Sunday, January 29, 2012


Yesterday we celebrated my parent's 30th anniversary of becoming parents :)  ha!  Yes, I turned THIRTY yesterday...hard to believe.  I used to think 30 was old, but not I am convinced it is the new 20, right!? 

It was a wonderful day that started off with Landon being up 5,000 times in the middle of the night...seriously Bubby, thank you! :)  He couldn't wait to celebrate...he actually now has Reaggie's cold and the poor thing just couldn't breath.  Breaks my heart!  When it was really time to get up though I woke up to Reags singing "Happy Birthday to Mommy, Happy Birthday to Mommy, Happy Birthday to Mommy" about 15 times.  It was precious.  Keith made a delicious breakfast for us and I even had a fun few gifts to open.  My very big and VERY fun gift this year is a trip to PUNTA CANA in February with my best friend, Ellen, and her hubby!!  We are SOOOO excited!!!!!  We told the boys last year that we didn't want a party, we wanted a trip!  Oh my word are we all so excited!!

I had to cover my eyes so I couldn't see my surprises before...Keith was so cute and did a whole beach theme!  Bless his heart, he said he looked everywhere for a new beach bag, but couldn't find one, so with the help of Ellen (thank you darlin'!) he ordered one from Land's End.  ha!  I had some fun treasures inside including a new cover up, suntan lotions, and a gift certificate to my toes did before we go!

Reags picked this out herself...she is a natural! :)

This is my you see that "Mom."  Oh my heart melts!

We have a couple VERY silly kiddos!

Our sweet neighbor Michelle said that she would watch the kiddos for us so we could go to lunch at my fav, Maggianos.  BUT, since BOTH have colds and Landon was up a lot the night before there was no telling how long he would nap, yada yada.  So we told her we would take a raincheck and Keith picked up Jersey Mike's instead.  Once the kiddos were down for their nap I managed to pull myself slightly together to atleast wear "real" clothes, slap on some make up and head out to do a little shopping.  I picked up a great new coat that I'm very excited about, a new dress for our trip (yay!), and some things for the kiddos. :)  It was a nice, relaxing trip to the mall.

By the time I got home dinner was almost ready.  I sure could get used to that ;)  Keith made a yummy dinner of bacon wrapped chicken and it was followed by a delicious Coldstone cake.  Reagan could hardly wait to bust into the cake, which is so unlike her to want sweets, but man did she LOVE it.  Keith was so thoughtful and although I usually have the cookie dough cake, which has raw egg in it and R is allergic, he got the mint chocolate chip cake so Reaggie could have some.  What a sweet daddy!

Sweet Bubby didn't know what to think about all of those candles...this is his first birthday celebration!  I think he wished he could of had some cake...we assured him he could next year.

It really was a special day.  I don't think I mind that I am 30 now at all because I am so happy with where I am in my life.  I have a sweet hubby and two precious babies.  I'm a lucky girl.  I seriously remember turning 20 at Elon like it was yesterday.  Danieley girls, that was the "it's a beautiful day for a beautiful girl" birthday :)  ha!  How much my life has changed in those ten years...I can only imagine how much more it will in the next.  Bring it on!!  Now let's get that countdown going for PUNTA CANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We have had a pretty low key week...kind of...Reagan has come down with a cold, poor thing.  SO we are just trying to take it easy so that she feels better soon!

R and L hanging out together :)

Tuesday we just had a "hang out day" at home, which are our favorites.  (I also much mention that on Monday night Landon slept ALL NIGHT...he didn't wake up until 7am!!  Correction, he woke up around midnight, we gave him Tylenol for his toofers and he went right back to bottle in the middle of the night!!  It hasn't happened since, BUT we were so proud of him...and felt so refreshed in the morning!)  Once the little man woke up from his morning nap, I just had to snap a few pictures of him.  The below pictures are just too cute to me...Landon was given this onesie as a gift from my brother for Christmas...if you have different political views that is fine, just look at the cute face! ;) day I will get a picture of this girl again where she isn't wearing a princess dress!!  But for now, we are loving her little dress up stage :)

I just might just have to frame this...look at those legs!  Oh I could just eat this little man UP!!

Oh to be almost 6 months old again...

