Friday, July 29, 2011

You Know You're Very Pregnant When... ride in the cart next to your two year old at Walmart and have your mom push you both!!  To say we got a few looks was an understatement, but seriously, it is HOT and I was tired, so this worked! :)

That was our big outing of the day...after that it was lunch and naps :)  After Reagan woke up my mom set up the water table for her and she had a blast!!  Sitting out on the deck actually felt really good when water was being oh so carefully poured all over your "feet" (or entire lap, whatever!).  It's just been so hot I feel terrible that Reags hasn't had more outside time, so I'm so happy she got to play on the deck for awhile today!

I'm biased, but man do I think that is a cute little tush!

...just as a side note...tomorrow I will be 4 days late and my favorite doctor is on call at the hospital, will we have this baby tomorrow?!  He is just nice and snug as a bug in there I guess :) 

Happy Birthday Keith!

Yesterday was Keith's birthday...the big 3-5!  (It also marked my half birthday...only 6 more months in my 20's...crazy!)  We had a great day celebrating Daddy!

To say Reagan was excited about her Daddy's birthday is a TOTAL understatement.  She has been so excited shopping for Daddy, wrapping his gifts, making sure he had a cake and candles...too cute!  She made plenty of pretty pictures for him too and colored his card "extra special."

giving Daddy his "prizes" :)

Keith checked on Reags yesterday morning and she was just lying in her bed and said "it your birthday Daddy!  Happy Birthday Daddy!"  Keith said that was the best present ever.  She snuggled with us for a little bit and then couldn't wait to give Daddy his presents.  She picked out his wrapping paper and his gifts all by herself.  She got him new soccer socks (where she came up with that I have NO idea!) and a new tie with purple in it.  Pretty precious!

Keith had a special breakfast and of course we had to sing "Happy Birthday!"

new shirt and tie for work, tradition for the big day!

We met Keith at the bank, now that he is just up the road, and took him out to lunch and for ice cream.  It was a fun lunch!  Reagan decided she didn't need a nap yesterday, which is totally unusual, but just the way it goes, so Keith came home early to open presents and then we went out to dinner at Shuckers.  It was delicious!!

Reaggie rearranged Daddy's presents so they were just right

Being such a good helper!

We finished off the night signing Happy Birthday and having some Coldstone cake, yumm!! 

Reaggie wanted to put the candles in "all by mine self"

so cute singing to her Daddy!

Keith said he had a great day and we sure hope he did!  We thought maybe, just maybe, our little man would want to share birthdays with his daddy, but obviously not!  Happy Birthday Keith!!  We love you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

40 Weeks!

40 week belly, with a small sample of the nursery!

Today marks week 40 with our little guy!  I really am pretty amazed that the time is here and that due date has come...this pregnancy really feels like it went fast.  I remember the day we found out I was pregnant like yesterday, so it is hard to believe that 9 months, kinda 10, have passed.

Keith went with me to the doctor today and since my appointment was right in the middle of nap time, we were thankful that Mum-Mum is here to help.  I got to see my favorite doctor today and favorite nurse. When she called us back she said, so what's up, I said, you know just trying to have a baby...ha...I just love her! 

The great news is our little man's heartbeat sounded great and I'm measuring right on track.  The okay news of the day was that I really haven't progressed anymore, maybe another 1/2 of a cm., seriously?!  I was somewhat okay with that though because it meant this baby won't fall out on our way to the hospital. :)  Dr. H commended me on my "take" of the situation.  He said he could strip my membranes and started describing with his hands what he would do and let's just say I cut him off mid description and told him "no thanks!"  Keith said "great sales pitch doc..." it was pretty comical.  The doctor isn't totally convinced that doing that even causes labor to start either, so no big deal.

We did go ahead and schedule my induction for next Tuesday, August 2.  I have an appointment at the doctor's office first thing Monday morning, if needed, for an ultrasound and exam.  They will check my fluid levels and all of that and then see if I have dialated anymore.  If I have, then we will just go to the hospital first thing Tuesday morning to start the "induction."  If not, then we will go Monday night and they will get me started, thinning out my cervix, and then induce me fully on Tuesday.  We will see what happens!!

