Thursday, May 31, 2012

9 Month Pictures

When I took Landon for his 9 month pictures I thought to myself, "MAYBE we could get a cute picture of both kiddos, MAYBE.  If not, no big deal."  Well I think I need to have that attitude a little more often because I think these are some of my favorite pictues!  They both did great and I had a VERY hard time making my picture decisons :)

Bath Buddies

Reagan has been requesting now for several weeks to take her bath with Landon.  A) I think it's sweet that she wants to play with her brother in the bath and B) it saves me a lot of time :)

This series of pictures just kind of cracks me up as it is so "them!"

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was so nice.  Saturday night we went to a cook out the Buzan's, which was delish!  We lasted until 7:30, which is pretty late for us :)  I know, fun right?  Landon was on the verge of a meltdown, but he was a good man!

Sunday morning Keith took Reagan to Marbles for the morning!  They had so much fun together and went on a lunch date to Panera afterwards.  (Reags was funny because she said "Mommy, Daddy not take Reaggie to the upstairs kitchen that I play on with Brooklyn.  Next time you and Landon come too."  I, later, asked Keith if he took Reaggie to the upstairs and he said "no, I didn't even know there was an upstairs."  Now he knows :)  )

Sunday afternoon neighbors from Langhorne, which is where we lived from when I was about 5 to 13, were in town.  Mrs. Keeling and Amy were able to stop by for a visit and it was SO great to see them.  Amy's husband is a college baseball coach and they were in town for a couple games.  I can't even think of when the last time was I saw Amy and I know I haven't seen Mrs. Keeling since our wedding.  Needless to say it was GREAT to see them!!  The kiddos slept for a good chunk of their visit, but Landon woke up first (obviously!)  and when Reagan did get up she was in such a special mood...seriously, couldn't have been any more grouchy!  Oh well...that's just how it goes :)

We grilled out on Sunday night...

And on Monday we went to the pool!  Reags was SO excited...I guess Landon was too because he didn't take a morning nap.  They both did great and we had so much fun!!  Landon loved the water and Reagan just has no fear.

Love his little crossed tootsies!

PURE excitement!

We came home from the pool for naps and Landon discovered how much he loves Sister's car.  It's so funny because he loves to sit in it, so to be honest, it keeps him contained for a few minutes so I can maybe cook dinner?! :)  I think we know what this man is getting for his birthday!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back in NC...

We made it back to the NC State on Thursday afternoon and it was sooo great to be home!  Gran drove with me back so now I am officially spoiled with having another set of hands in the back between my mom driving up with me and Gran's trip back.

On Friday morning Reagan had a birthday party to go to for her sweet friend Emmy.  Of course since we had been away we had to go to Target before the 11:00 party to get the gift.  We manganed and Reagan had a BALL at the Tumble Gym.  Bubby liked it too :)

Reags couldn't get enough of the balance beam

Happy man even without a morning nap!

After the party we came home for naps.  We had dinner outside and then Gran, Reags, and I went out of ice cream.  It was such a pretty night.

Gran's flight back was Saturday morning, so the girls went out to breakfast and then to the airport.

Apple juice and the same time!  Silly girl!

Reags and I had a fun morning of running errands together on Saturday.  She was a trooper :)  It's always nice to have one on one time with her...she is just so big and cracks me up.  How on earth is she a week away from being 3??

Now we're back to "normal" and enjoying the long Memorial Day weekend!

Off to the MD State

After our couple days in PA, on Wednesday we headed to Gran and Gramps' house for the night!  We got there around 10:15 and by about 10:45 we were at the park :)  The kids both had a blast!

Sweet Sugar was so cautious holding on with two hands

Gigi and Gramps hard at work!

Walking with Gramps :)

After the park we ventured out to lunch and then headed home for some naps and playtime.  Gran cooked us dinner and was so sweet to have a birthday cake for Reaggie.  We had a little "party" for her.  It was cute and R was beyond excited!

Smiling with her cake!  Note the "ballet-tard" because Gran and Gramps' huge bay window is this ballerina's stage :)

We had a fun little night and the next morning we would be up and at em to make the trip back to NC!

While in PA...

After getting back to my Mom's at about 1:45am on Monday morning, it was SO wonderful to be greeted by my kiddos at 6:30!  I really did miss them a lot!  I was going to take them to the park, BUT it started raining as we got there, so we wound up meeting my mom for a couple errands and then I took the kiddos back for lunch and naps.  On Monday evening Heather came over and I was SO excited to see her sooo sweet baby bump!  We had dinner, chatted, hung out, and ate ice cream until about 11!  It was great catching up and talking baby :)

Tuesday morning Reaggie and I went to pick up J so that we could go to the Herr's potato chip factory.  They do a free tour of their factory, which is so fun.  You get to see how pretzels are made and, of course, chips!  They even give you chips HOT off the press...they are DELISH!  It was a fun little tour and then we had lunch in the little cafe.

