Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Soccer Game and The Zoo!

Saturday was our last soccer game of the season...hard to believe!

Reagan's not impressed face

with coach :)

I think it was a good game...Landy man wasn't much in a "sitting still and watching the game" mood :)

We brought cupcakes for the team as a last game treat...I went to the grocery store on Friday night to get the cake mix and made them at 9:00.  Iced them in the morning with the kiddos, got them secured in the cupcake carrier, carried them to the field, and they were looking good!  WELL...the lid is collapsible and as soon as I put them on the blanket a certain little man I know wanted to "see" them and smooched the whole lid down on my beautiful cupcakes.  I popped the lid up and the cupcakes were either sticking to the top of the lid or had flipped over in the process.  It was obviously no big deal because the kids didn't care, but I'm sure the parents were like, uhhh nice cupcakes lady!

After soccer Reagan and I went in JJ's van with Grandpa and Miss Diane to the Philadelphia Zoo!  The weather was perfect and we had so much fun!  Keep in mind we had to swing by McDonald's for a smoothie and THEN go to "Chick-sa-lay" for lunch :)  By the time we made our pitstops and got through all of the traffic, we didn't get to the zoo until close to 2!  We had such a great day!

are these penguins not too cute?!  They're pumpkins!

Turns out the zoo does "Boo in the Zoo" the two weekends before Halloween, which I clearly had NO idea about!  Reagan was a little bummed that she didn't have her costume on, but thankfully understood and no major meltdown followed!  She did, however, REALLY want to get her face painted...THANKFULLY that was an option and little miss "flower power" was a happy camper :)

We finished up the day with some dinner and within 2 minutes of being back in the car Reagan was OUT.  She slept through dropping Jamie off, which meant her lift going down and van doors slamming.  When we got home I brought her right in to bed, took off her socks and boots, and she was out!

Landon's GREAT Day

iPad'ing before school

I couldn't NOT document Landon's first GREAT day at school last Friday!  He hadn't gone to school the week before because of his cough and then we had the field trip on Wednesday, which I was there for, so I figured Friday would be a hard day at school for Landon man.  He was attached to my hip Friday morning as we were getting ready and we just kept talking about his friends, how much fun he would have, and that mommy would be back so soon to get him and Sis.  He still didn't seem thrilled...

I dropped Reagan off and then Landon.  He cried and cried...I apologized to his teacher, walked out the door, waved to Landon from the outside window, and was on my way to our cabinet meeting :) At 10:00 I was in Kohl's (a little time to kill before our appointment!) and I got a phone call from the preschool...I panicked!  UGHGHGHGHGHGH!!  I just knew it wasn't good and as I was trying to answer, I accidentally hung up!  I tried to call the number right back and it wasn't the direct school number so I couldn't.  As I was goggling the correct number my phone beeped that I had a voicemail.  I checked it and it was Miss Natalie.  She said that Landon was obviously a little sad when I dropped him off, BUT was doing SOOOO GREAT!  He was playing with friends, playing by himself, painted a pumpkin, played outside, and just was doing sooooo great!  My heart about exploded and I was crying in Kohl's because I was just SO happy!

I was sure to share the good news with the girls at the cabinet appointment who were nice enough to seem excited for me :)  ha!  I know they didn't care, but I was just a little too happy.

We are SOOO proud of Landon!  I just PRAY this continues and he realizes it is okay to leave Mommy and that school is fun!  YAY Landon Man!!

We made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate!

...and watched a movie with popcorn!

Schmidt's Tree Farm Field Trip!

On Wednesday the kiddo's preschool had their fall field trip!  We went to a tree farm and everyone had so much fun!  We started with a hayride, made birdfeeders, picked out a pumpkin, had popcorn, and the grand finale was the MULCH pile, aka Mulch Mountain :)

Reaggie with her 2 new BFFs Cora and Anna :)  This makes my heart SOOO happy!

They used shortening on the pinecones instead of peanut butter...we appreciated that VERY much and I thought that was a great idea!

Santa lets his reindeer live at this farm for a few months during the "off season" ;)

And THIS is the mulch!!  There were SEVERAL slides coming off of the mulch pile and the kids had a GREAT time!!  Reaggie was literally doing mulch angles...thankfully we wore play clothes!

This is Aubree, and she just LOVES Landon!  She is so sweet and talks to her mom everyday about Landon...I asked her mom, "what does she say!??!" It's not like he's been a super happy kid at school...but she always gives the run down on Landon.  Sweet girl!

That evening Reagan had ballet/tap, we came home and had dinner, then Landon wanted to paint his pumpkin like Sissy did.  I figured, why not!  I have not really done ANY art projects with Landon...bad mom :)  He just MUCH prefers to be outside, so that is where our bonding time is spent.  Anyway, he LOVED painting and did such a great job...oh and did I mention it kept him occupied for 45 minutes!!!!!!!

note the paint in nice separate sections...(didn't last long!)

...and all mixed up!

Reagan couldn't just sit and watch, so we found another little pumpkin that was just PLAIN and needed to be jazzed up, so she got to work on that one!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

House Update!

The BIG news is that we FINALLY have a hole dug!!  We were SOOO glad to hear that last Wednesday they were to dig our hole, which is a step in the right direction.  After SO many delays, construction is finally starting!  YAY!  We are pretty excited!

Digging the hole on Wednesday, October 16

Yesterday, Monday the 21st they poured the concrete footers

It's not much yet, but we've been waiting since August for that hole to be dug, so we are getting very excited!  Now we just need them to stick to their January 28th deadline for us to close by and give me the best birthday present ever :)

Milburn Tuesday!

Today the kiddos and I took probably our last trip to Milburn Orchards, before it starts getting too cold anyway!

This is real life morning craziness :)

All aboard the bus!

Watch out...crazy driver alert!

This picture is hilarious to had to be there, but they were both nicely sitting on these jumpy animals and smiling for me to take their picture.  Well, I took my regular digital camera today and it's a little slower, and within the time they were smiling and I pushed the button, Reagan fell off her bull and Landon was saying, "sissy, off me!"  SOOOOO all that can happen in about 1.2 seconds :)

We were on our way out and then they found the sandbox...we were there another 30 minutes!  Do you see all of those trucks?!?!

Reagan was in the witch's stew!