It is crazy to think that sometime between today and next Tuesday I will be holding my sweet little man in my arms.  I am so excited to meet him, nervous, anxious, a whole range of emotions.  Ready or not though, here he comes! :) 

Just for fun, this is my 40 week belly shot with Reaggie...
(these rose bushes are now taller than I am)

And speaking of the little girl, here are a couple cute shots of her from today...we had pasta for dinner, enough said, and after playing outside for a little while tonight (it actually felt somewhat pleasant out) she stood over the air vents and let her dress poof's the little things!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Days Go By...

Well not a lot to report since last week...I am still pregnant with our little man with my official due date being tomorrow.  My mom is still here, John went home last week, and we are just waiting for when baby boy will be here!!

We enjoyed story time last week, a trip to the mall, a visit or two to Target, playtime inside, finishing up the nursery, napping...anything to keep cool and that doesn't require too much walking for the waddling, aka me.  :)

Shakin' what her momma gave her before we left for the mall last week!

SOOO excited for the train at the mall!!

Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop were lucky enough to ride with Reags! :)  She had SO much fun!!

This girl has been obsessed with ballet the point where she is giving us directions as to HOW to do ballet. It's hilarious! I think it was Friday night that she would sit in her Dora chair with her "piano" and play music so that Mum-Mum, Mommy, and Daddy (hilarious!) could do ballet. Then we would play music for her so she could dance. We were all cracking up! I think last night was the first night she hasn't slept in her tutu since Friday!
Not only busy doing ballet, but shopping with her purse, AND talking on the phone!

Our Friday nights have only SLIGHTLY changed over the past couple years, not that we would trade it for anything!

Oh and while I'm thinking of it, here are a couple more "Reagan-isms" these days:
* she says "What happened??" whenever you make a comment like "ouch," "oh man," or any kind of reaction to something...she is very concerned!

*she is singing the ABC's pretty perfectly!  One of these days I will catch her on video, the couple times I've tried she is just being silly!  She also loves singing twinkle, twinkle and Mary Had a "Yittle" "Yamb."

*she can successfully count to 12 and does so several times throughout the day!

Today we ran a quick errand and Heather came over with baby Evie.  It was so great to have some visitors and Reags was SO happy to have Miss Heather and Evie here!  She even requested for Miss Heather to put her down for her nap...this is big time :)  So sweet!

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, so we will see what happens!  With Reagan, since she was late, they did an ultrasound the day after my due date to check fluid levels and then we scheduled my induction, which we didn't need.  I will be sure to update tomorrow with a FORTY, yes that's 40, week post!! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

39 Weeks

I am a day late, but yesterday marked the 39 week mark!  Hard to believe we are just less than a week away from the due date. 

On Monday night I was having some serious pains, all kinds of crazy contractions, which were making this momma VERY nervous that this little boy was coming.  I have been so anxious about this delivery, specifically with our "plan" for Reagan.  We had neighbors "on call," but it still made me nervous.  After letting my mom know on Monday night how I was feeling, she decided they were going to pack up and leave.  They got in about 1:30 Tuesday morning...I was so relieved they were coming!  I knew that meant I wouldn't have the baby that night now, BUT atleast we knew Reaggie would be in good hands should anything happen!

Tuesday morning I had my weekly doctor's apointment and was convinced I would be, oh I don't know, 4 cm. dialated and be told to go to the hospital...especially with all the contractions I had been feeling.  Turns out...NO CHANGE!  Seriously!?  (Still just 1 cm. and about 80% thinned.) Is this the kind of relationship my little man and I are going to have?  Is this an indicator?!  :)  Just kidding...kind of!  The doctor did tell me that they wouldn't let me go any later than August 3 (fun because that is Gran's birthday, which would be so fun, BUT I REALLY don't want to wait 2 more weeks!!).  So we will just have to see what happens!