Across the street from the factory is this great creamery, so we just HAD to see if they were open.  It was our lucky day because they were!  We all enjoyed our yummy ice cream outside!

total raggle muffin!!

Such a mess! 

Girl's Weekend!

Last weekend we had our 5th annual Danieley L 103 reunion!  We were in St. Louis this year and were lucky enough to stay at Ellen's in-law's lake house.  It was so much fun and such a nice little getaway!

(Backtrack:  Reagan's last day of school was on Wednesday...Wednesday afternoon was spent packing, organizing because on Thursday morning my mom was driving up to PA with me and the kiddos so that she and John could watch the kids while I was away for the weekend.  Keith flew to Rochester for Alex's First Communion the same weekend...soooo there was quite a bit of planning involved!  We arrived in PA on Thursday afternoon, went for a nice walk, unpacked, and then I had a 7:45 flight out of Philadelphia on Friday morning.  Busy, busy!)
Getting ready for dinner on Friday night!

The girls in black :)

Poor Ellen had a lovely case of what we thought was poison ivy...she woke up Saturday morning with a swollen eye and everything seemed to be spreading.  SOOO we found a local urgent care and got the girl some meds to help it all go away.  The doctor was SO sweet and showed Elle a picture of the three different poisons and it turns out it was poison sumac that she had.

After a trip to urgent care it was time for the boat!  BJ drove down to the lake on Saturday morning to take us out on their family's boat for the day.  It was such a perfect day on the lake!  We saw some HUGE, I mean HUGE, houses that were beautiful and even docked at a restaurant for some lunch.  It was just such a fun day!

This guy....we were feeding him some snacks and then he decided he wanted to hop on the back of the boat!  I about panicked, which apparently was a nice little joke to try to lure him into the boat with some more snacks.  Thankfully he jumped off and got back in the water, but it was pretty funny!

We had an awesome dinner at the condo Saturday night, thanks to Elle and BJ.  We got a movie on demand, but of course I passed out within minutes...jet lag :)  Sunday we had breakfast and then had to head on out to get back to St. Louis for flights back home.  My flight was a little later, so I was able to go back to Elle's to see sweet Connor and play for a little bit before I flew back to Philly to get my kiddos from Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop. 

It was such a fun weekend and always nice to get together and pick right back up where you left off with good friends!  Love you girls!  Next year...Chicago!! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last Day of Preschool

I can hardly stand it, but Reaggie had her last day of preschool on Wednesday, May 16.  It worked out that her last two days were also my last two volunteer days, so I was able to be there for all the craziness fun!  I volunteered myself to organize the End of Year party too, whcih was a lot of fun and the other moms were so helpful too!

Here is Reaggie on her FIRST day of preschool in September...

and here is Miss Thang on her LAST day of preschool in May!
(She has grown up a little too much!!  I can't believe how much older she looks now!)

Bubby had "Camp Mum-Mum" while we were at school!

We had to make a quick trip to Walmart BEFORE school (which starts at 9:15) to get the essentials for our road trip to PA the next day...obviously a last day of school celebration isn't complete without a donut!

Sweet Miss Diana singing their circle time song "The bunnies are here today, the bunnies are here today, let's all clap our hands because the bunnies are here today!"  She would then say each kiddo's name and tickle them with her bunny puppet...the kids LOVED this!  Reagan sings this song ALL the time!

Their last day party craft was to decorate beach buckets with stickers!

They were a CRAZY group on their last day!  Miss Diana, being wonderful, just went with the flow and made it work!

Yes, my child sprawled out :)

They decorated the tablecloths for their ice cream party!

What an AMAZING teacher Reagan had...Miss Diana was wonderful!!

Sweet Brooklyn

I took about 1,000 class pictures...they are hilarious!  The kids were being total hams...this is just a couple...these are some of the better ones :)

Ice cream time!!

Reaggie and her bestie :)

Throw the water balloon through the hoop!  So fun!

A little "bowling" game!  Reagan was SO cute playing this and was SO excited for everyone.  She got the #1 cheerleader award :)  Obviously she couldn't wait for it to finally be her turn!

What a great first year of preschool experience Reaggie had!  I am so very thankful for such a great school, a great teacher, and a great new little group of friends for Reaggie (and me!).  Next year she will be going 3 days a week since she will be a big THREE year old!  Now...time to brainstorm plenty of fun things to do this summer... :)