEAUTIFULLY! As we paid, we were getting discounts out the wazoo, which we certainly weren't complaining about and got a REALLY great deal, which makes Mommy and Daddy VERY happy!!!

Today we stopped at Babies R Us and the oh so nice lady, she really was!, was able to find the matching glider and ottoman that I wanted too that matches the furniture. I am just so excited and can't wait to start pulling this nursery together!!

Here are pictures of the furniture...let me know what you think! :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

6 Month Mark!

Well tomorrow hits 24 weeks, which equals out to SIX MONTHS!! I just don't think I can believe it! :) I was at Motherhood Maternity yesterday looking at the sales and tried on a couple things. I turned to the side in one of the dresses I tried on and thought, have a HUGE stomach in front of you!!!! I mean, it's really big! I was laughing because the other day Keith said, very kindly, "you don't even look pregnant." I said honey if my tummy usually looks like this, we have a huge problem!

This baby is a movin' around a lot these days! They espeically like to move when I am sitting on the sofa at night. It's so sweet...I just love it!

The project for this week is to order the furniture for the nursery. I went to Babies R Us today and spent about an hour examing two different sets, going back and forth. I brought home info on both and then Keith could help me choose between the two. (This was much better than having Keith there going back and forth with me, we would have lasted about 10 minutes!) SOOO now I am working on getting coupons and getting the best deal we possibly can, which I LOVE to do! It's a fun project. As soon as the furniture is ordered, I will post pictures!