We are getting so excited to meet our little man and finding it so hard to believe that he will be here before know it.  As for now we are just playing the waiting what do you think?  Will he arrive on time (Tuesday the 26th), before then, or be late like his sister?!  I must have a pretty comfy womb :) 

Monday, July 18, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

in pictures! :)

being silly

playing with "pay doh"

love those sweet little hands :)

wearing fancy earrings (thanks Morgan!)

visiting Baby Evie again :)

eating McDonald's in the car on the go!

dancing to "Dynamite"...her new favorite song...hilarious!

playing at the park (and eating a snack!)

chatting on the phone with Daddy

showing mommy her "grouchy face" (adorable we think!)

LOVING the baby's car seat...she did spend a good portion of her first 7 months in this bad boy...remember how Reagan slept in it!?  I wonder if our little man will like the car seat that much!?

LOVING her "doggies"...still!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

38 Weeks...

and 2 days :)  So I'm a little late in posting this! 

I went to the doctor yesterday and was VERY anxious to talk to her about all of these "pains"/contractions I have been feeling lately...each time I think, "is this it?!"  Needless to say it's all very normal, especially for a second baby since my body has a pretty good idea of what is coming :)  I am apparently no further dialated though, still just 1 cm, and my cervix is still pretty far back.  I was full of questions, annoying I'm sure, and asked if I had a good chance of going into labor early.  Obviously there is no way to really know, but she said based on my progress so far that she wouldn't be surprised if I have our little man right around my due date, being the 26th.  It is just wild to me that that is just a week and a half away!!!  However, I feel like several people have said to me lately "there is NO WAY you are going to make it to the 26th!!" and my personal fave "you look like you are going to pop any minute now!"  Seriously!?  Thank you!  I promise I feel that way too, but you don't neccessarily need to SAY it!  haha :)  The baby is at "zero station" though, which means he is as low as he can get, so we will just wait this one out and see when our sweet boy wants to meet us!

I am HUGE, seriously my stomach is just large and literally looks like a big beach ball is under my shirt!  I knew I shouldn't have said anything to a friend last week about how I was still sleeping pretty comfortably because that is not the case anymore...this belly is large and heavy, so it takes an act of congress just to hoist myself out of bed! :)  I'm not complaining though...we are so excited to meet our sweet little "brodder." 

I am enjoying every second I have with my (most of the time sweet, although getting very sassy) Reagan...I am just slowing down and don't have nearly as much energy, which is impossible to explain to a 2 year old!  I saw a mom at Staples the other day with 3 young girls and very was she doing it?  I was amazed and realized that I had NO room to complain having just one child with me!  I guess you just do what you have to do...although I know I am VERY thankful when Keith walks through the door after work. :)

I go back to the doctor on Tuesday, 39 weeks, assuming I am still "with child."  We'll see if there is any further progress then.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reagan Lately

Reagan has been cracking us up lately with the things she is doing and saying...seriously, sometimes we wonder, where on earth did that come from?! :)  I have written a few things down because I just don't want to forget them!

"I stylin'!"  Yes...she said it...unreal! :)

* Clearly, she is obsessed with Dora and is learning lots of Spanish watching it.  She knows that red is rojo, blue is azul, areba is up, abaho is down, hola is hello, gracias is thank you, and I know there are probably several more I'm missing.  Oh there is also the "Ay├║dame," which is help me!  Anyway...when she wants to get up on the counter and help me cook she will say "areba Mommy!"  The other night when we were leaving for Katie's party I was upstairs and she called up to me from downstairs by saying "Vamanos Mommy!" (which means, let's go!)  Thank you Dora! :)

* We love country music and have that on 99% of the time in the car, unless Reagan requests "Reaggie songs" or Daddy happens to put it on the Grateful Dead channel...anyway, a song that is constantly played on our local station is Taylor Swift's song that says "someday I'll be livin' in a big old city....why you gotta be so mean!?"  Well Reagan knows the chorus to this song and sings along to it everytime we hear it...cracks me up!