Yesterday is when Reags woke up with the sniffles, but she was feeling fine so I still sent her to school.  Landon man and I had SEVERAL errands to run, including getting my license renewed.  Let me tell you how much I was DREADING this experience...A) the DMV and B) the signs test!  I don't know why, but I was so nervous.  On my way to take R to school I found myself watching all of the signs so I haven't been driving for 14 years!?  Well we got to the bless-ed DMV and it really wasn't too crowded, thank goodness.  HOWEVER, while I was waiting they made a lovely announcement that the camera was broken.  SO you could take the test, but so sorry, couldn't get your new picture taken therefore, having to go back another day to get it done.  I was NOT so thrilled with that news, but somehow remained calm... :)  About 10 mintues later I got called back to take my test and thankfully, passed with flying colors!  STILL no camera though...however, by some miracle about 10 minutes later they were able to fix it and I was able to get my picture done and I can be done with that whole process for eight years now!  ha :)  We were in and out in about an hour, which I was pretty impressed with.  Then we were off to run a few more errands.  We also had a last minute visit from my sweet friend Sandy last night too!  She was on her way back home from her parent's house and was able to pop in for a little while.  It was SO great to see her.  Keith hadn't seen Sandy since her wedding, TWO YEARS ago!  Crazy!!  Too bad Reagan didn't really nap and Landon was a little cranky, so she saw my kids in stellar form ;)

Today we are home again...I wanted to run a couple errands, but it just didn't happen and Reagan is a total snot factory.  We did manage to go for a little walk though in our Sit N Stand.

Well yesterday Reagan insisted on having her toes re-painted because her polish was chipping off...she chose a purpley pink after our walk she asked me to paint her finger nails.  She has asked before, but I would tell her she couldn't put her fingers in her mouth and that would steer her from wanting her nails done.  Today though she promised she wouldn't put her fingers in her we went for it :)  They certainly aren't perfect because she is two and kept wanting to turn around and check out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but she is sure proud of them!

Big news of the day is that little miss is wearing UNDERWEAR today!!!!!'s so fun and I am SO proud of her, but I can't believe it! I ordered her a 7 pack of princess undies and she was beyond excited to open them.  Now she insists on her undies matching her princess dress that she has on...she is currently napping in her Belle dress, therefore Belle undies are over her pull up.  She gets it honest ;)  Reaggie is wearing underwear, Landon moved up a nipple size on his bottle and a new binkie size this week...(I sound crazy I realize) but they are just getting a little too big. Time is flying!!  There are days that I want to pull my hair out, that I cry, that I wish I could just go and not worry about feeding/nap times, that I wish I had a solid night's sleep, BUT I just remind myself how quickly this stage is going to pass and before I know it I will have all the time in the world to run errands, clean my house, and sleep for that matter too.  I just cherish the fact that I am able to be home with my babies and take in every minute of it.  I don't know how I got so lucky to have two sweet babies, but I sure am thankful that I am their momma!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

The weekends just go by too quickly sometimes, don't you think?  This one sure was such a fun weekend!

Saturday morning playtime in some new BIG boy jammies...these bad boys are 18 months!!!  Yes, you read that right, he won't be 6 months until February 2 :)  LOVE it!

Reaggie was making Daddy beautiful :)  Cutting his "hair"

Reags and I ran some errands together Saturday morning, but we had a VERY important date with two of her best friends to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D!! The girls were PRECIOUS!!!  It was all of the little girls first time at the movies and they all did SO good.  Reagan didn't know what to think about the 3D glasses at first, therefore didn't wear them...she did finally realize, after I told her a million times and her friends were wearing them, that putting them on did help her see the movie a little better.  It was just so much fun!

...and since we were going to see Belle, Momma made a VERY special exception and let Reagan wear her dress up dress out of the house ;)  She was SO excited to match Belle!

Once we got home from the movie I put Reags down for a nap and then we got ready for my friend Hillary and her new husband, Kevin, to come visit!  Hill got married four days after Landon was born, therefore I wasn't exactly able to be in the wedding, which was such a bummer.  I hate that I missed their special day, but it was SO great to see them this weekend!!  We had a nice dinner, chatted, played a wonderful tournament of Catch Phrase (which Hill and I won, thank you very much!), and watched a movie.  Then it was off to bed knowing our sweet Landon would be up before we knew it ;)

Sunday morning we made a big breakfast...I made this monkey bread that I found on Pinterest and OH MY GOSH, it was fabulous!  Our fun continued because our sweet neighbors, that moved, were in town this weekend too.  So they came over to have some leftover breakfast with us and hung out for a few hours before they headed back to VA.  It was SO great to see them!!  Of course Reags was in hog heaven playing with Mo Mo...Landon didn't mind the extra snuggles either!