* It makes us laugh pretty hard when Reagan says "KEEEIIITTTTHHH!"  (just like her Mommy ;) )  I try to explain to her that he is her Daddy and my Keith, she says, "no mine Keith, your daddy."  ...and gets the biggest kick out of it!  A couple times she has pulled the "Steph" card on me, but we quickly fix that! :)

* She has been saying "no way Jose" a lot and we hear A LOT of "no, mine do it mineself!"  Miss Independent we have on our hands!  (Lately it's getting in and out of the car, in and out of her carseat, and in and out of her booster seat)

* Reagan has been playing with her babies so much lately and loves to put them to bed, either in her baby crib downstairs or in the bassinet in our room.  After she puts the babies to sleep she will say, "tiptoe mommy, baby seepin'"

* At Katie's party the other night, I took a bite of Reagan's pizza and she said to me, "mommy, no eat, dat special to me"  WHAT??  Where has she heard that one?!  Needless to say we were cracking up!

* Lastly, we are obsessed with the construction trucks on the side of the road these days.  Keith informed me that what I have been calling a "digger" is actually a "back hoe" but you know what, tomato tom-a-toe right?! :)  There is a lot of construction going on, so we like to see if any of the trucks are "movin" as we are passing them.

It is amazing to us how big our little Reagan is getting and how funny she is...there is NO doubt this girl is TWO though and I hear three is even "funner."  :)  However, she is such a sweet girl and we just love her to pieces!!

Just Catching Up a Little

I think I win the award for "slack blogger"...haha.  Reags and I have been keeping busy, and I have been keeping Keith busy with plenty of projects around the house :)

Last week was HOT!  We went to storytime on Wednesday, ran a couple errands on Thursday, and hung out at home on Friday.  I honestly thought I was going to have this little man on Friday night, the same night we had a going away party for our sweet neighbors.  I obviously didn't, but I was just about convinced it was "time."  Needless to say I didn't last at the party too long and I made sure Keith was checking his cell phone about every 2 minutes.

Saturday Keith took Reags out for a "date morning."  They went to the post office (and saw the woman who just LOVES Reagan), the park, to the car wash, and then went to Mellow Mushroom for a pizza lunch.  I know Reags had so much fun with her Daddy!  Saturday night we went to a surprise 30th birthday party for my friend Katie, which was so fun.  I was so glad we were able to be there!  (Notice though I have not ONE picture from the going away party or from Katie's party...what is wrong with me?!)

Loving the twirly slide these days :)

Keith's attempt at a self portrait of the 2 of them...haha!

Sunday we just did some things around the house and ran a couple errands.  Reagan let me paint her tootsies on Sunday morning, which was just too darn cute!  We have been talking about it for awhile and our original "deal" was I would paint them for her 2nd birthday, but she does NOT like her feet touched or her toe nails clipped.  Sunday morning though, I filed her toes and then asked her if she wanted them pink like mommy's and she said yes!  Too cute!!  She is slightly obsessed with them now :)  The Mills came over for some kabobs last night and that was our weekend!

Watching very carefully...

"I's got pink toes Mommy!"

The finished product :)

Tomorrow is WEEK 38!  I go to the doctor on Wednesday, so we'll see if there is any more progress on this little man.  I am just getting really anxious about everything from the delivery to crossing my fingers that our "plan" for Reagan when I go into labor works.  My mom and John are on stand by and are ready to hit the road the minute anything starts, which is VERY helpful to know!  I'll do an update after my appointment on Wednesday, unless there is anything to report sooner! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meeting Baby Evie!

This morning I had an early doctor's appointment at 8:45...that's not that early, I know, but we live a solid 45 minutes away from the doctor's office, so in that sense it meant getting up and at 'em early! :)

Everything went well at the doctor, Reags and I ran a couple quick errands, and then we were off to meet my friend Heather's (aka Taxis) sweet baby girl.  Evelyn was born last Wednesday and is just the cutest little thing.  I think I forgot just how SMALL little newborns are, and Evie's a good 9 pound baby!

I have to say Reagan was pretty darn cute with Evie.  She could NOT WAIT to hold her!  We set the pillows up and thankfully Taxis trusts us with her little girl!  :)  Reaggie rubbed the baby's head, touched her cute little cheeks and nose, snuggled with her, and gave her kisses.  It really was so cute, I almost cried!  I know she is going to be such a great big sister!

Heather looked great and is a natural mommy!  Congrats to the Greene family!!!  We are so excited for you! :)