Sweet girl giving Landon some snuggles

Kevin and Hill...getting good practice with a baby :)

Seriously!?  I know I'm his momma, but does it get much cuter? :)

Maggie with Bubs

Cheesin' during lunch!

After everyone left and the dishwasher had been loaded and emptied five times, I decided I needed to get my butt to the gym.  (I am DETERMINED to get back into some kind of shape and we have a VERY FUN trip coming up that I would like to look somewhat decent for.)  I ran...something I haven't done in a long time.  Zumba is fun working out, running is "you can do this" working out.

Well the kiddos are snoozing which means I need to be productive.  Hope you had a great weekend! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Here's what has been going on the past week...

Playing a LOT of dress up!  (these phone pictures are terrible...I obviously saved them wrong onto the computer, but I don't feel like re-saving get the gist!)

Playing with toys and getting REALLY good at sitting alone!

Our little ritual after he wakes up from his "way too short" nap, he plays on the playmat in the guest room while Momma checks emails :)

All by himself!  A little fuzzy because I kept moving my arm to "catch" position just in case he toppled!

Today we made a Target run and then met one of Reaggie's friends from school, Emmy, at Chic Fil A.  The kiddos were wearing their coordinating shirts that sweet Aunt Ellen made them and looked too cute not to snap a picture!

SO sweet!

who me?

...and on the verge of a meltdown because, well because she is 2 1/2!!  Please note baby HAD to be in the picture (not sure if her name is Belle or Dinah, Alice in Wonderland's cat, today)

THE BIG NEWS AROUND HERE LATELY THOUGH IS THAT.....(drumroll please).....Reagan is just about TOTALLY potty trained!!!!!!  In the words of Little Einsteins, "I can.not.believe it!!!!"  (AND Landon is on his playmat as I type this and he just rolled from his back to his tummy and I missed it!!  Such a big boy!)  Back to potty's been great!  Let me tell you, whoever invented Princess pull ups and the princess potty seat is a genius!!  She LOVES the pull ups and doesn't want to get them wet, ever...especially because a beautiful desin goes away!  We are SO proud of her!!  She even told me at Chic Fil A today that she had to go pee pee and then again she told me she had to go poopy!  Thank goodness Emmy's momma could hold Landon while I took her, otherwise it probably wouldn't have been such a "yay" experience, more of a pain in the you know what.  :)  Everyone was right who said when your kid is ready, they are ready and it will be easy.  TOTALLY right!!  She is just getting a little too big!  I have been telling Reagan all along that you aren't allowed to do ballet until you wear underwear...looks like I need to look into those lessons soon, she hasn't let me forget!

We signed her up this week for three day preschool next year too, now fingers are crossed we get into that class.  Just one more preschool registration and then it's kindergarten...oh gosh, I'm crying....

Landon is "talking" (aka SCREAMING) on his playmat, so I am going to entertain him while sister is still, thankfully, snoozing!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My BIG Man!

This sweet man (who is wearing Christmas jammies, whatever!)

is getting a little too big...

yesterday we discovered he is getting his TWO BOTTOM TOOFERS!!

And tonight...

while Princess Sister was dressing up her princesses on the iPad,

this guy had PEAS mixed in with his rice cereal!  Getting SO big!!

A Day at the Park

This January weather is pretty crazy, but we're not going to complain about some warm weather!  This past Saturday was beautiful so Keith took the kiddos to the park while I was out an about running a million errands.  I think this might be the first time Keith has taken the kids somewhere solo...they all survived and had a great time! 

Reags is such a great big sister pushing her brother...Keith said Landon liked the swing so much he though he might go to sleep!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Camera Happy...

These two just make me smile, have I mentioned that lately?!

singing "Happy Birthday to Bubby!!"

Got my toes!  I love these things :)

attacking his sippy cup!  (how big does he look??)

Reagan's idea of tacos for dinner is a shell and salsa

and that smile alone is why I wanted my "fancy" camera!

Do you see the drool on this kid?  His bubbles are out of control!